The Director of the IEP of Aix resigned.

Mr. Duval said in a letter to faculty and staff of are establishment, assume full "errors that could be committed. The head of the IEP of Aix since 2006, was questioned for months for having multiplied partnerships controversial with schools in France and abroad, which had given birth to of "Sciences Po Mauritius’, ‘Sciences Po meeting’,"Sciences Po Armenia"or a master’s degree awarded by a professional African University, in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo)equivalent to that of students having followed, after a hard competition, the curriculum in Aix. At the end of September, the leaders of six other institutes of political studies of province had ordered Mr. Duval to explain this outsourcing of diplomas, threatening to exclude the common entrance exam Aix. On 3 November, the IEP network decided to retain Aix in the common ‘ title transitional and conditional"contest, while the IEP of Aix was the subject of an audit conducted by Aix-Marseille University (AMU) and legal expertise branch of higher education and professional integration (Dgesip). . For extra information regarding this topic read blog.

General strike Cgil and Uil slips to confirm only 12 Cisl civil service.

We have not removed. We never had a general strike in the agenda. COS the Cisl leader, Anna Maria Furlan says no joint strike organized by the Cgil and Uil for December 12. The ICFTU decider rather a strike by public workers unit, which probably will be decided by secretariats for categories. Today, however, you meet the Icftu Executive to choose its alternative forms of mobilization stayaway. With respect to motives bring about stability Act and of the Jobs act, I believe that there are no reasons for a decision so important, as the general strike, said the Minister. The Chairman of the Senate Labor Committee. I hope that we can avoid because this a time when we can’t afford the luxury of stopping production and stop the services. So the Chairman of the Committee on the work of the Senate, Maurizio Sacconi says a general strike announced by the Cgil and Uil for December 12. And alternative road on the civil service which has triggered the fuse of trade union protest: the Government could Pharos an effort to involve workers in the benefits of public spending review and public reorganization, says. . For more information regarding this matter read

The Camorra, Noviello 5 life sentences murder to bristle.

Giuseppe Setola, the casalesi killer was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Domenico Noviello, the businessman who refused to pay racketeering.   With him were sentenced to the same penalty also Giovanni Letizia, Alessandro Cirillo, Francesco Cirillo and Massimo Napolano. Thirty years were sentenced to Metellus and Bona 13 years and 6 months for Associate Justice Louis Tartarone. A sentence that does justice-said Massimiliano Noviello hot, the son of Domenico-means that my father did not die in vain. Now others will have the courage to denounce. Satisfied even the Prosecutor Alexander Plays, which saw welcomed all his requests. The trial, which began two years ago, arrived at the conclusion after the show of bristle, that on more than one hearing before reportedly hoped to collaborate with justice and then he recanted everything. Even this morning he made spontaneous statements claiming to be a cocaine and having a split personality. Domenico Noviello was killed on the morning of 16 May 2008 in Green Bay, a town of Castel Volturno, where for years operated a driving school. According to the Camorra murderers had to pay for having denounced his extortionists in 2001. Satisfaction was also expressed by Zara Defender Giovanni civil party of the Federation antiracket and don Peppe Diana. The Court recognised associations play in important role in this area. A stimulus role and growth of civil consciousness. Similar info can be read checking

Bank of Italy, Rossi: the euro zone is on the brink of deflation.

