UBS Board with million payment tax dispute in Germany.

UBS said the agreement reached in Germany makes it possible to look ahead to the important market. Meanwhile, 95 percent of all German customers of UBS would have provided proof of the tax disclosure, the Bank, at the top of their Board of Directors is the former Bundesbank Chief Axel Weber said. UBS is still striving to reach a value of 100%, at the end of the year 2014 according to the release. In the second quarter, UBS further benefited from its radical course changes after the financial crisis: the operations was due to the reluctance of customers rather mau, at the end of the surplus climbed however when compared to the same period last year by 15 percent to 792 million francs (previous year: EUR 652 million), as further reported by the Bank. UBS chief Sergio Ermotti looked because of the uncertainties of the markets and the current crises such as in the Middle East or in the Ukraine with caution for the rest of the year. Should be this environment not brighter, earnings were unlikely. . For extra information about this topic read article.

The 17th edition of the Reggae Sun Ska Festival takes its districts in Bordeaux.

Bordeaux hosts from Thursday the 17th edition of the Festival Reggae Sun Ska became over the years one of the largest protests in France dedicated to this musical genre born in Jamaica and popularized around the world. Nearly 100. 000 spectators are expected on the University campus of Pessac, a Bordeaux suburb, for four days of concerts dedicated to all reggae styles: rocksteady, ska, roots, Ragga, dancehall, dub, new roots, etc. In international headliners, Bunny Wailer, icon of reggae, a founding member with Bob Marley’s group The Wailers and ambassadors of the ska, the Skatalites. Other veterans, the Jolly Boys, stars of reggae mento, Pablo Moses, Clinton Fearon,. The new generation of dancehall will be represented by Shaggy, who will unveil his latest album Out of many, one music onstage (2013), Bennie Man, and Stone Love sound system. On the side of dub, Easy Star all Stars (USA) Mister Williamz (Jamaica), Dubmatix (Canada), Murray Man (England), Ackboo (France) will celebrate the vitality of the genre. The star of the afro-reggae Tiken Jah Fakoly, the French Danakil and Patrice (folk reggae), the Brazilian Flavia Coelho (bossa muffin) will also be the poster celebrating the cross-fertilization born under the auspices of the Jamaican rhythm. Launched in 1998 in the Medoc, the Reggae Sun Ska Festival takes its districts on the Bordeaux campus from 2014. In total, 80 concerts are held on six stages, with a fully dedicated to new talents. . Original data could be found clicking the following site.

Large legal risks: Moody’s lowers credit rating of Deutsche Bank.

New York – the rating agency of Moody’s does not believe in a rapid turnaround at Deutsche Bank. Despite the 8.5 billion-euro capital increase the long-term creditworthiness of the Institute downgraded Moody’s on Tuesday from A2 to A3 down. Yields on the Bank were moderate and would be charged the cost of approximately 6000 current litigation, contaminated sites, and the restructuring of the group. At the same time, she was still strongly dependent on by investment banking. While big banks in Europe – further downgrades of its ratings threatened the Bank – as most because hoaxes the willingness of States to a financial support in financial crises. At least in this and in the next year can be expected with pressure on Deutsche Bank profits. Foreseeable, we expect moderate numbers and a strong dependence of the income on the capital markets, said Moody’s analyst Peter Nerby. This is a structural disadvantage, which hardly make up for let. This has led to the downgrade. Able Bank hardly, to improve their capital out of the operational business, according to the Moody’s-study. The fresh money get eaten up by the high costs of proceedings and regulatory. Moody’s praised yet the capital increase from the second quarter. The Institute its pre-tax profit to 917 million euro increased, at least 16 percent more than a year earlier. The leading duo Anshu Jain and Jürgen Fitschensprach in a release of a strong quarterly earnings. But the Bank had to concede on Tuesday that the risks in the balance sheet are higher than previously assumed. . For extended information on this matter visit

Heterologous, Latt: “Yes as double, age limit for donors and donors”.

We start by completing the transposition of the European Directive 2006/17-explained Latt-in particular the indication of test to be carried out on donors; the donation of gametes must be voluntary and gratuitous: working permits, living costs and any refunds will be in analogy to what already happens for bone marrow donors. Is it possible the heterologous double. Expected minimum and maximum age differentiated for donors and donors; can give men aged between 18 and 40 years old and women between 20 and 35 years. With increasing donor age increase the risk factors of genetic type, and in particular for women, significantly decreases the fertility; the differential minimum age is caused by a different development of the sexual organs.   «The competent Directorates of the Ministry of health have already worked to indications coming from the table of experts to translate content of standards, in conjunction with the Legislative Office: the goal is to put the regions and centres in conditions leaving PMA immediately with the heterologous, just approved the decree that I intend to propose at an upcoming Council of Ministersbefore the summer break ".   . Extended facts can be read visiting home page.

