Research on Physics and medicine with Dylan’s titles: challenge between scientists with citations.

At 73 years of age and over 50 of his career Bob Dylan would never have imagined that the titles of his most famous songs could become a friendly competition among university professors, nor to be inspiration for owner complicated academic studies, yet happens: in Sweden a small group of scholars launched a unique race, inspired by the American author and musician. Ran the year 1997 and two Swedish professors of Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, John Jundberg and Eddie Weitzburg, published in a trade magazine a scientific article on gas flowing in the intestines called Nitric Oxide and inflammation: The answer is blowing in the wind ", i.e." nitric oxide and inflammation: the answer is blowing in the wind ". The reference to the 1960s success of Dylan was served on a silver platter and Blowing In the Wind, who was born with an anti-war message and certainly not chemistry or related to problems with flatulence, made as a fun gag among academics that still continues, among editorials, articles, introductions to the publications of gentlemen, where the imperative is to find the way to enter into the headlines just the accomplishments of the singer of Minnesota. When the contest expanded colleagues Spent a few years and two other scientists (Jonas Frisen and Konstantinos Meletis) of the same Institute published a study on the ability of non-neuronal cells as "Blood on the Tracks: A Simple Twist of Fate, a title that combines two works by Dylan collection. On the one hand, the "blood on the tracks of life," Blood on the tracks, which is the name of the Dylan album of 1975 and the other "a simple twist of fate", A Simple Twist of Fate, which is part of that long playing. To notice the strange combination of musical inspirations was a librarian, who informed that professors had discovered. Since that time between scientific research and the race entered the divertissement alive, and four professors joined the fifth participant, Kenneth Chien, beginning in the group with an academic article titled Tangled up in blue: Molecular cardiology in the postmolecular era, a dissertation on the molecular cardiology and its future, accompanied by song title, however Tangled Up In the Blue, literally "Tangled in sadness", once again taken from Blood On the Tracksdel 1975. Over the years the titles dedicated to singer-songwriter you are followed and the five professors drew quotes from Slow Train Coming, 1979 album, and still they used in a publication entitled "The Times They Are a-changin’ 1960s album of Dylan. Jokingly, now that their little secret was discovered, admit to being more famous for this game than for their work, although their names are often on large scientific journals as Nature. But as the race will go ahead? The five, apart from mentioning that the competition is open to all teachers who wish to venture into it, have pledged to make the accounts of those who have achieved the highest number of citations when will all retire. The winner will be entitled to a lunch in a well-known and beloved Swedish restaurant, offered by fellow musical passion. . Similar info can be read checking

Odenwald students about the elect: so A lot callousness I didn’t expect.

No hint that creates clarity appears fiction or fact – at least on the screen. Already the title of the film suggests however, here mostly worked with the copy function. An English documentary film about men who have experienced sexual violence at a boarding school, is chosen. And as everything else in this TV movie about the Odenwald school affects me only borrowed. First of all I am trying to remove the appearance of the headmaster to Ulrich Tukur, but quickly to prevent the one-dimensionality of the depicted character. My interest is the skepticism. A Petra Grust not even there to my times in the approach – no one had tried to help us. What is to see through their eyes in this miniature society, came only years later to light. All this was in newspaper articles and books to read, and also in documentary films. As I recognize my former neighbors of the rooms, the jaw dropped me. So clear, so unabashed! They hung back even the England flag him on his bed. He learned from his appearance in the film by me. He called it an impertinence. The makers of the film have never talked to him. I looked at the film with two persons, who were not at the Odenwald school. Both asked: that was really the case? What we see on the screen, seems true as the result of years of efforts to uncover the truth brought at the end. I didn’t expect A lot so callousness. After all, the shooting at a time took Instead of investigations where a teacher of the school child pornography on his computer and a student by a teacher that was bullied that she brought up border crossings. Again that was only publicly, as media reported. Seen in this way, thanks to the school of the height of cynicism is: common cause is made here with the perpetrators organization, where distance would have been appropriate. One of them wrote the creators of the film last year: I am concerned of sexual violence at the Odenwald school, and now I’m concerned of your film. Producer’s response was terse and evasive. As before. As the boy back then was not seen, so little the man is seen today, revealed his story – without suspecting what will become of her. I’ve always said based on my years of experience: the Odenwald school we are shit. . For more information on this subject check

Tfr in paychecks: another way to raise taxes?.

