So the unknown medical brother Rosauro VARO.

Although prudence must be something tico gene between the Varo, Rosauro brother not shown as elusive when asked why has chosen his profession n instead of use the contacts and engage in the business world. My grandparents were dedicated to the subject of wine, but the case of my brother isn’t what t peak in my family, because it is full of m doctors. Also n I love the sport and the surgical fano and sta is the option which can harmonize both branches, explains. His surname became popular after that his brother, current boyfriend Amaia Salamanca, veered to magazines as a friend of lvaro Mu oz Escassi and as a couple of Vicky Mart n Berrocal and Eugenia Mart nez de Irujo, however, Nacho is not afraid to become another character from the heart n: doesn’t worry me, because my profession n s does not have that n tir, said. You can that ste is the reason why the TRA logo of the Varo has no problems to speak of their relationship n m s five to you with Macarena Mart n Robles, businesswoman who runs an agency representing n of Dise emerging worship called Glint. As Nacho explains his situation n love with this young man who I aspire to be Miss Sevilla 2010 and worked then as former double Erre, Raquel Revuelta agency model: Macarena and I don’t think about wedding, go with peace of mind. Although we have been almost six a, live in Madrid since makes or and peak. The above have lived them a distance, because I viv at Plasencia and she, in Seville. Nacho is not to expose too much in the media. Why not call attention n the burning Chapel of the Duchess of Alba, installed last Thursday in Seville Town Hall, which went as accompanied his brother before. The m doctor even pas by ‘photocall’ in the presentation n in the company of his girlfriend, which is celebr last week with the help of Geneva Jinzu brand in the hotel One Shot of the providers to Prado Street – one of the chain of Enrique Sol s. . For additional information on this subject visit site.

Riots of Ferguson: between the American hope and reality.

United States – from the outset, the Americans have been influenced by the idea of equal Justice under law (Equal Justice under Law). This motto is inscribed on the pediment of the supreme Court of the United States, temple to the pre-eminence of our precious Constitution. So it’s scary to see that this lofty ideal is once more struck by our own contradictions and our hypocrisy on the notion of race. These contradictions have led to a civil war and continue to stir up tensions at the heart of our public life. Yes, we elected Barack Obama twice, but the end of his era. The conflict between justice according to the law and racial suffering returns to the foreground this week at Saint Louis, Missouri (it is here that a grand jury has decided not to prosecute Darren Wilson, the police officer who killed Michael Brown). The world is watching us, and this is quite normal. On this eve of Thanksgiving, are but, we up to our ideals? Monday evening, a Prosecutor in the suburbs of Saint-Louis announced the police officer Darren Wilson would not sued because of the laws of the State and provided testimony. According to counsel, Wilson had objective reasons to believe that the victim had committed a robbery and that he could have put the police officer and the other people from the neighborhood in danger of death. Set out flatly and out of context, the decision may seem just. However it resulted in violence in the streets of Saint-Louis and across the country. Vandals and thugs have contributed, but the General indignation was sincere. Why? Because in reality, there’s a context. Some observers pointed out that the law of the State of Missouri and its use in this case have been unfavourable to the victims of the police in general and Michael Brown especially. In American law, prosecutors are free to decide whether or not a suspect should stand trial. In this case, the Prosecutor – renowned for its indulgence in matters involving police officers – refused to take this decision alone. He did that to discharging its responsibility and guide the grand jury in the direction he wanted to take. In substance, the Prosecutor conducted a trial on the merits of the case, during which (according to the transcripts that were released) it was compassionate towards Wilson and his witnesses closest, but much harder for those who had a different opinion. We would like to believe that none of this is racial discrimination. Yet, in places such as Saint-Louis, the vast majority of police shooting is performed by white police officers on black people. The region of Saint-Louis is both marked by the history of the slave-owning South and the history of the cities of the Midwest, very respectful of the order. There is strong segregation in the city and its suburbs. Some neighborhoods are nearby and yet very different. We would like to believe that Saint-Louis is an exception, but this is not the case. Many other cities, including Washington D. C, are all affected by racial and social segregation. In 1776 (the Declaration of independence of the United States of America), we stated our faith in the idea that all men are created equal. We believe above all in the primacy of the law, drafted by representatives elected and applied fairly. Even at Saint-Louis. . You must click the following source to learn extra on this interesting matter.

Budget: the Senate adopted for the first time since 2012 the revenue part.

