TV column: 5 against Jack – why Pocher in Jauch breasts suddenly grow.

There are currently enough terrible in the world. Mandy has get just their white wing from the Real Madrid Villa in London. FC Bayern Munich could not defeat possibly Gladbach on Sunday in the now standard amount of 7:1. With Sylvie MEIs he will have gone through still their and his divorce papers behind the stage. Calls it "fantastic", which sounds like "vantfastisch". Even the TV man well in "Vaart" comes. Peewees, that have to do neither with Kiwis with Butlers, he is dancing a piece of the cheerleader in the short skirt. In the meantime it is also topless: Pocher now with breasts, thanks to 3D-Tattoos. The phone Joker Heiner playing Skat in this evening. That’s why he’s not answering only times on the phone. "Even a better excuse than Skat belongs", juxt Jauch. James Cook or Thomas Cook? How was even not a chef? "Hello, Mr man by Sabine", welcomes Jauch the Heiner. In the 18th century was Mr Cook skateboard riding? "I don’t know, I haven’t been doing." Oh, man. "No one knows as much as Heiner" moans Jauch. Or too much of the Finnish Swills drunk? "5000 Euro for Heiner!", Jack showlallt. And proves that he is not at his Sunday talk. Funny he can is clearly better. . Extended info can be inspected clicking url.

Elections in the Ukraine: A country on the threshold.

The past winter in Kiev as a summer felt: hot and bright, all music and campfire, the streets were even at night full and loud. Now, as war in the East and is largely normal life, is cold pulling up even before the onset of winter in the heads as a latent threat, real how emotionally. Discussions like this appear anywhere prior to the parliamentary election this Sunday in the Ukraine. Actually, this election had to be in a fundamental renewal process that already during the Orange Revolution a decade ago was started the first time, silted up, and after the rejection of the association agreement with the EU by Viktor Janukowitsch, revived a second time a turning point; harder this time, bloody well. What then followed, probably had neither the clique to the ex-President nor the secret services in Moscow or Washington as expected: a months-long battle for truth and justice, fought by a well trained and hungry, but underestimated and marginalized from middle class. Politicians who dallied with a West opening, but under the old regime could assert them, use only the moment. . You must click the following web site to discover extra regarding this great matter.

Sin only for the result.  The performance was convincing, against a team undefeated and had suffered less from all networks. is not worried about the last home draw with Sampdoria. Indeed, from the tender of Sant’Elia moves behind positive sensations and look with confidence to the advance of Saturday (to 15) at Empoli, a freshman to be reckoned with. Last year they played well and now I’m still improved coach explained in the press conference on the eve-they have a plus two tips that act in speed over the last thirty metres. The recipe for success, according to Balogun, passes through simplicity. Against Sampdoria we found 60 times in the last thirty metres, our opponents 20-stressed-the result however Zeman was just a draw. and to play in easiest way. As regards training, the coach still has some questions to be resolved in the next few hours. Sure the indent, while at his side, still unavailable Cathy, will play one of Capuano and blessed. In midfield, with Scores still out, it will be the turn of, along with Dessena and Ekdal. On offense, finally, should return the Trident Ibarbo-Sau-Cossu. . You must check this to learn extra on this great topic.

Kevin Costner at the Rome Film Festival, “racism is still a problem in the Usa”.

