Simon, Tsonga, Monfils: three French in the fourth round of the U.S. Open.

With its success to Ferrer, no. 5 world and recent finalist at Cincinnati (6-3, 3-6, 6-1, 6-3), Simon was also open good prospects. He will face Tuesday Croatian Marin Cilic, he has always beaten in four clashes. "I often managed to find solutions facing him. It is true that, with Marin, patterns of game are quite simple. There a big service, should happen to return,"warned the Nice who had more beaten a player in the world top 10 for almost a year. Monfils will return him his former coach Roger Rasheed, who now works with the Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov, his next opponent who tip world ranked eighth. "Roger knows me very well, he coached me long, but here, you never know what happens with me," joked Monfils, who has still not lost a set since his arrival in New York and that did not force his talent to beat Gasquet (6-4, 6-2, 6-2) for the seventh time in eleven duels. During this seventh day contested by a sweltering humid heat, two blasts of Thunder struck the women’s table. For his first participation at the US Open, the Swiss Belinda Bencic has reached at age 17 quarter-finals. Flushing Meadows had more happened since 1997 and the coronation of Martina Hingis, who had won the title at his third participation in 16 years and 342 days. The other surprise is the elimination of Maria Sharapova by Caroline Wozniacki. The duel of the two former No. 1 global turned to the advantage of the Danish who prevailed 6-4, 2-6, 6-2 to reach a quarter-final Grand Slam for the first time since the Open of Australia 2012. "My season has had its ups and downs, but beat a champion such as Maria is clearly an amazing thing," welcomed Wozniacki who had played, and lost, the final of the U.S. Open in 2009. "She played very well and I have not found the solution," admitted Sharapova, beautiful player. Women’s table has two players in the top 10, the Canadian Eugenie Bouchard and the American Serena Williams, who made more than ever figure favorite for his own succession. . You must check the following to read extra regarding this great subject.

Erri De Luca: I No Tav, writer in the courtroom to fight even if eventually I condemn.