The Senate, ironed on the right in September, adopted Wednesday, for the first time since 2012, part the 2015 budget revenues, but changing it strongly. The adoption of the revenues by 190 votes from right pane against 154 left allows the House to address the party spending and bring to an end the budget debate. The Senate had rejected the PLF of 2013 and 2014 because of the opposition, for opposite reasons, the right and the CRC (Communist, Republican and citizen) group. These releases were automatically stopped consideration of the text. The Senate may consider the second part of the PLF and I am delighted, launched the president of the high Assembly Gérard Larcher (UMP) after announcing the result of the ballot. As early as Friday, the new majority will be an opportunity to the Government to the proposals for savings, the rapporteur emphasized general Albéric de Montgolfier (PS) at the address of the Secretary of State for the Budget Christian Eckert. It had accused the Senate of having degraded the balance of budget of EUR 470 million compared with the text adopted in the National Assembly. The Senate pointed out the family income in order to restore the purchasing power of families, according to the rapporteur. It also reduces the drop in allocations of l?State to the communities under the 2015 budget, Apple of discord between the Government and local elected representatives. It voted a measure of support to SMEs in adopting a centrist amendment which amplifies the taking into account of the declining investment in the computation of taxable profit. Examination of the PLF should last until December 9. The text will then be a joint Joint Commission (seven deputies, seven senators) who will try to find a version to both chambers. Likely fails, it is the Assembly which has the last word. . Original data may be read visiting this

Joint Declaration of the incomes of the spouses and the subsequent separation.

The Supreme Court of 29. 7. n. 17160 2014 ruled that the separation occurred between spouses co-agents, does not have the effect of exempting them from the effects of taking joint liability arising from joint tax return, because the separation does not prevent you to assert your own reasons to the tax authorities you must, first of all, remember that this is a voluntary choicenon-mandatory, also when spouses decide to take this route must also be aware that pursuant to art. law of 17 April 13, 1977 No. 114 "is expected for the purposes of the determination of income tax of individuals resulting from the Declaration submitted under the preceding paragraph, the net tax is determined separately for each of the spouses are added and withholding tax and tax credits apply to their total amount. The notification of the payment of income tax of individuals enrolled in the roles it performed against the husband. The findings are made in rectification on behalf of both spouses and notified pursuant to subparagraph (her husband). Spouses are jointly and severally to pay the surcharges, taxes, fines and interest role members on behalf of the husband ". By this rule you should first of all point out that the Joint Declaration in the presence of both spouses are responsible (to the State) severally liable for the payment of taxes, etc., this means that the financial administration choose, for the recovery of the amount due the spouse more solvent, although, in fact, the non-payment of tax (or finding that more sets) is not depended on by their behaviour or their income. In fact, on the one hand, the spouse (wife) who does not receive these documents does not suffer an injury of his right to defence and, afterwards, again contesting the content themselves, on the other hand, the right to notify some acts only to her husband, is a mere choice of procedural simplification, which does not affect the liability of the spouses towards the State. Clarified these preliminary considerations, you should also ask what happens if after the presentation of the joint statement by the two spouses separate, i.e. we must wonder whether the separation of the spouses eliminates the liability of those to the State. The answer is negative, because the separation of spouses (as such) does not reduce the liability to the State, in addition, the separation does not prevent the spouse who had not had news of notifications to the former husband to plead their case to the State. The only protection for the ex-spouse (in particular the wife who does not receive notifications made to former husband) would be to insert in clause separazioneuna that the husband must inform his wife of any notifications from financial administration, expecting a penalty for failure or delay in communication, it is, in any case, internal agreements between the former spouses, which will never have relevance outwards (towards the status). . You should check the following homepage to discover extra about this amazing matter.

Avellino, truck loses load of lead, crushed cars: two dead drivers.

Tragic accident with two victims in Alta Irpinia, place on Hwy 400 Ofantina. Around 17. 30, in Torella dei Lombardi, in the locality of Pianomarotta, the driver of a truck carrying lead bars, for causes in the course of investigation, lost control of the vehicle: loading, top heavy, hit a Toyota Yaris and a Ford Focus, coming from the opposite direction of travel. The two victims, the Beloved 75enne Grosso, driving for Toyota Yaris, and the 45 year old Antonio Balan, instead of driving the Ford Focus, both of Torella dei Lombardi were centered in full by the loss of heavy load. Both died instantly. In shock, the driver of the lorry, a native of Montemarano, always in the province of Avellino. Immediately on the scene of the accident were the police stations of Castelfranci, Torella dei Lombardi and the Norm of the society of Mambo, along with two teams of firefighters of detachments of Lioni, Montella, who at the moment are carrying out all necessary pads. . Inspirational source could be studied checking the following hyperlink.