"Racism is still a big problem in the Usa. We are paying the price of having a nation built on the blood of the slaves imported from Africa ". Kevin Costner, almost 60 years brought great, is the latest Hollywood star to make landfall at 9° Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma, which accompanies the film Black and white Sharksby starring and producer. A film entitled the emblematic, where the former hero of dances with wolves plays a lawyer struggling with the sudden death of his wife. Compounding the grief is the presence of the 7-year-old niece of mother’s orphan (her daughter) died in childbirth and his father was African American, and drug addict. The disappearance of his wife, who was also her niece to mother, it does fall into a critical and vortex in alcoholism: it is difficult to become grandfather-father without experience and manage family interference "nera", captained by Grandma Wee Wee (Octavia Spencer) struggling for custody of the child. "No Hollywood studio wanted to produce the film, so I arranged, because I am convinced that this film not only was made to return to talking about racism, but having a good commercial potential. Why not just the blockbusters are intended for cash: from my experience as an actor, movies that have done better at the box office have been lower-budget ones. You think dances with wolves has cost the 16 million dollars and has collected 500! " With Oscar pocketed 7 from his most famous film and prizes on a career that has for years considered a sex symbol, Costner is now free to do what she wants: "being famous is not a normal condition of life, indeed. I do not hide that I draw and enjoy the benefits, I am a lucky person: none of my family was in show biz, on the contrary, my father was very poor and when I told him I wanted to be an actor she rabbrividito, she didn’t know how to help me. Today I can do big and small films, several of them, dealing with music and work ‘ at home ‘, to make the best out of 7 children’s father. In Rome has accompanied me Lily that has 28 years ago the singer, while in Los Angeles with others waiting for me the smallest, an adorable 4 plague ". In such prime condition, "Costner can afford self definitions that surprise for genuine frankness:" the injury on skin color can be assimilated to the beauty of a person: often for an attractive woman you think is stupid. . I myself was considered an attractive man and thus unintelligent. Of course, they are unintelligent, but not because of my physical appearance. We rely too much on immediate impressions, all while avoiding the next step, which is that of actual, in-depth approach of who’s around. Maybe you will be pleased to know that in my life I am always busy, fregandomene of physical beauty, and still I try every day to become a better person ". Black and White, good workmanship and feelings, will be released theatrically distributed by Good Films. A closing day of the Festival, today passed the third competition in Italian Cinema today section: Biagio of Sicilian Pasquale Scimeca, inspired by the true story of Biagio Conte, better known as between Biagio. The subject of the film comes from her actor-fetish and always friend, Marcello Mazzarella, who gives the figure of the "Holy" of recent intense and personal portrait "is a film about Blaise, but also to better understand the crisis we live in, that is ideal and economic but also cultural", explains the Director, deeply inspired by the figure of this special manAfter years spent in solitude in the Woods "without touching money," feeding on berries and in the company of a dog, found in Assisi the sense of vocation that then decided to apply the Mission of hope and charity, he founded at the station of Palermo. According to Scimeca, "Biagio affects all, is the paradigm of our times: fled from civilization of consumerism, empty and meaningless, to take refuge in nature and begin a dialogue with God. Civilization back to free man from humble Franciscan friar, as he likes to call himself, and in this sense is a revolutionary, one of the few true, not in words ". Biagio is not only a film about poverty but really "poor" because it cost 600 thousand euros; will be released by production company together with Acec Arbash: "distributive path will start in late November, and for the previous Rosso Malpelo lasted a year and a half," notes the Director. . You should check the following to learn more on this amazing subject.

Ebola: tests on vaccines in Africa if possible in December.

Tests on vaccines against Ebola disease will be carried out if possible next December in West Africa, said Friday in Geneva Dr Marie-Paule Kieny, Deputy Director-General of the who (World Health Organization). During a virtual press conference, Dr Kieny added that hundreds of thousands of doses of vaccine are planned for West Africa by the end of the first half of 2015. Tests are currently underway in the United States, Great Britain and in Mali, added the French scientist, and others should start soon particularly in Switzerland and Germany. In a response published Friday in Geneva, the organization Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) requested that health personnel are concerned in priority by vaccines and treatments against Ebola. Plans for vaccines and treatments to health personnel exposed must be rapidly implemented, need significant investments to accelerate this process, MSF said in a statement. According to Dr. Bertrand Draguez, medical director of MSF, it is now urgent action so that what has been promised to be issued in West Africa as soon as possible. West Africa is the region of the world most affected by Ebola, including 3 countries, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, which concentrated almost the majority of some 10. 000 cases directories and about 4. 800 dead. In addition, Dr Kieny said that searches were underway for 5 other vaccines, and may yield results in the first months of 2015. Dr Kieny gave the press conference at the end of a high-level who meeting in Geneva Thursday devoted to the issue of vaccines against Ebola. In a statement published on the internet site of the who, Dr Kieny indicates that it is voluntary to test a vaccine against Ebola, in solidarity with the many health personnel, affected by the infection and who have lost their lives. . For additional facts on this topic click weblink.

