Sivens: shooting of dam by environmentalists against Cazeneuve.

But they had made sure to soothe and to freeze construction, time of judicial proceedings, to avoid that the war of the bocage degenerate. This time, the drama occurred. Since 1977, had not there death in the eco-friendly demonstrations and since 1986 and Malik Oussekine, steps from death in a protest, recalled the National Secretary of EELV Emmanuelle lug. Two good reasons for the Planet Green ignite. For remarks that were bumped Manuel Valls. I do not agree and I accept not the mis en cause, accusations that have been worn outside the Chamber against the Minister of the Interior, has said Prime Minister Tuesday in the Assembly,. One of his relatives, Luc Carvounas in charge of external relations for the PS, welcome the moderate reaction of Emmanuelle Cosse and sees the hand of Cécile Duflot in the Green offensive: there is a willingness to go up a notch and be against systematic on the part of some environmentalists. It is part of a strategy, particularly on the part of Cécile Duflot. It seeks to destabilize the Government of Manuel Valls. We resume our common contract from November 2011, it is thanks to him that there were two groups in the Assembly. On the part of the PS, there is a will to move forward. We are in dialogue. The absence of the Greens of the Government is a parenthesis that is intended to close. We are in the same boat. When it will be all dark, there where it will be, it will continue except that it is the right which will govern.  For the moment, the boat PS / EELV takes water. . Extended facts can be inspected clicking

+++ IS-terror in the news-ticker +++-IS jihadists executed more than 70 people.

16 02 o’clock: the Dschihadistenmiliz Islamic State (IS) has executed at least 46 people in the Western Iraqi province of Anbar. The members of the albu Nimr tribe had been killed near the town of hit, a local officials and a doctor said on Wednesday. Last week, the area northwest of the provincial capital Ramadi had been conquered by the jihadists. Fighters of the Sunni tribe of albu Nimr had used to fight back against extremists. Only in the morning the Syrian Observatory for human rights based in the United Kingdom had communicated that came at least 30 security guards at an oil field by the Dschihadistenmiliz to life. Thus the number of victims rises at a day on at least 76 people. 14 13: 00: experts of the Federal Government will travel on Thursday in the North of Iraq to examine possibilities of training the Kurdish Pesh. Three representatives from the Ministry of Defense and another for Foreign Affairs will include Office the fact-finding mission, which travels in the Kurdish city of Erbil, as Bundesverteidigungsministerin Ursula von der Leyen in Berlin said. The fact-finding mission to probe the situation. We are examining at the moment, whether we go more in education in Erbil are together with other partners and allies, said von der Leyen. She pointed out that the Bundeswehr has trained already nestled in the Northern Bavarian Hammelburg. Liaison officers of the Bundeswehr had traveled to Erbil previously, military equipment from Germany to distribute and to instruct the Kurdish fighters in its use. Germany supports the Pesh in the fight against the extremist organization Islamic State (IS) among other things with the delivery of the Milan anti-tank weapon. The IS has brought under its control large parts of Iraq and Syria has and commits atrocities against civilians there. . You should click the following to discover more regarding this amazing topic.

There are also reading partners – books help grief management.

For the new study, the researchers wanted to know but also what reading aloud for the communication and bonding between parents and children. Come out is one above all: more than intended. As in many families, it is not just about the stories. They are often the starting point for this, to talk about cooperation, rules, values, anger, joy or the trip at the weekend about everyday. Reading can we speak often topics, is no place for that in our everyday lives, more than half of the parents in the survey responded. Sometimes they attack deliberately to the book, to tackle a topic. Death and mourning, for example. Very popular: The brothers Lionheart by Astrid Lindgren. And who reads? Mostly adults that even much and likes to read and a pleasure do convey this kids, says Petra Wieler, Professor of basic education at the Freie Universität Berlin. It must be not only the parents or grandparents, there are for example reading partners in schools in Berlin. Wieler also stressed how important is the conversation reading. It begins with the question-answer game to first picture books, she – says with the simple question: what is it? If a toddler answer then about ball, this is already a great achievement. Because the recognition and naming a figure greatly challenge the brain at this age. Anyway, I’m not sure whether we should prescribe reading aloud, says the professor. Turkish families for example often used the tradition of storytelling. It is important that this time for each other was firmly embedded in the everyday life of a family, the scientist added. . You must visit the following info to read more on this amazing subject.

