Tip the Justice Minister: Maas Snowden recommends returning to the United States.

Bundesjustizminister Heiko Maas (SPD) advises the former NSA employee Edward Snowden to return to the United States. He is only the beginning of 30 and will sure not the rest of his life all over the world are being hunted or from an asylum to the next hike, said Maas in Berlin. As you hear the lawyers from Lord Snowden in negotiations with American authorities are probably whether he might return in the United States there to confront a process, the Minister said. If both sides could be agreed, hence Snowden would be most beneficial. Because otherwise he will be always on the run before the U.S. law enforcement, said Maas. Snowden had brought sensitive documents about the monitoring practice of the national security agency and other intelligence agencies to the public good a year ago in great style. The United States looking for him by warrant and have submitted an arrest request to the Federal Government – for the case that Snowden should come to Germany. Since early August 2013, the now 31-year-old US citizen has limited asylum in Russia – a year. That is, formally, the residence permit expires end of July. The Russians about a possible extension is still out. The opposition attempted for months for a statement before the NSA Investigation Committee to Germany to pick up Snowden. Left and the Greens want to move it if necessary before the Federal Constitutional Court. The Federal Government has so far always rejected a questioning of American in Germany and arguing a supposedly imminent damage for the German-American relationship. The option that Snowden could come to Germany, Maas not expressed restrained, but also with a final no. I don’t see that at the moment rather the Department Chief said. At the end it was doing on the NSA Committee. We are not completely free in this decision, he stressed. If Mr. Snowden were employees of a German intelligence, he would have done himself may be punishable under German law. The Federal Government has not decided about the arrest following a request from Washington. We are very cautious and critical and want to know from the United States very closely, as the circumstances were when Snowden would be a trial in the United States, Maas said. To do this, we have sent some questions to the Government, but still no answers. In this respect, there are no reason to decide an uncertain data based on a request from the United States for us at the moment. According to the SPD politician Snowden Germany has produced with his revelations. Overall, we have benefited because we have experienced things that we did not previously know. It is a merit of Mr Snowden that he since has opened the eyes us, Maas said. And he has given us a basis, we can decide whether we want that all evolving total surveillance along the lines of. Snowden have triggered a major public debate and sharpened the awareness of all citizens for the issue of data security. Maas admitted that evaluating the Snowdens fact is difficult. In Germany, we have no moral criminal law, he stressed. In the future there will be cases, where it rating differences anything criminally relevant – between and but what some find may nevertheless still morally acceptable. As in the case of Edward Snowden. . You can check the following link to discover extra regarding this amazing subject.

Air Algérie plane crash: pilots of the unhappiness machine wanted to repent.

Paris Рthe crew of the machine of the airline Air Alg̩rie crashed in Mali wanted to repent according to the French Government before the accident. The crew had asked to change the route, then to reverse before the contact broke off, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Monday in Paris. Previously, it was only known that the crew wanted to change the flight route. The weather was very bad that night, said the Minister, but stressed, all possible causes of the accident would be taken into consideration. UN experts had located the two black boxes on Friday and Saturday. Together with the voice recorders of the unhappiness machine they had arrived on Monday to study in France. Transport Secretary Fr̩d̩ric Cuvillier warned the final evaluation of the black boxes could take several weeks. According to information from investigators circles, a black box from the outside is severely damaged. As the most likely cause of the accident, bad weather was called several times by the French Government. . Inspirational facts may be studied checking this http://id.ejaculationbycommandreviews.biz.

“the humanitarian crisis worsens in Gaza.

Despite a tacit truce observed on the occasion of Eid al Fitr, the fighting took place Monday in Gaza between Israeli army and Hamas. End of the day, there was mention of at least 7 Palestinian children killed in a refugee camp in Gaza and during an explosion inside the largest hospital in the Palestinian territory. Hamas accuses Israeli who argues that it is the result of at least a shot missed rockets. At the same time, a mortar shell fired from Gaza to southern Israel killed at least four Israelis. GUILLAUME GUNA – It is getting worse day by day. Almost all of the population of Gaza is affected. There are slightly more than 215. 000 displaced in schools and public buildings turned into evacuation centers. This figure does not take into account all internally displaced persons who rely on their family or friendly networks. In three weeks, the conflict has claimed more than 1040 dead and soon 6000 wounded in the Gaza Strip. Households have barely four hours of electricity per day. This poses serious problems for access to water, which is done by electric pump. Since the ground operation, the number of dead and injured has increased significantly, according to figures published by the Ministry of health of Ramallah. Health facilities were already in big trouble before the conflict. But now they are totally overwhelmed. Since the beginning of the bombing of Gaza, twenty medical centers have been destroyed. During two previous cease-fires, our eleven employees on-site visited in hospitals to assess the extent of the needs. They saw injured people treated in the corridors, almost on the ground. Medical specialists fail to intervene on the more serious injuries. Drugs and first-necessity goods are lacking, particularly because of the blockade. It is urgent to get a sustainable ceasefire to access to the wounded and respond to their most urgent needs. But a simple return to the status quo will not solve the humanitarian crisis. We hope that both parties will arrive at an agreement allowing the lifting of the blockade on Gaza. During the last ceasefire, we made a first donation a hundred aid instruments to the market (wheelchairs, canes, and crutches) to al-Shifa hospital. It is impossible to reach from the outside, but we were able to collect on-site another cargo. We are also in contact with local organizations. When the conditions are met, we will send also the occupational therapists, physiotherapists and psychologists to treat the injured on the spot. . Additional info can be inspected clicking weblink.