Mammography screening guarantee.

Today, women can be sure: if they are invited between her 50th and 69th year of life for early detection, the mammography be quality assured. In specially-created screening centers, the four-eyes principle applies: the recordings are independently assessed by two trained physicians, cancer findings in expert conferences discussed. And: the X-ray equipment in these centres are constantly controlled, are so up to date. Opponents such as proponents of mammography screening refer to large international studies in which women were divided randomly into two groups: A group went to the mammography screening, the other not. The comparison between two groups showed reduced breast cancer mortality by 20 per cent. It sounds very impressive at first glance, but expensive is bought: thousand healthy women for ten years to the screening go, so that a single woman dying of breast cancer can be saved. Also this excess treatments have provide IBNR, for example more lung cancer or more heart disease and this is possibly the reason why in screening women’s group while a woman of less breast cancer dies, but for someone else on a different cause of death, why so there is no effect on total mortality, as the epidemiologists call it (see chart). The experts of the Swiss Panel therefore doubt whether the already limited benefit of mammography screening – detected in the old studies a single would-be breast cancer death in a thousand women in ten years – would apply to even today. Improved therapy of breast cancer is probably the reason why the breast cancer mortality rate greatly decreases for years – even in countries such as Belgium which have very late introduced the screening of breast. But the reports of cancer registries in the United States, where the women longer and even to the mammography screening every year go much, show the opposite: while more and more tumors at an early stage have been discovered, but the number of life-threatening tumours decreased only marginally despite screening. That raises the question of whether early detection probably mostly wrong tumours are discovered, the harmless and slow-growing, and not the fast-growing, which can be really lethal. The reason could lie in the tumor biology of breast cancer: aggressive, fast-growing tumors have often spread before they are discovered during the screening. Or they grow so rapidly that they occur in the interval between the screening. The Federal Joint Committee wants to now revise the folder that will be sent to women as a basis for information if they are invited to the screening. However, the cooperation body of mammography, which monitors the implementation of mammography screening on behalf of the legal health insurance companies and the doctors, rejects the criticism of early detection: mammography screening save lives. The number of the above therapies, so unnecessarily treated women, will greatly exaggerated by critics. . For extended on this subject click homepage.

The line of dialogue and comparison on Italicum and Senate reform that painstakingly takes shape in the House to the Senate does not like to Beppe Grillo, after democratic guerrillas proposed arrives today to speculate on his blog the farewell to the Parliament of pentastellati: "we’ll stay as long as you can ‘ prevent what the leader M5s calls a «coup»based on the "Elimination of the elected Senate." If "there will leave there we choice». Much better for Cricket, ‘ go out and talk to people in the streets of Rome and of Italy, better do Agora every day among people who hold the burnt-out to democracy and traitors to the Homeland. Leave them alone to stir their laws and will emerge among the citizens. Fresh air». The war without quarter to MEPs M5S: isolated under the direction of the Hill ‘ towards the M5S, still remembers the cricket, there was a war without quarter never seen before in Italy to delegitimize it, split it, on the part of the system. Pd and Pdl, Napolitano Director, have invented the large cartels to cut out, like two gangsters who share the territory rather than give up anything. " «More than 160 citizens uncensored-continues the post-have entered Parliament. Proposed by the bass from other citizens have worked hard for a year and a half, did bills, amendments, interpellations. Have been completely ignored, as if there were. As if there were millions of voters. Considered as dogs in church. " Online poll on the anti-coup demonstration on the blog, Grillo has launched an online survey to ask the militants of the M5S to express themselves on the assumption of a manifestation of parliamentarians against the constitutional reform bill. «Are you in favour of the Parliament to the streets to denounce the attempted coup in place? Vote, "reads the website of comedian Gallagher in a note titled in Parliament Square. . For extra insights about this subject check

Those with 3,450 praise to maturity: record in Puglia.