Pellerin: Filippetti do not comment but recalls the importance of books.

The former Minister of Culture, Aurélie Filippetti refused Wednesday to comment on the inability of Fleur Pellerin to cite a single title of the? work of Patrick Modiano, paraphrasing Nietzsche saying that without books, life would be a mistake. Sunday, when asked on Canal Plus, Ms. Pellerin was unable to cite a title of a book by l?work of Patrick Modiano, Nobel Prize for literature. I confess without any problems that I have not all time to read two years (,.) I read many notes, a lot of legislation, news, AFP headlines, but I read very little, she said, sparking criticism in the literary community. I am very proud of what I have done at the Ministry of Culture, particularly for the book and bookstores, associating the publishers to support booksellers because I think that booksellers are part of the richness of our country, we need, replied Ms. Filippetti, author of several novels, interviewed by LCI and Radio Classique on statements by his successor. The policy of the book is one of my great pride and without books, to paraphrase Nietzsche, life would be a mistake, slipped the former Minister. But I do have to comment on the action or the statements of my successor. You will understand that it would be not courteous on my part. The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzche (1844-1900) wrote in a letter to his friend the composer Peter Gast: life without music is simply an error, a calvary, an exile. Ms. Filippetti left the Government late August along with Arnaud Montebourg and Benoît Hamon, on a background of disagreement with the economic line advocated by François Holland and Manuel Valls. It has been replaced rue Valois by Fleur Pellerin, formerly Minister for SMEs, Innovation and the digital economy, then briefly Secretary of State responsible for foreign trade, the development of tourism and the French from abroad. . Related info can be read checking reference.

The school at the time of the digital: they tested, they loved it.

Via webcam, Mark sees the class. He smiles the students grouped in front of the screen. How are you today? They have prepared their response and sing in chorus: We’re fine, thank you.  Photos displayed on the free part of the screen, to support a simple situation: Mark wants to visit his sister Jenny in Wales. A map of England arises. Benoit, can you come to the board and find Wales on the map? Benedict rises and just point the place with the stylus. Well done! Every fifteen days, students half an hour immersed in the English language. In the class of SVT (life and Earth Sciences), the dissection of the mouse is done in pairs. 5th students observe procedures on their tablet and go at their own pace. They photograph the result, before you use the Skitch, which allows pointing the different organs on the cliché. This back and forth between the concrete and the image works well. The students are more involved and they better memorize the lesson, says Carole Dellea, their teacher.  The tool is also used in french. College Mendès-France de Tourcoing (Nord) is one of the twenty-three connected Colleges of France (cocoon). It is equipped with five rooms equipped with computers. And all students have access to the ENT of the college, where they find the digital book with the homework, notes and messaging to communicate among themselves and with their teachers. The experience started in 2013.  It has a beneficial effect on the general atmosphere of the hotel, note the main, Jacques Melerowicz. But the project does not stop there. It promotes a new way to learn.  Every evening, on his slate new way, the student notes that it has retained concepts seen in the day and is produced a kind of test on its Tablet; the next morning, he responds, checks what he has learned and what he did not understand the teachings of the day before, and will always transmit this report to teachers, via its tablet.   It uses the Khan Academy videos (1), an American e-learning platform which offers educational videos very well made and adapted to their level. And translated into french since the beginning of the year. Reverse class him frees up time to help his students. In these 14 years old kids who had a very bad image of themselves, she noted much progress in mathematics, a confidence in their ability to learn. And the atmosphere is better. . Additional info can be read clicking

Latino dreamers rising voice.