"The euro zone is on the brink of deflation." Said Salvatore Rossi, General Manager of the Bank of Italy, in a speech at the University of Vicenza complex Recalling that October «only 2 countries on 18» showed a higher rate of inflation at 1%». This, he added, "raises real interest rates and discourage business investment and credit demand depresses». «An inflation consequences that leads down to verge on deflation-Rossi has pointed out-has particularly serious consequences in the euro area today: hinders deleveraging in countries with high public debt or private; slows the re-adjustment of relative prices between countries in the region, then the recovery of competitiveness and the reduction of external imbalances where necessary ‘. The Central Bank’s credibility in seizing the objective of price stability is called into question, "said oservato Rossi, again recalling the measures already undertaken by the ECB, and the unanimous commitment of the directors to resort to additional tools to achieve its goals. Reforms to reduce the difference between structural reforms in the euro area countries that have lagged behind in competitiveness, starting from Italy, "are essential for two reasons: the first is that they are the only way to unblock jammed mechanisms of economic development; the second, equally important, is that they reduce mutual mistrust between Nations, said Salvatore Rossi. "If one should distrust take root-he warned Rossi-the entire European construction would be endangered". The sovereign debt crisis, said the General Manager of Bank of Italy, has awakened a dormant monster in Europe: the distrust between Nations. Is the result more poisoned the crisis». Euro, stateless currency ‘ the real problem lies in being the euro coin without State ‘, Rossi has pointed out in his speech on monetary policy and the independence of central banks. «Economic theory-Rossi said-and the same experience of other currency unions indicate that, independently of formal constraints, complicate the lives of those who have the responsibility of a single monetary policy, especially when it comes to take unconventional measures which may have substantial fiscal and redistributive consequences». In the absence of a single fiscal authority, added Rossi, lies the fear in some of a "covert" redistribution between countries, not deliberate political representative bodies and passed through the financial statements of the Eurosystem. «This fear-said-very alive today in the countries of Northern Europe, has affected the use of Smp and imposed, when it came to draw the Mto, a strict conditionality, to avoid cases of "moral hazard" by countries in greatest difficulties of public finance, ultimately to prevent or minimise tax transfers between States ‘. . Main data could be found visiting the following article.

The France ready to attend the Australia Aboriginal human remains from museums.

The consultation process should "take into consideration the rights and interests of indigenous Australia as well as the objectives and concerns of the international scientific community", adds the document published on the occasion of the official visit of François Holland in Australia. Experts from both countries will be responsible "to identify and authenticate the origin" of human remains. In France, the folder will be placed under the responsibility of the Ministry of Culture and the national Museum of natural history. France, on decision of the deputies, also returned in recent years to the New Zealand of dozens of mummified Maori heads acquired in the 19th century by Western sailors and explorers. Considered trophies or objects of curiosity, these human remains were investigated trafficking and hunts sometimes to humans from the beginning of colonization of Oceania in the 18th century. Banned in 1831 by the British Government, in New Zealand and Australia, this trade continued illegally well beyond that date. . Original source could be studied visiting the following weblink.

Social: IBM France decides to appeal to the Supreme Court.

The computer company IBM France said Wednesday that it was going to appeal to the Supreme Court after the decision Tuesday by the Court of appeal of Versailles cancelled its social plan implemented in 2013. IBM France is disappointed by the decision of the Court of appeal and has decided to appeal to the Supreme Court, said a spokesman for the group told AFP. The Court of Appeal annulled Tuesday the plan which provided nearly 700 voluntary departures, on the ground that the provisions relating to the internal reclassification submitted by IBM France were insufficient. IBM France does not encrypt the number of posts offered to the reclassification, so says the Court in its judgment. The CGT was opposed to the agreement signed between IBM and three other unions, the CFDT, CFE – CGC and the Unsa and alleged that IBM’s n? have not considered to decrease the magnitude of the l backup plan? employment, recourse to part-time work and the end of the use of subcontracting. The decision of yesterday allows an isolated Union to oppose the choices made by hundreds of workers and their representatives, regretted the spokeswoman, stressing that the plan included only voluntary departures. The plan did no dismissal because the number of applications to voluntary departure and measures of end of career (retirement and pre-retirement, Editor’s note) was much higher than the 689 post reductions envisaged by the Directorate, reminded the Court in its judgment. Unsa and CFDT announced Tuesday in a press release you want to analyze l? impact of this decision both for volunteers of this plan parties for nearly a year of the company personnel remaining. The first could in theory ask their reintegration in society, according to Pierre Poquet, steward central Unsa, first Union of IBM France. . You must click the following web site to learn more on this great topic.