Investments: learn the spending of Bottrop.

And what has to do with german French policy? The French request by Germany: the country should invest in the future 50 billion more. And Gabriel takes up like that. Because he believes in the simple equation: if finally flows more State and private money in the right projects, the economy is growing again. In the next step, Germany will emerge more competitive, new products and jobs – and in the end more prosperity. And credibility with the citizens. Since the first economic researchers in Germany warn of recession, rattle the stock market down, and fears for the euro is returned, the political discussion in Berlin has changed. Gone are the days where is the Grand Coalition argued about, who she could still present after mothers and pensioners. At once it comes, what the Government needs to do for the country with other dynamic regions can keep still. Quickly, the talks end up on the question of which infrastructure needs for Germany. When the potholes, which promptly eliminated include the broken bridges and the question of how the State should put everything in order. That’s right. Actually, would have to pay the Federal Government currently almost nothing to investors, she wanted their capital. So why not debt take up, to cement asphalt cracks? Or energy networks to expand? Or education gaps to close? But new debt? Since wave from all members of the Government. Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) wants to be sure crowned his career with the black zero and submit a balanced budget for more than four decades as the first Finance Minister. Even without new investment program that will be difficult, with almost impossible. Economy Minister Gabriel in turn fears hardly anything more than the call to enter as the next social history, which can not handle the money of his voters. And German Chancellor Angela Merkel knows that little in Germany is so unpopular as making debt. . For extra information about this matter visit resource.

Budget of the France: PS members want the publication of the letter from Brussels.

Five deputies PS members of collective Coherence Socialist, including the General Rapporteur of the Budget Valérie Rabault, asked Friday in François Holland that the letter sent by the European Commission on the budget of the France for 2015 be immediately published. Brussels sent to France, as in some other European countries, of the mail on its budget including a series of remarks and questions. Observing that the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi chose to make public the details sent to l?Italy, these elected officials have asked the president that the letter received would immediately be published so that the French can know the points of discussion between their country and the European Commission. The France budget falls under its full sovereignty and no measures to reduce our structural deficit (adjusted for the impact of the economic situation) and which would have as a consequence d? prevent the necessary fight against deflation, cannot be imposed on us, found in a release Karine Berger, Yann Galut, Valérie Rabault, Alexis Bachelay and Colette Capdevielle. National Secretary of the PS to the economy, Karine Berger told AFP that he was particularly out of the question to take measures of additional savings beyond scheduled for 2015 already considerable EUR 21 billion. The french Parliament, guarantor of this budgetary sovereignty, must be involved in the discussion that ties between our countries and the European Commission, as the pane on the revenues of the draft finance law has already voted at first reading in the National Assembly, argued these parliamentarians. And in a context of political crisis, while our citizens are d? a Euroscepticism growing and denounce the darkness of European procedures, this publication would be a strong gesture demonstrating that the France intends to play the map of democratic transparency, according to them. The head of State confirmed Friday that the France had received from the Commission a letter requesting clarification on its draft budget, contested mainly because a deficit target of much higher than the initial commitments of Paris on a return to the famous 3% of GDP. A very trivial letter, in accordance with the procedure and has no significance beyond asking a number of information and clarification, said M. Holland during a press conference at the Brussels Summit, promising a response by the end of the week. Earlier Friday, the vice-president of the National Front, Florian Philippot, also requested that the letter sent by the European Commission in Paris be published immediately. Questioned this position taken by the FN, Mrs Berger has found such a contradictory claim on the part of an anti-European party and stressed that the debate on sovereignty belong neither close nor far to an anti-Republican party. . For extra on this topic click url.

Sunday RunRivieraRun half marathon, now in its third edition.