The speed camera has caught? Nothing fine. Here’s how.

The high fines using speed cameras must be notified within 90 days of the violation: on practice adopted by the city of Milan to the date ninety days from the date on which the operators viewing the frames the Interior Ministry gives reason to the prefecture that expressed perplexity that are shareable. E ‘ quanto si legge in the response of the Viminale on a note that asked the ministerial offices regarding complaints of violations to the highway code established by electronic means, i.e. fines come to citizens for excess speed on roads where last spring were placed seven new speed cameras. The answer of the Ministry it was announced today by the Group of the Northern League at palazzo Marino: there is the note reads the letter from the Ministry of this Prefecture where it was highlighted the practice adopted by the city of Milan, to effect the ninety-day-deadline for complaints of irregularities detected by the remote system-not the date of Commission of the samebut from where traders viewing frames and attach the plate data to those of the owner of the vehicle (and obligated in solid). In this regard, without prejudice to the exclusive competence of the territorial Authority with regard to the decision of the appeals, it represents that the perplexity expressed by this Office are shared. In fact, already to be in time from decision No. 198 of June 10, 1996, filed the next 17 June, the Constitutional Court declared the illegality of the paragraph of article 201 of the highway code, in force at the time, the extent to which it does after the deadline for any notification of the date on which the public administration is able to have them (of trespassers or forced into solid) ID ‘. It is therefore certain that the reasons that can justify the bodies they belong to accertatori bodies to overcome these limits can only be caused by external factors and not by internal organizational practices. By this assumption-it continues in the Ministry’s note-rescues even reading the following paragraph in question, which it is clearly stated that ‘ if the actual offender or other parties responsible is identified after the Commission of the breach notification can be made by the same within ninety days from the date on which they are from public registers or in the national archive of vehicles vehicle (header. . . ) or from the date on which the public administration is able to have them discover ‘. The arrangement, which reproduces almost verbatim the provisions of citatat above the Constitutional Court decision, constitutes a further confirmation of the assumption that, in principle and subject to the need to acquire information needed by other organisms, the dies a quo for the commencement of the terms cannot be identified in the contract breach. It should be noted, however, that if the notification proves unequivocally which occurred within a period of ninety days from the Commission of the tort, even in the presence of an incorrect indication of the dies a quo, the same should be considered as validly completed. . For additional information regarding this topic click url.

Taxibots tow also the A380 to fly.

What a self-employed farmer with a 27-ton tug on the tarmac of Frankfurt airport is doing? Frank Ahmad shows speechless with his thumb behind him. Because depends on a full-blown passenger jet of from Lufthansa on the hook and is drawn to its starting position: without turbine noise, no fuel consumption, no exhaust leak – and with around 40 kilometres per hour surprisingly quickly. In aviation, a small revolution has taken place in the past few weeks – and it has occurred in Frankfurt, apparent in scene set by three monsters that are reminiscent of monstrous agricultural tractor. Only its name is misleading. They have nothing to do with robots. A dozen drivers thoroughly trained as Frank Vadder are directed, ranks and accelerates. The pace on the way to the runway or from the runway to the gate controls the tractor operator/driver in contact with the ground control tower. Only the Jet pilot takes over braking however. "Because if more than 500 tons of push forward for the A380, which is nothing so quickly", says Lufthansa engineer Thomas Killmaier. Even the eight-disc brakes in the Taxibot not bring such a mass to stand. This is also the reason that aircraft on the ground may be dragged until now, but after the "push back", leaving the parking position, start their engines and rolling under its own power (and in case of emergency with separate brake power) to start. Being an medium-sized Boeing or a smaller Airbus for the sprawling Frankfurt airport consume not unusual towing distance of four kilometers around 200 kg kerosene. It was not economical high-performance turbines, which are actually on aircraft in 10 of course. To promote 000 metres with 900 kilometers per hour, to promote such rides, technicians complain about. It’s so bizarre as ridiculous trying to get driving a skateboard with the fan of a hair dryer. Farmer is still and like Frank Vadder, albeit only in his spare time and after work. Since 2001, he drives a the aircraft tug at Frankfurt airport and most recently a Taxibot, a copy of the latest generation of this special Trek species. Of course he has a truck – driver’s license, and willingly he reveals the Fraport-card, which allows him to pick up even a plane of the proportions of an A380 on the runway with its massive tractor and drag outside the Terminal. The tractor, says Ahmad, moves more pleasant than earlier his sluggish farm implements. Because, after all, the monster has an automatic transmission and begins to roll gently when the captain in the cockpit takes his foot off the brake. . Original facts could be read visiting the following

Renzi in Strasbourg: the plan that we are approving does not affect the right of a country but throughout Europe.