100 and more praise. Less and less rejected. High schoolers averaged more «good» to those who study in schools of art, technical and professional institutes. And a region that is, Apulia, which consolidates a national record: is the piece of Italy with the highest number of graduates with the highest grades. And in second place-after Calabria-come out with 100 students. Lombardy, instead, is the area where it is most difficult to take the honours. The Ministry of education has released yesterday the last Maturity data confirming a trend underway for some years: cum laude graduates grow session after session. If in 2011/2012 were 2. 581 and in 2012/2013 2. 949, this year they broke through three thousand share, reaching 3. 450. Nearly one in every hundred. Of these more than 20 per cent (700 graduates) studied in Puglia. The other 408 in Campania. Then in Sicily (356) and Lazio (348). Only 14 hundred and praise in the autonomous province of Trento. While the Molise, in one year, effectively doubling the super good passing from 0.7 to 1.3 per cent. Calabria is the region with the percentage (7.3) higher than 100. Follow Puglia (6.6%) and Umbria (6.1). This year, unlike the 2013 Maturity, there was the ‘ hassle ‘ of the much disputed bonus-corrected by former Education Minister Maria Chiara Carrozza with the introduction of the "percentile", then removed in the middle of the University entrance test-that until last year, thanks to the gap on the outcomes, had come to help the boys out from schools in the South. Generally, calculates the Miur, the last exam was 95.8% of admitted applicants: almost all (99.2%) have passed the tests. But if one side has increased the number of people who took the most, on the other hand, has decreased the incidence of those who graduated with high marks: those with 100 graduates fell by 4.7 percent last year to 4.5. As it is lowered by 0.2 percentage points (from 7.9 to 7.7) even the votes ranging from 91 to 99. Have risen, albeit slightly, the guys with an assessment that ranges from 71 to 90. If you go to see the type of institution, it turns out that young people of high schools have registered votes higher than the 8.5% took 100 or 100 and praise. Praise that technical and professional institutes has been a rarity since the had, respectively, the 0.3 and 0.1% of candidates. In fact, half of those who have studied these two paths had a final assessment that has not passed the 70 points. Positive news arrivanodagli intermediate secondary education ballots of second instance: drop the rejected, who have gone from 10.3 to 9.6% of the total, increasing promoted (from 63.8 to 64.5 per cent). But the first year and professional and technical institutions have collected the highest number of guys who stop a round (or even more). Most of the writing was not permitted in professional (16%) or in (12.3%) and technicians. With regard to the promotions are more than seven out of ten high school, while in the value drops to just over half. You have to enroll in schools in Umbria, Puglia and Calabria to be sure (or almost) to access the next year: these are, certifies the Education Ministry, regions which had the highest number of promoted (seven out of ten). All in the South, in short. Or almost. Because in the South are areas where is the higher the risk of being rejected: in the school year 2013/2014 in Sardinia was not admitted to the 14.7% of students, in Campania the 11.5, in Sicily the 11. Lombardy and Tuscany marked the record of ‘ judgement ‘ suspension which covered almost one in three. Now the appuntamentoè with 2015 maturity where the evidence will take into account the new curricula. In September the Ministry of education should present the novelties that will cover mainly technical institutes, vocational and language schools. Among the news you expect a brunt of apprenticeship in the final examination and probably it will say goodbye to paper, never loved her, to be honest, neither students nor teachers. On the third test-Bugaboo for thousands of students-might get some tweaking. . You must read the following fact to discover more on this interesting matter.

Tip the Justice Minister: Maas Snowden recommends returning to the United States.