Although the latino vote will not be relevant next Tuesday and the candidates have cast aside any issue that lies a community of 50 million people, the younger activists, as United We Dream, have I decided to invite the campaign, to the extent of its possibilities. "If the politicians have forgotten, we do not forget them", declares the country Cristina Jimenez, ecuatoriana of 30 years and UWD leader. "Every election is important. Obama would have fulfilled his promise to stop the deportations had not been for these elections", recalls Lorella Praeli, 26, Member of the Board of United We Dream. "What happens is that this is not a good year for us or for the Democrats. Map of these elections does not favor us. States in the running for Congress have little Latino population. From 2015 will be different, because in the presidential elections of 2016 Yes we have great force. I trust Obama to take this into account and sign an executive action. It would be stupid not to do it. I am very disappointed with him. You have no credibility", he adds. "Obama has a great opportunity to rectify the huge disappointment that was delaying the Executive order on deportations," says Kate Brick, expert in emigration of the Americas Society / Council of the Americas. "Although the latino vote is not important now, politicians must take into account that the Hispanic community won’t forget in 2016 what they say now, add," You must read this blog to learn more regarding this amazing matter.

Usa, Brooklyn Restaurant has an unusual client: a ghost (NYT).

Rome, Oct. 28. (Afpenglish)-on a September morning in 2006, Miguel Vargas arrived in Brooklyn restaurant where he went to work. As each day she opened the front door and saw something different from the usual: a middle-aged woman with white hair and a white robe was going through the Hall of the restaurant. Pity that the woman actually vanished into thin air. To the man from the restaurant quitted upset. To tell her story to the New York Times is Mr. Vargas: Just saw her, I knew immediately that it was a ghost, so I ran away. A few weeks ago during the reconstruction of the floor of the main hall, employees uncovered by the land of mysterious objects: a small statue of the Madonna with Jesus, a small golden ring, a pair of brown shoes as a child and a bone fragment. Having buried the two objects and having held two, each glass which was picked up by bartenders to serve, he was dying and it smashed. Restaurant manager Wesley Ham said: sometimes the glasses that broke in my hands were 20 per day. I think the Ghost is not at all happy with our discovery and maybe he is angry because we decided to hold two objects. After several reconstructions, reports the New York Times, the identity of the woman-ghost seems to be that of Anna Smith, daughter of Charles Szyjka who in 1920 was the local owner and apartments above it. With his father’s death, Anna took over the local administration. In those years the neighborhood has become a place of violence, emptied completely. The neighbors prayed to follow her and go live with them in safer neighborhoods but she firmly refused. It was the only inhabitant around the block. He died in 2003 in a retirement home, and in 2006 the Club became the present Sweetwater Restaurant. . For extended on this topic check info.

Christillin and Inter, “Moratti-Addams, Thohir cicciobello» almond-shaped.

Evelina Christillin Juventus coach with Moggi, Giraudo, Gianni Agnelli and Carlo Ancelotti in 2000 (Ap) "the news highlights of the week is certainly that of farewell to Inter-Moratti Addams Family-writes the manager, friend of lambs, from the pages of the Huffington Post-Italy. How do without all those teeth in the stands, without hectic embraces of their slender Italian television, without the exultation of Bedy jumping in the air even when Inter he scored in a friendly against Pertusa?», hits a JAB to pull former patron and former Honorary Chairman who recently resigned. After having remarked that between inter and Juventus not always runs good blood, Christillin explains: "this does not mean that you don’t respect people like Moratti who, however, lived with disbursements of passion and unparalleled portfolio the inter family dynasty." And attacks his successor, Indonesian Thohir, note: "a fat little one Indonesian who eventually finds (to Moratti ndr), and it is not known yet whether the money really them or not, the majority of shares", guilty of having put his men (‘ samurai ‘) to ‘ take you to schiaffoni poor accounts Massimo, remained heroically in the minority with offspring Angelomario and fido Ghelfi», which stirs up the coach Walter Mazzarri to respond without respect and that ‘ use as a puppet of noble origins but of zero importance the myth Zanetti». And, adds the Juventus fan above all that, especially, doesn’t win anything. " In short, having regard to the ‘ Eastern ‘ arrogance, ‘ well face Thohir Cicciobello slant as they like, but he (Moratti, ED) there is more ‘. . For extra about this matter visit web site.

