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It is the team of the Pope, working for their clients at the top of their art when it is, but it is obvious these costumes Gladiators, who specialize in the lives of others, that correct problems the following hand-independently. The series is created. We like to play with our children. But what happens when someone starts to play with them? Someone who do not know us. It is not the case. You can not hear. Mothers in two families of celebrities with values significantly different switch houses (but not bedrooms) - take one journey like no other and the different ways of living their lives of some controversial characters. Two mothers have the opportunity to see how a different celebrity increases, their children and trafficking of life in the spotlight, occasionally even two pairs of why love and decided to meet in the first place. It is a shocking experience that will change their lives forever.In the individual episodes, two mothers with very different types of exchange of children in families and lifestyles, to the challenge of the week. In the first part of the swap, each mother moves to another House and takes his new family lifestyle celebrity, no matter how different they may be. I agree, do a manual written by mother outgoing which provides that the rules for new parents to presupuesto como manage your social life, work, relaxation, retirement and much more. Everything changed in the second half of the week. Take the new mothers. They offer their own set of rules and learn their way to the new budget. It is a clash of radical to the families of two celebrities. The results are explosive, informative, emotional and often very funny. After that the defeat of Zelena - the wicked witch of the oeste-Emma and hooks in his time portal, led them to the forest enchanted in the past have been developed. If they accidentally snow white and the Prince reversed input of the meeting, which led to Emma and hooks to fix the timeline and use them together to find a way, or risk to change your future and possibly destroy the existence of Emma and Henry; It is not an easy task. Emma has been captured by the evil Queen, he met a prisoner to be executed. Emma is looking for a way to escape, you saved my life with prisoners. But the gancio believed, the fate of the woman was to die and fears that things could be changed for its maintenance. After relatives of current success, Emma, hooks and prisoners was captured and locked in a room which included its most unpredictable magic of Rumpelstiltskin. No one can escape, Emma, discovered his magic returned, and she could defeat, hook and the prisoner in the presence of storybrooke. Emma learned that prisoners happy return is more than the wife of Robin Hood, Marian, who was left for dead in the previous scenario. Began the Queen and Robin Hood, immortal in all others fall in love, but with gangaram, it could be your relationship at risk. And do not go unnoticed by anyone, Emma and rear hook non-switched to never give up people of Elsa .no you like.The inhabitants of storybrooke do not know bringing to Elsa. The Elsas Arendelle Kingdom, in the past will discover that he spent with her, her sister Anna and Kristoff, and how and by what prisoner of Rumplestiltskin and well, that Emma was reported Elsa wife of Robin Hood, Marian and perhaps caused the end of the relationship of the Queen with him, being in his old, bad and any ways they will also? Beautiful bride and the Mary and Rumpelstiltskin always deeply love. But the DAB hides a secret from Belle-one, if found, could destroy their chance - it remains the master of the dagger, which he calls the darkness. They can require Emma and hooks, with these two persons damaged taking their love to the next level?Mary Margaret and David have a new baby, Prince Neal and we look forward to proud you, courageous and adult magnets throw. But still I am saddened that they do not help the situation with Emma, escape from the curse, was born first and not make them again, at age 28.Henry is very happy, all both their mothers to the storybrooke. But Emma is the biological mother and paternal grandfather James blood through your veins flows, it will be tested in light and darkness.Finally Will Scarlet (Michael Socha, once in the country of wonders), a former member of the band of merry men of Robin Hood, has travelled, made in many countries on the road to storybrooke. Tissues found in the bustle of the city for the first time that his mysterious past goes towards an unknown future. a measure that continues the season will be revealed new fairy tale characters and old family to be revised. But everyone dares. for a visit to abstracts only once. , a new air of romantic comedy Tuesday this fall is based on this simple principle: the only way to maintain relationships in love, husband, family, friends and colegas - es keep most of our thoughts for us. In the heart of the story are Dana (Analeigh Tipton, crazy, stupid, love) and Peter (Jake McDorman, Greek ABC family, shamelessly) a couple of terrain complicated navigation of a modern relationship. The public heard Dana and Peter internal thought, highlighting the differences between men and women, as this couple goes through highs and lows of dating.Dana grew up in a small village with his New York in his line of sight. Gentle nature is interpreted often magnifies the life in the big city and its also naive, but she is a smart girl who tends to be a step forward to release them. Peter, meanwhile, grew up in New York and feels he has seen and done everything in this city has to offer. While Dana is determined to succeed in New York for business travellers, as well as in terms of love, Peter is totally satisfied through the sister-in-law of rich Manhattan Peter out and Amy (Jade Catta-preta), Danas, an amateur in the sense that it has 1,000 passions different and unique, because each of them dominated. Her husband, David (Nicolas Wright), is the brother of Peter loves his wife and Mind Master Board Game his money. David is more than happy, Amy, the reins of your life to lead, because they finally do a better job that he takes as he had never gone.Chloe (Chloe Wepper) is the half sister of Peter and David third wife of his father. As David Chloe is not afraid to say what he thinks, and contrary to what David has to say, it is really smart and insightful. William (Kurt fuller), the children of the father, is able to understand that it is not nothing wrong. He likes the authority and all his sons to make it work, has in his life of adult or a time if he continues to do what he wanted.Analeigh Tipton plays Jake McDorman as Peter, Nicolas Wright as David, Dana, jade Catta-preta as Amy, Chloe Wepper as Chloe and Kurt Fuller as William in New York, Manhattan love story became. The moment where lives of large surfaces, we know that he wanted to run the Wipeout course even Yes! (Of course, we have also done). See these bounces, breaks and the pleasure certainly punctuated by very wet - and the chance in prize money as well as? We agree! The seventh season of the ABC program. and Grayson Conrad. Conrad is Global CEO of Grayson, wife of the former employer of Conrad David and Victoria (launch of lovers of David). First of all, we believe that these two players are the heads of the coverage, but we realized soon and only the visible part of the iceberg. Friend of Emily. ,,.