Very few talks about it: after so many years in Italy there is again a writer on trial. The offence is of opinion and therefore Erri De Luca must be defended no matter what. And yet, when his blue Audi accompanies me and tells me you’ll see that I condemn, the answer that didn’t make this other favour. Favor? If you want I list the grains where they put me. And criminal risks that I run. And you must also pay the lawyers. There, the grain is they don’t want to pay. I tell him that, from what little I know about proxies, the new head of Turin would not even indicted. I don’t think I can pleasure to Armando Spataro. I don’t know, but it has nothing to do. Sure, he’s the one who gave head to the Americans. No, it’s putting on trial the words of a writer is the medieval law, a boon to the violent antimoderni that, protected by the initials No Tav, have transformed the Susa Valley in an open-air social centre and now passing fires and assaults for crimes of opinion. As if they were all writers with his tongue loose. For the Prosecutor’s Office in Turin is terrorism. You don’t feel a prisoner of the No Tav? But no. They are supportive and that’s it, I don’t ask anything, hold public readings of my books, are as always, manifest for years with them. Insurgents civilians, are certainly not terrorists. Melancholic but smiling, ironic, sad but extremist De Luca knows that the Court of first instance is the temple where all artists dream of being sanctified: in January, in the process, I will behave from the injured party. In short, the Prosecutor’s Office in Turin, arraigning him for incitement to commit a crime, he promoted to Devil spirit, as Marinetti, Guareschi and Pasolini, Moravia and Testori, Bianciardi, Tondelli and Aldo Busi, who appeared in the courtroom dressed in white and then phoned her mother: it went bad. I was acquitted. Why, I ask, should instead condemn you you’ve said some bad castroneria against fast trains? I’m not against trains. I am against that train fast, because that mountain is poisonous. Puncture means free asbestos ,. it. I know that the No Tav will become irate but patience at this point we stop: I know, you’re not here to do a debate on good reasons of No Tav. Science and Hermeneutics of movement remind me of the revolutionary seventies opuscoleria explaining the world in thirty pages and allowed to cite the work value jumping reading Marx, manuals of quick thought that today, via web, bring the revolutionaries in confidence with the geology, economy, ecology, engineering. . . But how he came to make the sabotage praise most prolific writer of Italy? I don’t know how many books I have published. I think more than 60. Novels and short stories are dry, measured, and poetry. It certainly is one of the most read authors and most loved, not just on the left. Fortunately go well. I began to write at the age of six: the story of a fish that rebelled against to Aesop’s Fables. Feltrinelli today fails to look behind. And occasionally public, free, for small publishers. The face is excavated, the biography is that of restless drifter: ran home in 18 years: from Naples to Rome, a bed in a furnished room in via Palestro. Why do you call Err? My grandmother was American. But I write Henry as have always gives: Erri. Like its readers romantics who was Mason, laborer, truck driver and driver in Belgrade bombed. Does not walk but Struts, with the backpack of books. He was head of the service of order of that struggle continues that the leadership team should not dissolve. He has worked in Africa, where I got sick of the Amoeba and malaria, and perhaps that is why I was so skinny. Since the books gave the comfort-never been so well although I very cost-scale the mountains: In honor of my father I learn to do Alpine contend with myself and with my fatigue. The rock walls are like sacred texts that, for years now, studying and translating: another way to get to the top. Live near Bracciano: a mild, by poet life, amidst the trees planting to pay my debt to nature. Alone? My mother was with me for 19 years. It was a Neapolitan mother who, for the sake of her son, she was reclusive. Always writes, but not with the clock. Recounts the beginning of his days: I get up early and I read holy texts. Then, if time permits me, I’m going to swim in the Roman coast. Are not sociable. With friends I enjoy it but, if I can, I prefer to shut up. School? Lousy. I studied a lot and didn’t realize shortly. And I hated the philosophy because my Professor, a great character, he had a voice that does not bear physically. Vera Lombardi was called. She was the sister of Riccardo Lombardi. How many literary excellence, disliked the school but not learning. In fact, harsh language and he came on his own: I translate from Hebrew, from yiddish and from kiswahili, a dialect that is spoken in Tanzania. Challenged by Catholic exegetes, he translated the Bible (Feltrinelli) in point to point to capture the spirit of the spirit of the Hebrew language wrote Beniamino Placido: there were don Quixote like him. Never married: I asked a couple of times but they told me no. And you haven’t asked? If they did not realized. Says not to have ever worn the tie except at Cannes when I have called in the jury of the festival. It is 1950 and still feel the membership of that generation who wanted to change the world and has only improved. For those votes? I’ve never voted. For me it’s like absence without leave to lever. Called the years of lead copper years because there was a metal conductor wire through which propagated every fight, every effort, every pride. And also every attack. We suffered attacks. I do not speak of the bombs in the streets and trains which everyone has suffered, I speak of the ferocious killings, cowards shoot at the nape of the neck, legs and. , There was a war. According to De Luca no terrorist from those years should stand still in prison. Is of those who claim the generational solution: terrorists? I’m going to find them in prison, even if they know little: are clinical cases. I go there as you go to a hospital. I wish they also not see them anymore. You really miss those horrible years? No. I’d like to come back to intellectuals with dirty things in the world. And from that story I still feel loose, romantically. And it means, with Borges, that whatever fate, for long and complicated as it is, is actually a single moment: one in which a man who is forever known here as did wholesale De Luca and where does his execrable error on the val di Susa. There is even the Poveri ma belli of aunt Lorella De Luca, who died recently in Santa Marinella, ancient reasons that lead him to the bizarre idea that sabotage of a pipeline is a just and rebellion that shears are honoured: But you think that if you really wanted to instigate violence I talked about shears? And how many has meanings in Italian the word sabotage?. Many. But the process wouldn’t be right even if the meaning was just what the pm challenged by violating the ancient wisdoms on freedom of thought: nemo patitur cogitationis poenam. Why do you think you condemn? Because they have set up a special tribunal which has charged more than a thousand court proceedings. You will discharge. We bet a dinner at Tram Tram, in San Lorenzo, where the appetizer of fried anchovies is magnificent. Before the trial, De Luca will publish a pamphlet on Word: I’m not going to defend myself but to attack. And in fact rejected the rite abbreviated because it would be behind closed doors. Behold: a book that ends up in court is the book that better honors their birth certificate, as they know the pubblicitariche for a rag of scandal would be willing for anything. Thus the noise and smoke and curse as an attribute of honor and deep well of art are the only admissions that I grant: it’s true. It is as if I had won a literary prize. . Root data may be read clicking this

REPORT – Israel video Amazons.

