Parkinson, obsessions and insomnia: the traumas of the survivors of the Costa Concordia.

Parkinson’s disease, insomnia, chronic bronchitis, obsessions, claustrophobia. Are the diseases related to post traumatic stress disorder stress disorder caused by the sinking of the Concordia a neurochemist and legal doctors spoke today at Boldface as examples of physical and neurological problems to people. A long list of sad stories, the one presented by the doctors of civil parties. There is for example Bologna man, that as a result of the trauma suffered that night wretched developed Parkinson ‘s, or a woman, again for anxiety, now must deal with premonitory symptoms of senile dementia. Yet another of the passengers suffering from obsessive syndrome whereby every conversation ends up speaking only of dramatic moments on the ship and he always fear of dying. But there are also those who cannot stay alone indoors and who cannot take elevators.  In all these, there is talk of passengers who have formed a civil party to demand compensation to the defendant and Sadon civil process manager, Costa Crociere spa. Pathologies discussed here (it was the first time that health damages were highlighted under the scientific medical plan, and not just based on stories of the survivors of the shipwreck) have been reported in more than two and a half years from the day of the tragedy. To date, in all cases, include deterioration in living conditions of passengers become patients. "We know the case. We do of course all kinds of research on possible causality of these Parkinson syndromes related to the event, but we have found no literature and no precedent in this regard ". With these words, Marco De Luca defends Costa Crociere in relation to the case of the passenger affected by neurodegenerative disease after the event. The Office also said that "both the company and the Coast of insurance, have the widest availability to pay damages that each suffered, everyone. However, we must guarantee equanimity in compensation: it is not possible for identical situations are different compensation. We must ensure that everything happens according to an objective criterion of Justice ". With regard to requests, even to one million euros, the lawyer said: "I feel frankly high in cases of people who did not suffer serious injuries, I think this belongs to common sense". . You must click this to discover extra about this amazing topic.

Foreigners, an army that leaves no trace. By Vidic to Michu, how many flop.

ROME-there are many, but they are little. The foreign invasion of the serie A last summer brought new players who Count 84 cannot convene in blue, yet the sign they have left so far on the Italian Championship is minimal, if not negligible: less than half, 37, played on weekends, just 4 goals scored so far, of which 3 of Menez (the other Moldovan Ionita ‘s). A new army but, despite individual qualities of our League is not exactly amazing, struggling to get into it in confidence. Small or large, defenders or centre forward, many new foreigners struggle regardless. Only Juve and Roma, perhaps, have fished interesting cards: Coman Manolas and drive the positive surprises, where not even the experts Lille Keita and Evrà. For (almost) everyone else is pitch dark. The FLOP VIDIC, DE VRIJ and MICHU: BEHIND MANY anonymous-what is amazing is primarily the contribution in the fortunes of their team: Badelj and Richards have not improved Fiorentina, Inter Medel hasn’t shined (indeed ,.) more than it did before him the Director of the Palermo Rigoni. And if the contribution of some is so far not reached at all-just think of the Lazio striker Djordjevic, the Nerazzurri M’vila, the Genoa player Lestienne, just to name a few-others have left an indelible mark, Yes, but certainly not good. Ask Benitez about the performance of the disastrous Michu, impalpable whenever it is played, or the incertissimo dos Santos. Lazio Italian approach of De Vrij did whiten many, with the penalty granted at San Siro to Menez at onset and red on Sunday in Genoa. Even the Vidic came to Milan, inter bank, seems to be the counterpart of Captain of Manchester United can win Champions leagues with him in the field: expelled to debut, assist-man for Palermo in Sunday postponed Vazquez There are also more complicated choices: Stramaccioni in Udine and the company have banked on him from Karnezis Greek loan to Granada: at the expense Scuffet, 18 years old star arrived to touch the world with Prandelli and now relegated to the role of spectator fixed. The 56% of FOREIGN PLAYERS EMPLOYED: the case QUEUE-it’s no coincidence, perhaps, coach Earl would want stringent rules that oblige them to employ a minimum number of players in the League: to give more space to young players. Also because the situation is critical: the 56% of the players lined up beginning at the weekend is a stranger. Almost 53% of the Roses series basically is not eligible for the national team. Our confidence is in short supply, so the Chievo Maxi Lopez must wait for the entrance of bresciano Pablo to scare the Cassano and Parma semi-unknown queue, Cava de ‘ Tirreni bomber emigrated to 16 years at Bellinzona and back from a Championship from gunboats to Nova Gorica: yet departing Donadoni had preferred the Ethereal Ghezzal, from 6 years in serie A without ever leaving too many regrets. In a League where I’m back even flop already acclaimed as the former Roma player Piris, eclipsed after the first 6 months the Romans and today at Udinese, after one year of purgatory Portuguese, the extreme case is that of Jeremy Menez: irrepressible against Lazio and Parma, almost imperceptible at the totem of Juventus. The sign for emergence in Italy also would shortly. To win, however, is decidedly different. . Inspirational facts may be read visiting the following page.