Jerusalem: demonstration of support in Gaza on the esplanade of the mosques.

According to the police, which is held away from the rally, it was composed of 45 000 faithful who traveled to the al-Aqsa Mosque on this day of Eid el-Fitr, one of the most important of the year for Muslims. The crowd dispersed without incident. The esplanade of the mosques, which Muslims call the Noble Sanctuary and Jews the Temple Mount, is a sacred place for islam as for Judaism and a source of almost daily tensions between the two communities. The war unleashed on July 8 between Israel, on the one hand, Hamas and its ally of Islamic Jihad, on the other, has resulted in violent clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces, occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem. According to the office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations (OCHA), 11 Palestinians have been killed and about 600 others injured in the violence. Demonstrations also degenerated into violent clashes in the cities of the North of Israel, where a portion of the 1.4 million Israeli Arabs, who represent 20% of the population. They are the descendants of the 160,000 Palestinians remained on their land after the creation of Israel in 1948. . Original data may be found checking the following info.

Misleading advertising: cable Germany must not hide the throttle.

Extreme speed when surfing and downloading on the net – what the cable operator cable Germany promises its customers, sounds good. Too good, the Federal Association of consumer centres found he got I right before the Munich District Court. The advertising of the company lead into astray, the judge ruled (case No. 37 O 1267/14). Because cable Germany rates aren’t so simple and comprehensive as it looks at first glance. So the company reserves, a slow connections to file sharing applications on all unrasante 100 kilobits per second, if the customer exceeds a data allowance of ten gigabytes per day when downloading data. Full speed there is then again until the next day. The footnote with this information, however, is attached to the wrong place in the network, as well as in advertising, also it is a very long and difficult to understand, the judge faulted. The relevant throttle occupies only a small part of the footnote and between content regulation contents of third parties ‘ hidden ‘, it says in the written judgment. Still, the decision is not final, on Monday, sichdie found corresponding passages on the Web page. . Extended text can be inspected reading http://id.ejaculationbycommandreviews.biz.

Munich/bad Tölz: Defendant confess savings bank robbery.

Two young men to answer since this Monday due to an attempted robbery on the branch of the Sparkasse in Țlzer market Street at the District Court of Munich II. In fact on the 24 October 2013 the 20-year old Igor V. threatened with a knife, while his younger Spezl Patrick two years S. should play a hostage. The assault failed miserably. Before the Youth Criminal Court the two defendants took confessions Рand put the main blame each other. The first day of the process started in the Munich Criminal Justice Center with a surprise for the visitors in the audience. Igor V. appeared half masked with a cloth over his head and a CAP in the boardroom. The reason: at the age of seven he was in his Russian hometown Furmanov by an attack dog has been attacked and severely disfigured by the bites. He had to endure several operations in Russia and Germany about themselves. The Court, chaired by Thomas Bott approved to therefore him, partly to hide his face during the hearing. . You can visit the following fact to discover more regarding this amazing matter.

Water Ambassador Ernst Bromeis: nothing like Rhine.

Since July 7, he is on the road again. Whether it works out this time? The uncertainties that lurk between the Lago di Dentro in the Ticino and Rotterdam, are great. But today promises to be good and warm. He looking forward to the upcoming stage. His team expected him at the pier. Pablo, a bearded sailor stands at the wheel of a motor boat, which bought specially bromine ice for the trip. On the water, the "blue connects" will always remain on the side of the float. A camera team loads of equipment and preparing for a long day. Supervisor Martin Hänggi, who will ride overland to the next venue, provides the athlete with the final details to the current route. So why does someone up, to swim across the current? Why should someone on the way out of the Alps risk pneumonia in the Bodensee at water temperatures just above zero degrees? Why should someone swim in a river for several weeks, that his environment is based on industrial, is known less for its water quality? Is it only the ego trip of a madman who wants to prove you can do anything if you just want it?. Root data may be read checking this weblink.