Conflict in the Ukraine: Poland moved troops to the Russian border.

Biggest security crisis since the cold war, in response to the Russian military intervention in the Ukraine intends to vigorously upgrade Poland and bringing troops and equipment on the eastern border. Poland wants to move some of its troops in the country from West to East and is thus reacting to the threat of a possible attack in Russia. The announced Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak now in several interviews. He also reiterated the Government’s intention to increase defense spending sharply. Weapons and equipment be upgraded further in the current year. In response to Poland had announced a modernization of its weapons and facilities, as well as an upgrade as well as the three Baltic States months ago. The defense budget will be increased by 2016 by around EUR 190 million to two per cent of gross national product as stipulated in this a NATO target. Only four of the 28 NATO countries, including Estonia, currently hold this margin, Poland remains among them easily. Lithuania and Latvia are back by more than one percent, but also want to reach the border soon. In Poland, the extra money in the modernization of the air defense system and buying new helicopter gunships will flow, the originating from American production fighter aircraft of the type F-16s with new air-to-surface missiles is also planned, (cruise missiles) to equip the type AGM-158. A 2012 agreed plan to modernize the Defense accelerates accordingly, an updated will be presented in the next month. According to the observations of the Secretary of Defense should large sums in the existing barracks and other facilities in the East of the country ge-is to restore and equip with modern facilities. The local infrastructure is very old, building and roads are in poor condition, because nothing had been invested for many years, Minister Siemoniak told Polish radio on Tuesday. We have need to draw the biggest security crisis since the cold war, and we conclusions from this, said the liberal conservative politician of the news agency AP. At least three locations in the East of Poland, so the air defense unit in Siedlce, should be stepped up. There the capacity will currently only used 30 percent, this percentage should be increased to 90 percent. In addition to bringing more military equipment there. In Poland like in the Baltic States the Russian intervention in the Ukraine had led months ago that the installation was asked by NATO combat troops in these countries. The large NATO countries, including Germany, are refused with respect to previous agreements with Russia but. Instead a kind of spearhead as a rapid deployment force, be made as was decided at the NATO Summit in Wales, which should be laid quickly in case of emergency to the East. As the mirror reported, there are however serious doubts about whether NATO could actually keep their promises to intervene in the event of a crisis at high NATO representatives. Against this background, also reported serious flaws had raised considerable concern in the German armed forces in Poland and the Baltic States. . For extra facts about this subject read resource.

In Belgium, the bikes have the right to their motorway.

The idea is to make it easier every day thanks to these mega-cycling routes. A minimum width of three meters (allows to double more easily), they will be flat, straight, concrete or asphalt and as much as possible without barriers, described Courrier International. The crosses will be otherwise secured. It is 200 km to be built, to complement the network of 600 km of priority lanes, dont de les ponts et tunnels pour cyclistes, ajoute le journal francais of bridges and tunnels for cyclists, the french newspaper added. A highway of the same kind already connects Brussels and Leuven and exists also in other Nordic countries. The Denmark is part of these examples: the city of Copenhagen has decided to build 28 Expressway to connect the suburbs to downtown and the suburbs between them. London, which is not known to be the most welcoming city for bikes, recalls Reporterre, was also converted to the kind of way the first sections will be opened in 2015. ‘Hovenring’ is the world’s first suspended bicycle path roundabout. It’s located in the Netherlands near Eindhoven. peak. Twitter. com/wqI7n913oN. Extended text can be inspected clicking blog.