Since two years living and working Silvia Meir in a bunker in the white sand dunes North of the Gaza Strip. Thick concrete blocks protecting them from the Palestinian grenade attack. Here, in the command center Iftah, she monitored Israel’s border with Gaza together with their companions. Six soldiers sitting in the neon light per shift at their stations. Not even for a second, they let their screens out. You operate hundreds of cameras and radars along the border fence and reconnaissance balloons, which can look deep in the countryside. Silvia Meir and its supporters Israel – eyes are big sisters to exercise a preferably total control and preventing attacks with sophisticated technology. "There is almost no place in Gaza, we don’t see," says Commander Nirit Koren *, 22. Any motion is detected at the border by the radar. Everyone, even any small dog approaching the fence, display monitors as a red dot. And on each suspicious signal, the soldiers set their optical and thermal cameras. The headquarters is a pure woman. The army occupied the narrow bunker similar to like a submarine homosexual. And while she still always above all men to the front, she holds women particularly suitable for the high-tech Sentinel. "Here you can focus simultaneously on several things", explains commandant Koren. "Watch four screens calls with the headquarters and communicate wirelessly with the units on the ground.". Similar data can be inspected visiting

Unlock Italy, lunge by Squinzi: it is not enough to share.

the President of Confindustria, Giorgio Squinzi, speaking at the national day of the Unit. Sacrifices we are a country that is living beyond its means. Applies to all undertakings, workers, retirees, consume resources and we are coming to the end. The 43% of youth unemployment means that the country intended to disaster, he added. In this country, said during a debate with Mr Graziano Delrio-you have to have long-term projects precise, we must all make sacrifices. But major sacrifices. The criticism we have to increase wages and not to decrease, said the President of Confindustria. The problem, he explained, increase the work: you have to recreate the conditions to recreate work. By tapping the button of 80 euros in paycheck, these, he added Squinzi, had no real impact on consumption. We thought and we said from the very first time-stressed-it would be better to invest these 10 billions on a tax wedge cut decided on work that doesn’t mean lower wages as someone wanted to say, as the President of the Council has suggested. Us-reiterated the President of Confindustria-the wages we want to roll them forward, not decrease: the problem of creating the work and work can only come from businesses. As for the amount that you talked about these days, the real amount available, according to our feeling won’t be sufficient to divide the country. concerning the Decree Unlock coming from Italy. You must check this url to discover extra on this great matter.

Merkel phoned to Dragons: the ECB has changed its mind on austerity?.

Dragons would be defended by saying that invited the countries in crisis to a policy of reform. The Bloomberg agency reports citing Der Spiegel. Markel spokesman has denied the request for responses. Austerity in the reconstruction of the German newspaper, that several international agencies have taken over the Chancellor and Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble would have both called the ECB’s number one last week to contest the statements made by Dragons to Jackson Hole, when he said that European policy should use the flexibility available within the rules to push growth and sustain higher costs arising from necessary reforms. The denial Merkel’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert, not confirmed, merely to point out that the hypothesis that the Chancellor would ask for responses to Dragons in no way corresponds to the facts. Seibert added that the Government does not make public confidential conversations of Federal Chancellor. The weekly said that Merkel wanted to know whether the ECB had decided to change course by fiscal austerity in the eurozone. Dragons would instead defended his Jackson Hole speech. . Additional text can be read checking hyperlink.

I said no to a job to go around the world.