Dispute about cycling: poor driver, you will be discriminated against.

As I come on this topic? In our local press, there is an outcry over newly planned routes around the Alster Lake in Hamburg, where you like to sail, walks and rides. Like, you don’t know what I mean? Then probably one of these cyclists supermen are. One that sleekly past cheats himself at the traffic chaos, while their fellow citizens with vehicle background patient breathing the smog even fabricated and wait until dissolves the jam before them. One that brisk cycle over a motorway bridge, while below you in the endless sheet avalanche standstill prevails, because a truck has raised the height control in the Elbe tunnel. Have you ever thought about a driver in our cities must feel as bad? And while he can not even rely on a fellow sufferers, because motorists sit Yes mostly alone in their vehicles. Loneliness at the wheel is a taboo in our society that must finally be addressed. Have you ever wondered why these creatures bound to the car never use public transport? Let me tell you: be afraid just to sit in a vehicle with as many other people. . Inspirational data could be studied checking the following fact.

United States: Evidence of Russian attacks on Ukrainians.

Meanwhile, there is disabled access to the crash site of the Malaysian airliner. On Monday, the Netherlands and Australia want to try again to achieve access to the crash site of flight MH17 in the Eastern Ukraine for international workers. To negotiate with the Ukrainian Government in Kiev, Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans and his Australian colleague, Julie Bishop. However, new fighting in the region have prevented on Sunday, that observers in the place get. A decline in the battles is not to be expected, especially since the Ukrainian army on the rise against the pro-Russian separatists seems to be. For the time being, the idea of an armed protection force for workers at the crash site does not implement the Hague. The Ukrainian attacks seem like a major offensive the separatist area into two halves to share and to encircle the city of Donetsk. 13 people were killed in shelling on the town of Gorlovka, as reported by the administration of Donetsk. In the towns of Sneschnoje, Debalzewo, Schachtarsk and gate was fought according to different also. Grenade impacts were reported from door. People seek refuge in cellars, wrote the photojournalist Pierre Crom on Twitter. As the separatists, tanks were the Ukrainian army. The Ukraine crisis, the European Union wants to bring into force economic sanctions against Russia on Tuesday for the first time. EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy asked the 28 heads of State and Government for rapid personal consent to the new sanctions. This is according to EU diplomats from a letter which Van Rompuy sent to the heads of Government. Thus, a further Special Summit should be avoided. The EU wants to force Russia with sanctions to abandon support for the insurgents in the Eastern Ukraine. . Main facts could be studied checking this page.

Crash of flight MH17: separatists accept international police.

An agreement with the pro-Russian separatists a Dutch expert team on the way has been the Ukraine to the crash site of the Malaysian passenger plane MH17 in the embattled East. The 30 forensic pathologist would arrive around noon at Grabowe, the Ministry of Justice in the Hague announced on Sunday. While the first family visited the crash site, the first of the 298 victims was identified in the Netherlands. According to the Dutch Ministry of Justice, the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) reached a settlement with the separatists over the access to the crash site. The Boeing 777 of Malaysia had crashed on July 17 on its way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur with 298 people aboard airlines. The Government in Kiev and the Western States accuse the separatists to have shot it down with a ground-to air missile. Malaysia announced on Sunday, the separatists had agreed to allow foreign police to protect of the investigators on the scene. The investigation by the Netherlands, were 193 of victims of 298 Dutch. Australia wants to participate also. Prime Minister Tony Abbott stressed that it was a humanitarian mission. Their only goal is to hide it our dead and to bring home. 28 victims came from Australia. The separatists said on Sunday, a train carrying the luggage from the plane had been handed over to Dutch representatives. 227 bodies were transferred already week to identify in the Netherlands, where the first victim was identified at the weekend. But more corpses and body parts are on the scene. Although a ceasefire is at the crash site, but in the only 60 km from Donetsk will continue fiercely fought. For the first time since the crash were members of one of the victims at the site of the accident. Jerzy Dyczynski and Angela Ruthard of Mainz Dyczynski from Australia laid flowers there on Saturday. Her 25 year old daughter, Fatima, who was studying aeronautical engineering in the Netherlands, came at the alleged firing of Boeing by pro-Russian separatists killed. The mother said she was full of life, about their only child. . Additional info can be inspected checking weblink.