A dream that cannot exclude juveniles. There is a generation that lives in another Europe: If we wish to be faithful to that message we need to recover that ideal. Or we put more hope or are in danger of losing the challenge of an entire generation, said the Italian premier. A reflection that the same Radio to be told a personal story: I was seeing on tv special about 25 years since the fall of the Berlin wall with my children. And them, surprised, asked me if the two Germanys there were two separate football leagues, two Bundesliga. I discovered that there is a generation that already lives in a different Europe. Therefore, if we wish to be faithful to that message, in that hope, we need to retrieve that ideal. And this task can only be democratic and Socialist members. Now the European new deal-After substantial reforms will aim at European new deal. The first full program of reform that you are composing: nobody in the EU tells us more to do your homework. Our part we did, from the first of January we will be much harder to point towards a new European deal, he explained. Something moves-However something moves: a great Italian, Galileo, he said about more serious things. I say on Europe. Although it may seem strange to quote him on the day of the Pope’s visit, said ironically Renzi to underline the new wind blowing through Europe. I remember that at the June Summit–stressed-when I spoke of flexibility seemed to be a dirty word, something absurd. Today, thanks to you, Timmermans, to Federica Mogherini, it is clear to everyone that something must change in Europe and the continent must be a place of hope and passion. Then leaving the room, Renzi has reiterated its willingness to send a message to members of serenity. The battle continues even after the Italian Presidency. However, flexibility-serves Serves the right amount of flexibility. The lack of flexibility is a nonsense, without flexibility there is politics, is the reign of technocracy, told the premier to MEPs to S&D. The Italy respects the rules: but no algorithm approach, where a 0.1% with more politics. It is necessary to accelerate-also you need to accelerate negotiations: Europe risks being marginalized in the discussion, said Radhi, addressing the Ttip node. In our maps, in the Center there is Europe. In the rest of the world, in the middle there is the Pacific. We have to understand, we Europeans, who do not all have to come to us, at a time when the United States looking increasingly to Asia. Revenue-time added Renzi-has been completed. The va Ttip discussed in substance, but the agreement cannot be deferred. The world goes on and we cannot always chasing. . Extended facts can be read visiting

The Director of the IEP of Aix resigned.

Mr. Duval said in a letter to faculty and staff of are establishment, assume full "errors that could be committed. The head of the IEP of Aix since 2006, was questioned for months for having multiplied partnerships controversial with schools in France and abroad, which had given birth to of "Sciences Po Mauritius’, ‘Sciences Po meeting’,"Sciences Po Armenia"or a master’s degree awarded by a professional African University, in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo)equivalent to that of students having followed, after a hard competition, the curriculum in Aix. At the end of September, the leaders of six other institutes of political studies of province had ordered Mr. Duval to explain this outsourcing of diplomas, threatening to exclude the common entrance exam Aix. On 3 November, the IEP network decided to retain Aix in the common ‘ title transitional and conditional"contest, while the IEP of Aix was the subject of an audit conducted by Aix-Marseille University (AMU) and legal expertise branch of higher education and professional integration (Dgesip). . You can check the following to discover more regarding this amazing subject.

General strike Cgil and Uil slips to confirm only 12 Cisl civil service.

We have not removed. We never had a general strike in the agenda. COS the Cisl leader, Anna Maria Furlan says no joint strike organized by the Cgil and Uil for December 12. The ICFTU decider rather a strike by public workers unit, which probably will be decided by secretariats for categories. Today, however, you meet the Icftu Executive to choose its alternative forms of mobilization stayaway. With respect to motives bring about stability Act and of the Jobs act, I believe that there are no reasons for a decision so important, as the general strike, said the Minister. The Chairman of the Senate Labor Committee. I hope that we can avoid because this a time when we can’t afford the luxury of stopping production and stop the services. So the Chairman of the Committee on the work of the Senate, Maurizio Sacconi says a general strike announced by the Cgil and Uil for December 12. And alternative road on the civil service which has triggered the fuse of trade union protest: the Government could Pharos an effort to involve workers in the benefits of public spending review and public reorganization, says. . For extra information regarding this topic visit