This world tour, it was a bit of time I thought. During my studies, I have been six months in the Canada and six months in Australia, the opportunity to experience life abroad. And since my return, the idea of exiting kept running in the head, but I was a little blocked because of this diploma (that I have not yet, and it took me to get) and some emotional ties I had at that time there. As this employment potential was eventually the only fastener that I had, that I had no apartment, romantic relationship more,. I thought it was time to leave. When student, there is a dilemma: from as early as the end of his studies because there is no fasteners (but not as either), or wait a bit and take the risk to meet someone, to settle,. but to have a little more money. I chose the first option. Often ignored but some travel agencies offer tickets around the world. The first thing I did, therefore contact them in order to make estimates. I had a little money aside, what helped me,. but it was not enough. So once on the spot, in New Zealand for example, I worked for three months as a receptionist event, history to ensure the stability of my budget. I work in the wine, and as a young graduate, I was afraid to cut my professional world. Bordeaux, where I lived before, is a small world in which relations are expensive. So, I wanted to be able to justify this trip, to be able to sell it, make him a professional gain. I have chosen almost as wine-producing countries: all except European countries and South Africa. Then, this ambition clashed with the reality of the trip and the culture of wine,. which – regardless of the country – is very different from the one we have in France. I wanted to taste wines, discovering vineyards, grapes; It is in fact another report to wine that has astonished me: Although the France is a reference for many winemakers who have received me, how to consume and understand the wine product is very different from what we know, less cultural and more commercial. Nevertheless, and in addition to the human experience and incredible memories that I warned, I think I pulled a real professional added value of this trip. I dreaded cut me from the world of wine in France, business colleagues had yet reassured me in explaining to me that it would be proof of my open mind. They were right, I had some professional interviews since I’m back,. and people are curious to know what I did. I think for them, this trip is indeed evidence of open and sociable, my resourcefulness,. And then languages, I am always asked if I speak English and Spanish, which is the case. For the moment, nobody do criticised me the fact to be part in any case. Of course, I met a lot of people in hostels over the journey. And sometimes, I needed to move my departure to be able to enjoy a little more of these people, who were like my travel guides. The hardest was therefore was to make the transition between sites, the transition between these people that I see for the most ever. Then, the New Zealand, where, for a love story, I came back to settle several months. Auckland is therefore the only place where I actually built something lasting. I had a life, a job, habits. I have shared my dorm and escapades with people who have become real friends. The New Zealand is a country of travellers, backpackers attracted by the diversity of these landscapes all more magic with each other, and it fail me. I’d end up with the most exotic: Fiji. It is an archipelago of more than 300 islands, quite poor, relatively unspoiled by mass tourism. A very difficult country to discover, that has very little infrastructure but reserving many surprises. One evening, is is found stuck in the middle of a tropical storm, on a motorized boat, at a time of the Earth. . You can visit this to learn more on this interesting subject.

Celebrity Big Brother final: Defeating the tits.

What was particularly for the grand finale, where the five last occupant in dramatic super slow motion expected the judgment of viewers, while the luxurious time in dreistester plot spread filled with redundant reviews. The most explosive moments. The funniest moments. The silliest moments. The most erotic moments. How the Schlagerfuzzi Michael Wendler once offended the building rules with his tight white underwear, and the Schill took a heart: I now tell you a secret. It is Not at all the color, but the shape – ey, which has made Armani. And Schill is looking forward Very much about it, that his best line was Once again broadcast, that he Once again live to repeat it: you’re a bitch from the Zodiac or you’re under monument protection. Everyone wanted to be a good team, as though it were operating a space station – and not to the craft of the Herumlungerns around and common Gelabers in the horizontal. Süffisanz about the candidates that have made us so A lot of joy in the past few weeks, remained reserved the presenter Jochen Schropp, because even rather listless brought them to the application. Wendler said Psychoanalystik, hihi. Well. At the jungle camp, the consensual Häme belongs to the concept, here it was crossed a treacherous added value only every now and then. Not even the calculated perfidy, to simulate something like social mobility, liked really light. There was simply no matter whether people above enjoyed or the mindless vegetate in the dirty Dungeon below suffered the numbingly crude device in the Villa. In the team, hey, you can have fun anywhere. . Additional facts can be read clicking blog.

35 hours: 62% of the French favour a relaxation.

Expressing favourable (before his appointment at Bercy) is to allow "the companies and branches to derogate" with 35 hours in the case of agreements with the unions, the new economy Minister, Emmanuel Macron, launched a real keypad in the mare and caused a pretty polemic but Arnaud Montebourg’s successor is followed by the French, according to our survey * Odoxa for the CQFD issue (i > tele – "le Parisien" – "today in France"). According to this study, 62% of the French themselves favourable to this idea launched by Emmanuel Macron, but rejected by the Government who said Thursday that he was not "question" to question the 35 hours. Not surprisingly, supporters of right are 77% to be ‘friendly’ that businesses and industries can derogate from 35 hours in the event of agreement with trade union organizations. More amazing left supporters are divided on the issue: 49% are in favour, 49% are not. And when we question only PS supporters, they are 53% to join the declaration of Emmanuel Macron. Another source of satisfaction for the new Minister of the economy, known as banker ‘Mozart of finance’, 57% of the French believe "there the right profile to cope with the economic difficulties of the France". Better, the former Economic Adviser to the president François Holland has left supporters favors, as supporters of right. The first are 59% think he has the "right profile", the latter 57%. On the other hand, his side fall when do asked that supporters of parties more to the left than the PS (LO, NPA, left party, PCF): they are instead 59% to judge that it is not the case. . Root data can be studied checking the following

PS in La Rochelle: Cambadelis plays the Chief equilibrist.