Free 50% of the severance pay to support the recovery. So it seems that the egg of Columbus, but there is a risk that ends only with increasing taxes. Instead they should be reduced in order to stimulate private investment to restart the economy ,. How do you restart an economy that for almost 20 years does not give signs of life as the Italian and, with guilty delay, the Government also admits this year will not see GDP rise of 0.8% (as it was hoped still to April, but then the bonus effect should have according to some statements by the premier Matteo Renzi to hope for an even better resultMaybe closer to 1% to 0.5%) but lower than 0.3%, as announced last night talking about the update to the document of economic and financial affairs (Def) which will be now presented in Parliament and that also provides for the 2015 piccina picciò growth (+0.6% versus +1.3% indicated in April), so that to think the worst and to predict that next year will be difficult for the Italy out of recession may be accused for "owls"but you might not be too far from reality? But how "precisevolmente" you can use these funds to prevent the liquidity flow to these banks not to transfer the undertakings or, even worse, businesses (disfattiste and asocial!) do not require for joyful "and" progressive investment in a market that remains, in Italy as in Europe, in deep crisis by question exacerbated the rhythm imposed by Germany too violent to a fiscal consolidation which remains necessary but should be sized to take account of the economic cycle and esacerbarne no adverse effects? Oh come my lady, a bit of whimsy: it will use to ensure that companies "free" the 50% of Tfr (treatment Fund for termination, i.e. the liquidation) which each month is deducted from the paychecks of its employees, simple no? With miraculous and already announced "double-bonus effect" seen that might enter into the pockets of the employees (which in Italy are less and less, but that we want to make you my lady life), according to the same calculations Renzi, a hundred euros that added to the famous 80 euros (gross) would "obviously" a tidy sum to spend now because "there is no question of certainty" as already wrote back, Lorenzo "the magnificent" De Medicialready in the mid 1400 ‘s must have figured out how it would have ended. All clear and so nice that it’s a shame to come doubts, nevertheless, I try to make the Jiminy cricket and to make some legitimate doubt on the entire manoeuvre. First, how can the banks, which until yesterday the ECB and European banking stress tests submitted with their and their Asset quality review, to prevent the recurrence of a "bis" of 2009, have asked to tighten the credit (made), increase the capital (done) and reduce capital assets (fact) in particular by reducing the assets most at risk (to be done because the distance between what they are willing to pay investorson average between 5% and 8% of the assets themselves depending on what is more or less "suffering" and that they hope to get is still large banks), grant loan to a company, even for the noble aim of anticipating its employees the 50% of future liquidation, if there are sufficient guarantees that the company itself, given the current moonlightsnot to fail in the future? It will mean that "someone" If you will have to load: you do, you pull a luck if it’s treasure, the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, or some interbank Fund intervene? Hoping of course that Berlin is not just unruly schoolchildren bacchetti. And if 50% of the Tfr will be so paid, there will be some Skype regarding the Inps and the same companies, as the proceeds of the provision to severance pay is around 2 billion per month, or about 25 billion per year (Note: written on sand figure considering that with the provisions of the Jobs Act, which will make more flexible the lavoro, there may be a further contraction of the employment base and then flows of Tfr), of which just over 5 billion gets into individual pension funds or category and the remaining 16 20 refer to Smes with less than 50 employees who actually use these funds as a source of short-term liquidity and only 6 from enterprises with over 50 employees who pay monthly contributions to Inps? Halving these flows mean does fail, ceteris paribus, 3 billions each year the Inps and 8 billion with which SMEs trying (too) to make innovation and to remain on the market. Who would cover them, because if you put the State (even just to cover the possible deficit Inps) would increase the deficit (already seen rise to 3% this year and remain at 2.9% 2.2% rather than the "trend" in order to release 11 billion of resources with which to try to support, no one knows quite how, growth) and public debt (which now the Government sees up to 131.6% of GDP at the end of the year and to 133.4% next year)? But come on, let’s not be the defeatists: it is said that the darkest hours of the night are those preceding the dawn and therefore we are brave, the limit will pay retirees, of course those "gold" and everything will work out. Well, brave Yes but not suckers: regardless of any social maneuver, how much you would pay on flows of Tfr so "liberated" on which is currently under a concessionary tax marginal income tax rates lower? Because I imagine that if we were to suffer a higher tax levy "thank you" to this fabulous structural reform, the suspicion that all this serve only to cover a further increase of heavy tax burden already today to suffocating levels should at least come here. Domandina final use of our premier Matteo Renzi and his ministers, but at this point it wouldn’t be worth it to try to reduce taxes and offer incentives, even at the time, for those who want to invest in Italy hoping for a recovery in demand and thus in more streams of Tfr would you of tax revenue to support the costs of a real reform of the public spending that svecchiasse the country culturally and economically?. For extra data about this topic read

Jersey of Real Madrid – Toni Kroos plays today in the crazy Dragon dress.