Ukraine crisis: Lavrov flatters the EU.

Moscow – after the meeting between Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and President Wladimir Putin, Russia sends signals towards the West. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergej Lawrow reported on Wednesday morning with a message for the Europoäische Union. Before the Parliament in Moscow, he said Russia was not responsible for the worsening of relations with the EU. There isn’t really an alternative to a mutually beneficial and equal cooperation between Russia and the European Union. It connects us too much. Putin had invited Steinmeier surprisingly in the Kremlin. Probably he wanted to take advantage of the differences between the German Foreign Minister and Chancellor Angela Merkel in Russia politics. Steinmeier extended his short visit for the Parley, and joined the journey home late in the evening. Putin served together only four hours on the weekend with Merkel at the g-20 Summit in Australia. She had sharply criticized Russia. Russia is ready for Lavrova words to continue the so-called Minsk process without preconditions. At the same time, he accused the lead in Kiev but to torpedo the agreement. To the german Russian relationship, the Minister said: in spite of all the differences, how we assess the situation in the Ukraine, is important that the dialogue between us will not cease. He unspecified responded to the speech by Merkel, who had harshly criticized Russia on the weekend. . For additional on this matter check blog.

A hymn for the binding: Khedira sings!.

That is, after surprisingly long and especially during the World Cup progress hardly about the relationship of German internationals with a migrant background to August Heinrich Hoffmann by Faller life was discussed text and Joseph Haydn’s melody, a sensation. On Tuesday night, he has sung playback now so at least like you 3:20 in the ARD-Mediathek can check for minute. Khedira should but also on last Friday in his 51st International appearance in a 4-0-win against Gibraltar have sung the praises of "Unity and law and freedom" and thus summoned, had noticed such as sports-figure plus. Since we had not yet properly belongs. But sports-figure-plus had immediately have an explanation ready: Khedira to short (as occasional agent of the injured Bastian swine Teigers as in the Tuesday evening in Vigo) or long (as successor to pig who after the European Championship in 2016) on the captain’s armband saw it off, which is why he is suddenly in the choir "brotherly with heart and hand" a competitor for the traditionally text such as Melody secure Manuel Neuer, Mats Hummels or Thomas Müller voice strong word sign. "Unity and law and binding" so?. Root facts may be found clicking the following

Unsuccessful Peace Summit: rail will negotiate separately with GDL and electronic ballast.

Now, we run separate collective bargaining this Friday in Frankfurt. The railway will negotiate first according to own statements with the electronic ballast and then with the GDL. We are responsible for our employees, which so far work well according to uniform rules, personnel board member Ulrich Weber says. You will present each an offer two unions until Friday to their claims. Declared the GDL aims to enforce their own collective bargaining agreements for their members to train all the staff – for train or trolley driver. For the train drivers Union has already achieved that years ago. The electronic ballast, however, sees the train as their clientele and claimed the negotiations for these employees for themselves. At the meeting on Tuesday evening the parties had tried to explore whether a solution of the dispute in the form of two substantially identical agreements which induces railway ballast with GDL can be. . Inspirational facts may be studied visiting this

Extraordinary lies to challenge Stanislavski.

For Marcos Altuve, mixed feelings and emotions when interpreting a character was, the less, inc mode. Sometimes I ped which resorting to ntimas situations to express feelings, but sa is my personal life and wants to put it in my work, remember. Who put hands to work, and to its 29 to, I decided to challenge the mism simo Stanislavski with a new m all interpretive. Liar extraordinary workshop was one of the successful s m, and their students confirm the pleasure of having a m s tool to provide greater realism to his characters. That s, its technical non est n re comings with the conventional n of actor training. We are not going against any school, but that is completed of shape pr practice deficiencies that we have identified them, says the professor. Judging by the comments of his students at the end of the class, in this Marcos Altuve does not lie. . Main source could be read clicking the following page.