High line in Manhattan: New York celebrates its Green vein.

New York – the high line finally is finished: the third and final part of the engineered built to the Park in New York was inaugurated at the weekend. Tourist attraction now long is 2.5 km. And not only the visitors swarm – the locals are enthusiastic about the unusual Green. If not, the latest and last part of the high line causes that you Once again totally fall in love in New York, then I really No more know what to say, for example, Michael Kimmelman, author writes the New York Times, in his article on the opening of the third section. And for actor Edward Norton the Park from the metropolis is already No more. Cross over the line an investor has the standard built, one of the currently most popular hotels in New York City. In addition, architect Renzo currently builds a new home for the renowned Whitney Museum, which is to relocate in the coming year by the posh Upper East Side to this place piano. New skyscrapers and luxury apartment buildings are created. Not for all former residents of the quarter is good news: many could No more afford the high rents and had to move away. New York without high line is unthinkable for him: the Park has become one of the tourist attractions with the highest recognition in the metropolis. Once the people have been saying: ‘ If you’re going to New York, you have to you the Empire State Building To watch. ‘, Schumer says. Now they say: ‘ If you’re going to New York, you have to walk through the high line. ‘ . Root data can be read clicking the following link.

The infected Ebola, ‘serious’ and serum-free Spanish religious.

Ated Rodr guez, accompanied by several of the leaders of the La Paz Hospital in Madrid, has is winged to not be n m s details of the State m doctor patient at the express wish of the priest, who asked to not report of their State of health. It has been limited to be wing that the patient’s condition is serious and has clarified that not be possible to give the llamadoZMapp, known as miracle serum, it s received the father Miguel Pajares, because serum exhausted est. The Adviser also has justified the decision n keep the hospital outpatient and not disposed of on this occasion n the Hospital Carlos III, as s was made in August to greet Miguel Pajares, because it has been that it is not necessary, as has occurred also in other pa European ses who have had to evacuate their national sick of ball. The providers adviser or has admitted that in the summer took extreme measures which were not strictly necessary, and adem s, being August, hab m s beds available. . Root source could be found clicking the following

Decrypt the cell circuitry.

Under a certain angle, a living cell can be seen as an electronic circuit, transforming an input signal ("input") into output signal ("output") – the difference being that this signal is biochemical in nature. As for the circuit boards, it is the analysis of the input-output relationship that allows to characterize the properties of the circuit; However these, with regard to living cells, remain largely ignored. But there in the Toolbox of microfluidics what help researchers see a bit clearer. This is at least what think Maxime Dahan, a researcher at the Institut Curie, who has embarked on this work of deciphering the cell circuitry. "Microfluidic techniques control in space and in time, the chemical environment of a cell, he said. In this controlled environment, it becomes possible to apply a well-defined biochemical signal and accurately measure the cellular response to this stimulation.  "Such works are proof that microfluidics, beyond its innovative applications, can also be very useful for the more basic research,. Even if a better understanding of how our cells detect and treat information brought by chemical signals would be amount of applications, from medical diagnosis to cosmetology and toxicology. . Similar facts can be read checking info.

The ex-wife takes revenge by investing clients of his bar, three wounded.

Tirano, has threatened to make a killing. A 50 years old, c. g., a native of Puglia and transplanted some time near Bormio (Sondrio), had not accepted the separation and the new relationship of the former. During the night reached the public place, in a central street of Tirano, knowing to find the woman and her new boyfriend. Here, in outrage, he put his hands down to his rival in love. Then he went, not giving himself up. Shortly before the 2 back to the bar and with his car attempted to enter the room through the window, having rammed the car of the new companion of former Consort. But he also mowed a few patrons sitting outdoors: three customers were injured, fortunately, so non-serious and were transported by ambulance to the nearest hospital. Today, completed the investigations, the police of the operating company’s Core Pull him arrested for stalking, multiple aggravated injury, aggravated corruption and driving while intoxicated. . Related facts can be found reading article.

Formula 1 Singapore: Hamilton takes World Cup lead – Rosberg retires.