"You’re wearing it, or you are afraid of it" – this is the slogan for the new black away kit of Real Madrid in the Champions League. The Spaniard for the first time participate in their habituation need Dragon dress. Toni Kroos is thrilled. Whether Ludogorez lawn level now more is fear? The small Bulgarian Club gets a visit from Real Madrid on Wednesday evening (20 45,) in the Champions League live on Sky, the superstars from Spain will participate for the first time in their martial away kits. The slogan of the new manga Jerseys: "either you wear it, or you are afraid of it." Toni Kroos writes so – good on German and English – on Facebook: Matchday! Today, the first time in the Black Jersey,, Today first time in our new black jersey,, To do this, the former Bayern professional published a photo of yourself in the new Dragon dress. Kroos cheers on the image. . For additional information about this subject check web site.

Basketball, Menetti and Reggio’s ambitions: ‘ ‘ No revolutions, we want to win, ” crescendo.

The euphoria the recount numbers. More than 3 million subscribers, a long tail of passion in Reggio Emilia had never seen. If there is a lot of expectation around the Ivory Bon is credited with a market first, an authentic spot the ambitions of a club that over the years-from Legadue victory after having touched the previous relegation season in B1 to conquer the last season of the Eurochallenge-knew always improve. A market which resulted in Reggio-team compared to last season confirmed the largest number of players (7)-Drake Diener, mvp of the last serie A, Achille Polonara, 23 years old but already a good experience behind, and Lithuanian Darius Lavrinovic. The injury of the long former Kiev, which will stand firm two months after an operation in hand, has complicated the plans of coach Max Menetti Championship. ‘ ‘ Just don’t we wanted. Beyond the fact that we couldn’t ever train Darius is one of the four pillars of the team along with Cinciarini, Diener and Kaukenas. Lost a Lavrinovic, though, it came immediately another. Reggio is racing for cover and signed (two-month contract with possibility of extending it until the end of the season) Ksystof Lavrinovic, twin brother of Darius, in Zalgiris last season, for five years (from 2007 to 2012) in Siena. The idea is that, it is a spot that already a few years ago launched our Managing Director By Firm. The Sampdoria, coached by Boskov, began the path that eventually led her to win the scudetto and Champions Cup skim holding close his most important players, starting with Vialli and Mancini who had requests from the richest and most important company. President Ma was able to maintain that group, completed and won. So far in Reggio we never managed to do such a thing. Young people of great value, I speak of Basile, lilies, Melli, in their moment of maximum explosion went off. What we want to do is be able to keep them with us for many years and build something important. ‘ Drake ‘ is one guy amazing in everything he does. It’s a humble player, that when it comes to the gym becomes a junior for the way you train. At the same time, however, has that personality that manifests itself in the right way, without making the slightest weigh his past. It is a pleasure to watch him train. The player we all know, has a huge talent. What I ask him? I think he wants to explore different ways to play. In these friendly it turned out man assists, he’s a complete player, capable of deciding what is best for the team. Certainly the thing I asked him and other veterans is to work together with young people to make them grow under the mental aspect. It is a route to Reggio Emilia was a winner in history and in the past three years. Revolutions do not lead anywhere, at least we have never worked. Continuity has always been our trademark. In the year we won the Legadue League have confirmed a group that was saved at the last day avoiding relegation between amateurs. Also in serie A we followed this route and I do not think that we went wrong. It’s an enthusiasm that we should not hold back. I think this is the best moment in the history of the club together with that experienced in the years ‘ 80 with nut Lombardi on the bench. The enthusiasm should be ridden at the same time I think the square is now mature, aware of the type of team that we have built and eventually the ball is round. There will be times of trouble, the difference will have to make this great empathy that has been created in recent years between the team and the public. I’m sure Willow will make his last leap in quality. Let’s talk about the play of the national team, a player at the height of ripeness. Want to aspire to be a play at the highest level is also important and the important high-level play are those who can manage to put pace teammates and to enhance all the players who are on their side. Mussini? It is still a junior but practically with a great talent. You have to have patience with him, have to play and get experience, the road is long but it is a quiet, humble guy, you have to give it time to grow. The same can be done for the Valley with which we are knowing practically now. He needs to learn a lot of things, but has a passion and desire to do well. Raising the bar is a term that there never liked. The right words are two, consolidation and improvement. If we look back, we realize that he had done in three years something exceptional. Sixth place from newly promoted, for two years in a row to play off going out once to 7 race and one race with 5 Siena twice Italy Cup final phase and in between we put also the conquest of a European Cup. Be able to get to play off and pass the first round would be nice. Beyond grain Lavrinovic we are working fine. This is perhaps the best group had in recent years but is also one that needs more work. It’s a mix of experience and youth that needs to discover and get to know each other, the work will make a difference. ” In this moment, a grid is very difficult. Milan is rightfully the favorite team, finally removed the monkey from the shoulder and gave technical continuity to the Group last year. Behind it can happen all over, like every year there will be big surprises and some disappointments. It’s a League where apart from us, Milan and other clubs there are teams that have revolutionized the entire roster. There are those who will struggle to find the quadrature and who despite not knowing will become immediately a winning group. After the first ten days you will have clearer ideas. . You should check this to discover more regarding this amazing topic.