The path, Fidal certified, remains unchanged, off from Finale Ligure in Loano, departing from the Malpasso hotels in Varigotti, passing through Finalpia, Finalborgo, Finalmarina., Borgio Verezzi, Pietra Ligure to arrive, after the town of Loano, at Marina di Loano. 21.097 kilometers devoted to agonists and not with maximum time of 2 hours and a half. Along with many foreign athletes will attend the champions of 2014 Marathon Danilo Goffi and Claudia jasmine. . an offer involving a dedicated sports tourism, sports enthusiasts and outdoor activities. to enhance the partnership that exists, since the first edition of the RunRivieraRun and the Noberasco, a leader in the field of nuts, ally of the athletes. In 2014 the Noberasco Besides providing single-dose products for race packs and kits for the main Awards category, provided the technical links that will be part of the race Pack for athletes and will be put up for sale for sports fans on the site www. shop. noberasco. en: Vertical Verezzi to Borgio Verezzi, UP & Down to Pietra Ligure, Village By Night Running in Finalborgo and Navy Classic in Loano. In addition to four tune-up, have been organized successfully the Cock-a-doodle-doo Run in Finalborgo, Bordighera and Pietra Ligure, running workouts at cockcrow, always in preparation for RunRivieraRun. The runners who participated in these preparatory meetings were altogether 1370 people, in addition to 1000 coming for October 26 and many carers. with FOOD-themed animation & RUN-food and travel, and Sunday in Loanhead at the Marina, where you will set up the arrival of the race with a chance for the public to attend the race cars in the final sprint. consisting of an exhibition devoted to sports and not, with the chance to visit several ad hoc products stand for the race and follow conventions, presentations, debates, and participate directly to training and undergo professional treatments of osteopaths which will be available for the athletes. And during the days of the Expo schedule of events will be busy side important meetings dedicated to all. . For extended information about this topic check reference.

Forte Village Triathlon, Sunday the 2nd Edition: incoming hundreds of athletes from 31 countries.

Exceptional scenery for an exceptional effort. Could this be the slogan of the second edition of the sporting event scheduled for Sunday October 26 between Pula, Domus de Maria and Teulada. The menu is typical of a half distance:. The stage is out of the ordinary for beauty and intensity. The risk, with a similar setting, is to relax and take the race under leg: capital error given the rather high degree of difficulty. The, which starts and ends in front of the resort, typically takes place under optimum conditions, the test track on bike is difficult, with. Then there is the uncertainty of wind, that on the South-western part of the island known to be cruel. The event attended by hundreds of athletes from. But to contend for the victory-and the prize pool by-will be a few dozen professionals. Among the Favorites, the Scot Ritchie Nichols, English Karl Shaw and Italian Alessandro Degasperi. Among women, however, the Irish Eimar Mullan and Martina Dogana Italian and Sara Tavecchio. Last gem: the starter will be official, winner of a World Championship, a Milan-San Remo, three Grand-Wevelgem, forty-two stages at the tour of Italy, twelve in the Tour de France and three at the Vuelta. . For more information regarding this matter visit

Death of the CEO of Total: three gendarmes french in Moscow to investigate the crash.

MosTrois members of the gendarmerie of air transport (GTA) flew Friday from Paris to investigate in Moscow the plane crash which claimed the lives to Christophe de Margerie, the boss of Total, announced the Directorate General of the national gendarmerie (DGGN). A Chief of section of the GTA, Coordinator of criminal scene and a specialist in aircraft accidents went to Moscow during the preliminary inquiry opened in Paris, said the source. The experts of the Bureau of investigations and analyses that had gone before, should them, return Friday in France, announced Thursday the one of them. Asked about the rest of their programme, one of the experts, François Hochart, indicated that black boxes were not damaged. We have helped the MAK (the Bureau of investigation for the safety of the Russian civil aviation, Editor’s note) for the first part of the investigation, and then it is they who will continue, he said at a press conference. The boss of Total, Christophe de Margerie, is died Monday evening as well as two pilots and a flight attendant air, in the collision of his plane with a snowplow at Moscow Vnukovo airport. . You can click this to read extra on this great topic.