An electronic problem on the steering wheel has condemned Nico Rosberg in the formula 1 night from Singapore to the inaction in the sovereign victory of the new World Championship leader Lewis Hamilton. The 29-year-old Wiesbaden could only watch after his stop in the 14th round, how his unloved Mercedes team-mate the 14th won season and this year raised him the championship lead for the second time. Hamilton raced two hours before midnight under the fireworks at Marina Bay before Sebastian Vettel in the Red Bull and its stable rivals Daniel Ricciardo finish. For Hamilton, it was the second victory in succession and seventh this year. Fantastic job of guys, I thank you, he gave after the Grand Prix, which comprised only 60 rounds because the two-hour rule, the boxes wirelessly praise on his crew through. Rosberg lost the world championship lead after his second loss this season. The 15th round of the season in two weeks in Japan Hamilton (241 points) ahead of three meters ahead of stable rival. Vettel remains six to the third podium of this year and its best placement 2014 ever ranked. DISASTER!, Mercedes wrote about Rosbergs blind on Twitter. Then the radio returned anyway. We can make you listen to Nico, we can hear you, the commando told relieved. In round 14, it was however over. After a stop in the garage No more came Rosberg with his silver arrow from the spot and meant the task with his arms. Like petrified he looked down later in the box before him, Wolff expressed it encouraging. . Root data may be read checking the following info.

Evolution: Darwinists on pilgrimage.

Most of the participants are humanists – varietal atheists, whose seen scaffolding was built by the pioneers of the theory of evolution: Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace. God has actually lost nothing on this hike. But he shows up but in the discussions of the waiting, which is about evolution, affinities, and species extinction. On such a day it seems to be important to differentiate themselves against imaginary opponents, who perhaps came when walking through nature on the crazy idea to speak of creation. Last year roamed the pilgrimage of Cornwall. The fifth evolutionary hiking trip through London, specifically through the Epping Forest and the Lea Valley on the outskirts of the city. The Organizer Chris hope expressed in introductory words In the morning, that none get lost: we make sure that the human species is not extinct. It will be not the only corny joke about the extinction of that day – although it is difficult to imagine logically to a sudden Artentod in evolutionary reverse. . Original data could be read clicking this

Afghanistan: Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani sign agreement for Government.

-Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani, the two candidates of the presidential ballot, which took place on 14 June in Afghanistan, signed today an agreement for the establishment, once announced the name of the successor of Hamid Karzai, in power since 2001, a national unity Government. A guide will be a ‘ chief executive ‘ that will be designated by the defeated. The signature on the document, the result of several weeks of negotiations, was placed by two in the presence of incumbent President Hamid Karzai, who congratulated the two challengers and stated that it did not have any role in its definition. The agreement, difficult to implement, unlock at least for the moment the announcement that the Independent Electoral Commission (Iec) is about to do in the next few hours after confirmation of 8.1 million votes cast in the runoff. According to rumors yesterday, the electoral contest was won by Ghani, so it will be up to Abdullah to arrange the future Afghan Government, designating someone or nominating himself. The spokesman for Karzai, Aimal Faizi, added that Ghani would swear in the space of a week. Then one of his first steps will be the signing of a bilateral security agreement with the United States, which will leave a small proportion of foreign troops in the country even after 2014. Winner of the first round of the presidential election, former Foreign Minister Abdullah gave battle after the holding of the ballot, arguing that the vote was marred by large-scale fraud. Its strengths in recognising the work of Iec were slowly bent with the help of US Secretary of State John Kerry who has brokered the agreement in principle signed today and by the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan (Unama). . Root data could be read checking the following url.

Albania: first visit to Europe for the Francis Pope.

This trip is surrounded by exceptional security measures, due to the potential risk of attack from the Jihadist movement. Pope Francis arrived in Albania Sunday for his first trip to Europe. The Pontiff’s plane landed at the airport Mother Teresa of the Albanian capital Tirana to 7 pm GMT (9 a.m., French time). During this eleven-hour marathon, François, age 77, must celebrate a mass place Mother Teresa Tirana, greet the leaders of the religions and visit a social centre 20 km from Tirana. It is his first visit to Europe before the end of November the European Parliament visit. It is also his fourth trip outside Italy (after the Brazil, the Holy Land and the South Korea) since his election in March 2013. François will also in Albania pay tribute to a church in full swing after a terrible Marxist dictatorship, preceded by five centuries of Ottoman domination. "This is the only country among the Communist countries that had registered atheism in its Constitution; «1. 820 churches, Orthodox, Catholic, have been destroyed ", he hammered on his return from Korea. In Albania, islam is now majority (56%) and Catholics represent 15% of the population, or more than the Orthodox (11%), a proportion virtually reversed in comparison with the first visit of a Pope – Jean Paul II – in 1993. Tirana residents await him with fervor. One of the main arteries sported flags of the Albania and the Vatican, and giant photos of Christian martyrs of communism. The Pope intends the coexistence between Muslims, Catholics and Orthodox as a model.  «That religion is never reason for conflict», explained to the Vatican channel CTV number two of François, cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin.   Exceptional security measures have been taken in the Albanian capital. The Vatican, which would have strengthened the protection of François in Rome, denied any particular risk of attack in Tirana, while the Italian press and Iraqi voices were alarmist, evoking the potential danger of sympathizers of the EIS in particular from neighbouring Kosovo. The Pope will travel by car discovered as in Rome and during his other travels. . You can read the following hyperlink to learn more regarding this interesting matter.