Tfr in payroll, unions rejected the Government’s assumptions.

The Tfr in paychecks don’t like unions. Against the hypothesis raised yesterday in San Matteo Renzi by premier, you deploy the Cgil, Cisl and Uil. The leader of Cgil, Susanna Camusso attacks: ‘ workers, money is not a new bonus, the worker must be free to decide what to do. " Anna Maria Furlan, appointed to succeed Raffaele Bonanni of Cisl, guide relaunches: «The Tfr is less taxed salary-we don’t want that in this way the workers pay more taxes on that. " While the Secretary of the Uil Angeletti assures: "cutting taxes at work is the only way to revive consumption and don’t put the Tfr in paychecks." Camusso: Tfr isn’t new bonuses are money of workers ‘ None say they are increasing the salaries of workers: those are the workers ‘ money, the result of contracts and negotiations and not a largesse of Government or a new bonus, otherwise we are at misinformation, "said the Secretary-General of Cgil, Susanna Camusso, for which the worker must be" free to decide "what to do with the stock market. The Secretary of the Cgil had said yesterday that the settlement has a separate tax regime and if you put it in paychecks, instead, the carry-overs to higher taxation». It would be-he added-as saying that giving away the 80 euro workers ‘ income tax bonus. Furlan (Cisl): Severance Pay? just speculation at work contrary to Tfr in paycheck also Anna Maria Furlan, appointed to succeed Raffaele Bonanni of Cisl Guide: «just speculations at work-says Assistant Secretary of Cisl-the Tfr is less taxed salary, we don’t want that in this way the workers pay more taxes on that. " Angeletti: no to Tfr in paycheck, cut taxes for the leader of the Uil, Luigi Angeletti, cutting taxes on business, don’t put the Tfr in paycheck, is the only way to revive consumption. "I understand the need to give a few euros into the pockets of Italians to revive consumption,-says Angeletti-but isn’t that the way, we must continue to reduce taxes at work». And he added: "we explained that was designed to supplement retirement, what say? You wrong, so retire there you go, spend it now money ,. Is meaningless. " Then the Secretary of the Uil, concerning the possibility of reform of article 18 of the Statute of workers, said: ‘ If really will change the system of protection of workers that is now in place we we will schedule a general strike. And Radio does not believe that this is a momentary outburst ". Cna: Tfr in unacceptable cost for companies opposed to the hypotheses of the Tfr in the paycheck world of craft guilds. "The proposal to give the Tfr in «payroll for as has been given these days represents an unacceptable cost for companies, in a period of severe credit shortage that represents a source," said the President of Cna, Daniele Vaccarino. While the Alliance’s co-Chairman Coop, Rosario Altieri, warned: "this operation is likely to accelerate corporate crises." Joshua: Tfr topic still under discussion the Government however has not yet made a decision. «The Tfr-explained Minister Padoan-is not in the Final update. Is a topic under discussion, we are at this level. " . For more insights about this subject read link.