It’s his first University of summer as head of the family. And to say the least, is that it has been spoiled. The first Secretary of the PS, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, opened the ball this Friday afternoon in an electric atmosphere. In the bays of space auction, which hosts the festivities, activists Squeak against what they call the renunciation of the Government to the ideals of left. They elect, that it no longer meet Meanwhile Friday evening, to Polish their weapons on the eve of the launch of their movement: long live the left! And the coming of the dissident former Ministers, Arnaud Montebourg and Benoît Hamon, stirred the spirits. Not what disassemble the first firefighter of the party, which has placed the work of La Rochelle under the sign of the celebration of ideas and Socialist friendship, nothing less. Tirelessly since Thursday, on all channels and all the tones, he repeats the same message: the Socialists do not tear, they debate. Philosopher, the elected representative of Paris knows that disagreements are in the DNA of the party: since almost 20 years I come to La Rochelle, I’ve never seen a meeting starting in unanimity. We are told that the debate it’s necessarily the cacophony, disorder and a show that may disappoint, launched in its wake Senator David Assouline to the rostrum. We wanted them free! The return of synthesis, but what do you want on debate, gromelle activist. François Hollande and Manuel Valls this week have been pretty clear: there is only a line as possible. These lost sheep, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis replied: we can modernize the country without denying us. Without contradicting himself, on the other hand, it is less secure,. At the same time of his opening speech, Manuel Valls indeed took the floor to announce the dismantling of the Housing Act, passed in February under the leadership of Cécile Duflot. A new snake to swallow for the disappointed. But still not what destabilize the PS boss who, when asked if it is left, replied quietly: absolutely. And tries to soothe the Slingers who cry: respectfully join the discussion, you not enclose in dogmas. Differences, there are two ways to treat: overcome them or make them live to do not survive. If the University ends Sunday without too much damage to the Socialist Party, or too many whistles for the Prime Minister who will come to the conclusion, first Secretary may boast to have placed his first not in those of an illustrious predecessor. Explaining that the PS will be synthesis at the end of the year, it indeed recalled the time of François Holland, whose art in this area had become legendary. But this delicate balancing exercise is only the beginning of a marathon: Jean-Christophe Cambadélis launched Friday the States-General of socialism, a broad process of consultation of activists that will last until December 6. And above all, next year should be that of a new Congress. Objective of the process according to him? Redefine us, reinvent ourselves. What is to be Socialist and why become Socialist? The spokesman of the Government, Stéphane Le Foll, assist him in La Rochelle, has already given a response element: PS there is not a single rose, there are a bunch. And many thorns. . You can check the following fact to discover more regarding this great topic.

Economic crisis in the eurozone: inflation falls to only 0.3 per cent.

Inflation was low last only during the financial crisis in the fall of 2009. Prices rise during major crises generally slow or even fall because many people are unemployed and afford little else. The dealers keep the prices as low as possible to sell anything at all. Employees can enforce hardly higher wages in times of crisis, so they have also No more money available to buy products, whose Preise rise. Falling inflation could now an indication be, that the economy in the euro zone USA after the banking and debt crisis now already for the third time within a few years (more on that here,.). Unemployment remains high in many countries, the rate remained in July in the eurozone to 11.5 percent (PDF). The European Central Bank would like to, that the inflation rate on average is just under two percent. The euro zone is now far away. ECB President Mario Draghi has stressed hole that’s why in a speech on the central bankers Conference in Jackson that could access the ECB to unusual measures. The Federal Reserve has the power to bring more money into the economy. That could have put on the prices. Traditional monetary policy is mainly on the interest rate. However, the ECB has the 0.15 percent lower and therefore virtually no game room. It would be possible that the ECB further money to come to the financial markets can be, which is then To find its way into the economy. . For extra data about this topic click