Bundesjustizminister Heiko Maas (SPD) advises the former NSA employee Edward Snowden to return to the United States. He is only the beginning of 30 and will sure not the rest of his life all over the world are being hunted or from an asylum to the next hike, said Maas in Berlin. As you hear the lawyers from Lord Snowden in negotiations with American authorities are probably whether he might return in the United States there to confront a process, the Minister said. If both sides could be agreed, hence Snowden would be most beneficial. Because otherwise he will be always on the run before the U.S. law enforcement, said Maas. Snowden had brought sensitive documents about the monitoring practice of the national security agency and other intelligence agencies to the public good a year ago in great style. The United States looking for him by warrant and have submitted an arrest request to the Federal Government – for the case that Snowden should come to Germany. Since early August 2013, the now 31-year-old US citizen has limited asylum in Russia – a year. That is, formally, the residence permit expires end of July. The Russians about a possible extension is still out. The opposition attempted for months for a statement before the NSA Investigation Committee to Germany to pick up Snowden. Left and the Greens want to move it if necessary before the Federal Constitutional Court. The Federal Government has so far always rejected a questioning of American in Germany and arguing a supposedly imminent damage for the German-American relationship. The option that Snowden could come to Germany, Maas not expressed restrained, but also with a final no. I don’t see that at the moment rather the Department Chief said. At the end it was doing on the NSA Committee. We are not completely free in this decision, he stressed. If Mr. Snowden were employees of a German intelligence, he would have done himself may be punishable under German law. The Federal Government has not decided about the arrest following a request from Washington. We are very cautious and critical and want to know from the United States very closely, as the circumstances were when Snowden would be a trial in the United States, Maas said. To do this, we have sent some questions to the Government, but still no answers. In this respect, there are no reason to decide an uncertain data based on a request from the United States for us at the moment. According to the SPD politician Snowden Germany has produced with his revelations. Overall, we have benefited because we have experienced things that we did not previously know. It is a merit of Mr Snowden that he since has opened the eyes us, Maas said. And he has given us a basis, we can decide whether we want that all evolving total surveillance along the lines of. Snowden have triggered a major public debate and sharpened the awareness of all citizens for the issue of data security. Maas admitted that evaluating the Snowdens fact is difficult. In Germany, we have no moral criminal law, he stressed. In the future there will be cases, where it rating differences anything criminally relevant – between and but what some find may nevertheless still morally acceptable. As in the case of Edward Snowden. . For extra on this matter check blog.

Air Algérie plane crash: pilots of the unhappiness machine wanted to repent.

Paris Рthe crew of the machine of the airline Air Alg̩rie crashed in Mali wanted to repent according to the French Government before the accident. The crew had asked to change the route, then to reverse before the contact broke off, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Monday in Paris. Previously, it was only known that the crew wanted to change the flight route. The weather was very bad that night, said the Minister, but stressed, all possible causes of the accident would be taken into consideration. UN experts had located the two black boxes on Friday and Saturday. Together with the voice recorders of the unhappiness machine they had arrived on Monday to study in France. Transport Secretary Fr̩d̩ric Cuvillier warned the final evaluation of the black boxes could take several weeks. According to information from investigators circles, a black box from the outside is severely damaged. As the most likely cause of the accident, bad weather was called several times by the French Government. . Original data could be read visiting this

“the humanitarian crisis worsens in Gaza.

Despite a tacit truce observed on the occasion of Eid al Fitr, the fighting took place Monday in Gaza between Israeli army and Hamas. End of the day, there was mention of at least 7 Palestinian children killed in a refugee camp in Gaza and during an explosion inside the largest hospital in the Palestinian territory. Hamas accuses Israeli who argues that it is the result of at least a shot missed rockets. At the same time, a mortar shell fired from Gaza to southern Israel killed at least four Israelis. GUILLAUME GUNA – It is getting worse day by day. Almost all of the population of Gaza is affected. There are slightly more than 215. 000 displaced in schools and public buildings turned into evacuation centers. This figure does not take into account all internally displaced persons who rely on their family or friendly networks. In three weeks, the conflict has claimed more than 1040 dead and soon 6000 wounded in the Gaza Strip. Households have barely four hours of electricity per day. This poses serious problems for access to water, which is done by electric pump. Since the ground operation, the number of dead and injured has increased significantly, according to figures published by the Ministry of health of Ramallah. Health facilities were already in big trouble before the conflict. But now they are totally overwhelmed. Since the beginning of the bombing of Gaza, twenty medical centers have been destroyed. During two previous cease-fires, our eleven employees on-site visited in hospitals to assess the extent of the needs. They saw injured people treated in the corridors, almost on the ground. Medical specialists fail to intervene on the more serious injuries. Drugs and first-necessity goods are lacking, particularly because of the blockade. It is urgent to get a sustainable ceasefire to access to the wounded and respond to their most urgent needs. But a simple return to the status quo will not solve the humanitarian crisis. We hope that both parties will arrive at an agreement allowing the lifting of the blockade on Gaza. During the last ceasefire, we made a first donation a hundred aid instruments to the market (wheelchairs, canes, and crutches) to al-Shifa hospital. It is impossible to reach from the outside, but we were able to collect on-site another cargo. We are also in contact with local organizations. When the conditions are met, we will send also the occupational therapists, physiotherapists and psychologists to treat the injured on the spot. . Similar data can be inspected checking info.