Ebola, first case in the United States.

NEW YORK-Iera evening, returning from work in their homes, at the end of a day in which he had spoken only of man armed with a knife who had infiltrated undisturbed in the rooms of the White House, Americans have learned a tragic news that feared most: the Ebola virus, the deadly disease that has made thousands of victims in Africa, arrived in Dallas, Texas. This is the first time that this horrible contagious disease, which makes victims in 90% of cases, comes from Africa. And the nightmare of an epidemic has become in the evening the "talk of the town", the Central speech in every community in America. The news was spread by large television networks shortly before an official press conference of the American Center for the control of epidemics, spreading great apprehension among everyday people and concern among the authorities which tried to isolate anyone who in recent days have come in contact with the sick. The patient is a man landed in Dallas Saturday, 20 September, arriving from Liberia, the African country most affected by the disease. His identity has been kept secret. He had come to America to visit his family. Everything seemed normal until a couple of days later, he started to feel bad. Symptoms: fever and stomach pain. In the emergency room have him sent home with aspirin, but symptoms are worsened and finally the September 28, Sunday, was rushed to the hospital. Her condition had visibly deteriorated, he vomited blood. A blood specimen was sent to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and there was made with certainty the first diagnosis of ebola infection outside the African continent. What dangers? How many people came into contact with the sick? That danger is there that there has been an exchange of fluids of any kind and that the virus has spread to other people? What are the risks? For now should be contained. The same Thomas Frieden, head of the CDC (Center for Disease Control), said that the virus may be limited. «The next steps he said are: 1) the patient’s care by providing more effective care in the safest way possible to minimize the chance of an infection; 2) identify all the people who have been exposed to the virus when the patient got sick and monitor for 21 days, the incubation period of the disease. " These in a nutshell details about disease: incubation, 3 weeks, then the symptoms manifest themselves, not necessarily serious enough to warn. Fever, muscle aches, vomiting. Then more severe symptoms with loss of blood. The contagion only occurs when the virus explodes, not when it is still incubating. Until then it is easy to kill the virus sometimes simply washing your hands. There are no certain cure, a vaccine is being tested, the mortality rate reaches 90% and so far there have been more than 3 thousand dead "officers" in West Africa, but unofficially it is said that the victims are a lot more. . Main source could be read visiting this

University: Beware of imitations,.

Same ambiguity for school Head, hear high applied law studies, no less. This area, here again, is the strict responsibility of the University, only empowered to issue diplomas. Another institution saying not clear his name and his real prerogatives, faculty open from Paris. A 100% digital, proposed online training employed students or in situation of disability. still,. at the rate of 1. 500 euro the year for a master’s degree. That so many universities offer free or inexpensive digital platforms. So, if we allow to obtain a university degree, says the young woman engaged to ensure promotion. But she rushes hardly to give prices and even less to clarify that licence and the master concerned depend on Paris, but a partnership with the University of,. Pau. We have signed an agreement to test for one year. This organization took her over the technical installation of the platform, has filmed our teachers shall remunerate grant for corrections work, defends Mohamed Amara, president of this University. And then, all students who enroll by the University pay only the conventional registration fee. And to add, to legitimize his choice: many youth prefer to pay for private schools for training courses that exist at the University,. So, why not try the experiment? Moreover, internationally, are already explained to me that our graduates were cheap enough to be credible! You must check this article to discover more on this interesting matter.

+++ News ticker to the IS terror +++: releases IS 70 children abducted in Syria.

The IS has released over 70 students abducted in Syria after more than four months. The students was mainly 13-to 15-year-old Syrian Kurds from the region to the embattled Ain al-Arab, the Syrian Observatory for human rights said. The children belong to a total of 150 students, who had kidnapped the IS end of may near the Northern Syrian city Manbidsch fighters. It is not known why the extremists released a part of the abducted students. Some of the hostages had been released earlier, around 30 were still in force of the extremists. This should be to children of members of the Democratic Union Party, a Syrian Kurdish party, which defends itself against the advance of IS militia. The wife of the British captive by terrorists IS Alan Henning has again with a request for the release of her husband on the kidnappers turned. I’ve asked the Islamic State to release him. We need him at home, said the TV station Sky News Barbara Henning. The family was terribly worried. The 47-year-old taxi driver from Manchester is since December 2013 at the mercy of his kidnappers. He had joined an aid convoy for Syrian refugees. IS terrorists had put him on display in the video as a potential new victims, the the murder of Briton David Haines shows. Barbara Henning had himself already pointed out weeks ago at the kidnappers turned and it, a Sharia Court judging according to the Islamic law found her husband guilty. He had To want help only. The Turkish opposition politician of Selahattin Demirtas warns before by Kobans on the IS fighter. The Kurds there are likely to be left alone, says the co-Chairman HDP pro Kurdish party in the Turkish border town Dona before the journalists. Dalmiya had visited the border town earlier. The city is enclosed by three sides IS fighters. The people of Kobans resisted against the heavily armed attackers with limited means, so Terry. The Federation of Kurdish associations in Germany, NAV-which calls for support for the people in the North Syrian Ain al-Arab, which they call Kurds Kobans in Berlin. The international community must support the predominantly Kurdish residents of Kobans against IS, says the co Chairman of the NAV-the, Yuksel KOC, to kick off a week of action, which is to draw attention to the situation of people in the region. Rallies and demonstrations are planned until Saturday, also enter the activists on a hunger strike. It could always come to a massacre in the region around Kobans. Hundreds of thousands of people are in acute danger, says Kang. They needed support at all levels. Kobans weapons needed to protect the civilian population. Also, you must increase the pressure on the States that support IS. This includes according to NAV-the Turkey. After a renewed anti-terror raid in Australia, a man is arrested and charged with financial support of the IS. More than 100 officials had raided seven different houses and apartments in the surroundings of Melbourne at dawn and arrested a 23-year old. The Parliament in Ankara wants to decide on Thursday on resolutions, which authorises the Government to tackle terrorists in Syria and in the Iraq military. Kurdish troops begin an offensive against IS in the North of Iraq according to its own figures. Fighters on three fronts were advanced at dawn, several representatives say the militia of Pesh. Take in the sights are therefore IS positions north of Mosul, Islamistenhochburg, a town on the border to Syria, as well as South of the strategically important for the business of the oil city of Kirkuk. The US intelligence agencies before the accusation by President Barack Obama in protection, not to have predicted the rise of the extremist militia IS take MPs, insider and former employees. That was not a failure of intelligence, but a failure of leadership, to confront this threat, the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee in the House of representatives, Mike Rogers explains. The services had more than a year specifically warned of an assault of Islamists in Syria on the Iraq, says of the Republicans. The Committee have already 2013 formally asked Obama to do something against this threat. The UNESCO denounces the destruction of cultural heritage in the areas controlled by the Islamic State Dschihadistenmiliz in the Iraq. The head of the UN Organization, Irina Bokowa, speaks at a meeting of experts in Paris by a cultural cleansing by the Islamists. The extremists have destroyed shrines, churches and valuable manuscripts in Mosul, Tikrit and other cities and regions. . You can check this to discover more about this interesting subject.

Before CDU – National Party Congress: pliers attack on the party leadership.

Something No more there has been in the Union for five years. This Wednesday, the heads of the economic and the social wing To want occur together. Usually, the two wings not just in intimate friendship are connected. Laumann and his social wing fought Karl-Josef for the minimum wage, Carsten Linnemann and its economic wings keep them for works of the devil. Laumann is pretty comfortable the coalition with the SPD, Linnemann mourns the FDP afterwards. The appearance of the two is even more surprising. The two until Wednesday to the classified have stated what To want announce the leaders of the Christian Democratic workforce and the Association of medium-sized businesses. Betrayed is a Cryptics upper theme: before the CDU Federal Party Congress. The CDU delegates in Cologne will meet in early December. The election of the leadership is on the agenda. It is also To give a debate on economic policy. The party leadership fears that the delegates could it pronounce for changes at the cold progression in this legislative period. The SME Association mobilized for weeks for a control brake to stop the hostile power cold progression. Thus, the economic wing brings the CDU leadership in a quandary. In its election manifesto, the Union had promised still to reduce the progression to improve justice in Germany. Thus, it would help people with small and medium-sized income, stood in the program. Order not to endanger the debt-free budget, the Union adopted but then this target. And so, some in the CDU leadership now feared that the two wings could launch a joint campaign to abolish the cold progression this Wednesday. It would be an attack of pliers on the course of the party leadership. And the carefully planned Party Congress Director would be waste. . You can read this to read extra regarding this great subject.