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Hi Jerry, all sites have to start somewhere, of course.The logic here is that for a long time, said that newcomers, that was enough a niche site 1 page 5 to build and waiting for the next dollar on roles. This has not worked.Pat Flynn knows more about the development of websites to make money than most other people in this area. Why is to diversify and focuses more on Web pages with content that authority? I don't know why also rake in cash can static sites with a micro portfolio. We're sorry, but this post is ridiculous. I make over $1000 per day with sites at this time. And this is a website! where plan information to create a niche that Scratchcard and expand it in a place of authority, that you can earn $500 per month within six months.The possibilities with authority sites are limited only by your imagination. Keep in mind, it has a big responsibility with great authority. I found this interesting article, thank you Ophelia. I have a bunch of micro-niche Web sites, some of them need closure due to not win, but really know this up unless I run a little. The rest of them make money, but not enough to live, so I can look to see if I can compete in some places more authority. I may implement the idea of some special websites and then see that they move out and starts then to develop these sites on the Web site of the authority. There are always low-hanging fruit there to take keywords. This niche is better to be in a field which, however, has no interest. This is the difficult part. Have fun with it and do something fun and want to do something to. I wonder why you want to share tips n't. I can understand why you want to give not the niche. Congratulations on your success. It is really running, how they make money. If you want to convert a small niche for the categorization page 5 to 10 and the partner or CPA offers, can do much more than a dollar per day. Hi, just to post my add: a micro site (a site with a few pages) is not the same as a niche of Microdi (a small niche).With a Web site to a niche authority OK and probably succeed.In the same way it can be very effectively with a micro site, which focuses on low competition micro niche.If not 5 years ago, I had some real statistics and numbers you consider any significant change. Just my point of view. Hello. I'm willing to pay, or any person interested in a certain percentage of the building a package for my site so the existence of the site. I question not, but I a person with a disability, baskets, my ability to realize that most of you do because it details largely Visual and evacuation complete research keyword and etc, well informed and understand more how this work could, but I can't do it. I'm ready to sign a contract legal and binding with some time volunteers wishing to do so. It is my wife. Yes, it's a joke. Google algos today are a joke and I've really seen the row of 6-year-old shit! Everyone already knows that content is King. There's nothing new here. Niches are still useful. At least is not corrected. Yes, I agree with your Punkten.Ich think, blurs the boundary between the authority and the niche. A successful niche website, you don't put in some sites and waiting to develop passive income.Authority site is defined as a site of high quality, which is known in the industry and in particular the information should be reliable and useful to the readers. Why we don't deliver on our niche Web site?BTW, thanks for the star of our blog on this site. I built a page from young, of a month earlier, to dominant, but I want to try a niche of it. This post is for me a little discouraged. Good God, scroll to the bottom and saw inspirational comments. Great performance anyway. I agree with the author and James. Since the topic is hot on both ends of the spectrum. I want to focus something very clear here. The words quality and performance are very important in this argument. Our love author pointed out the error in the previous examples. What were not quality.James, "on the right side. Micro niche or specialized sites of the authority are relevant. What they have is a factor that have not the micro of the latter quality. When Google offers a website us for our query. I question, if the site is a micro is not niche, a niche of the authority, or something. It will be determined whether these pages are relevant to your query.I.e. the time, still have a micro niche or niche can reverse the Wikipedia. Good luck to all and thank you, Ophelia. or find any other site freelance writers who will produce decent 500-1000 articles word on a keyword for only 1 cent per word. $20, have 2-4 articles SEO, that's all what you need for a micro Nicho Website.Maneesh Sethi was not the only one, to automate the entire process. Nobody can batch with enough experience and to automate, outsourcing all but the most important, the words button to choose well. A couple of hours a week working, select keywords, you know not anything, send it to authors and distributors, the Philippines and India and sit and enjoy the following Mule. Get sounds like a dream reality, right?Now look at an update that changed everything. He has enough money, to a nomadic lifestyle to live and donations of time and money in the community while, that all these people money really have with micro niche sites are made not many for a single site. An example of a site by micro Nicho $1000 may be rare, but it happens once in a blue moon. The average income, which you would expect from a micro niche site is $1 per day. If it does well and is also for keywords, you could be even at $100 per month.You need more than one for a good living from specialized microsites. If you're looking to earn around $1000 per month, you need at least 30 sites that you get. Ophelia as different in a niche and a micro-Nicho website? It is based solely on the number of pages. Tell me, if someone now there is a site about pets, made very little pet, it can be argued that the pages would be limited to the right? Just did a quick search and checked in Wikipedia there are 31 animals (not half national).? Now would house only 31 pages with content that was particularly successful this site? Would you like this page as a page by micro-Nicho? The judgment is forget about creating multiple sites micro niche with minimal effort. If you would like to make about a Web site, you are willing to put time and effort be. You can expect fast returns, but if you can work big gains expected.The new model should choose keywords, which you are interested in, but also those who have not too much competition. Creation of the site is very easy and cheap, but needs to invest more in the quality articles. They can outsource more articles, but make sure that they are real and are excellent value to its readers.You have to create more time for high-quality backlinks and optimize your website for search engines to dedicate. Social networks integrated into the Web site and interaction with readers. Meet people, to make the more than $1,000 a month in a unique niche microsite. Niche Finder Mobile Blackhat It is difficult to determine the accuracy of this information, because they are made by anonymous people in several Internet forums. However there are some micro good well-documented specialized Web sites, the fact.Take a look at some Beispiele.Eric. Agree with Aivil. Here is the difference between a niche site and authority. It is a micro - site (1 to 5 pages content) and a Web site of the Authority (with several pages of good quality, update update content). and what would be their next steps. Edit: Post di Tung change detail of their potential benefits after the publication of this Artikels.Maneesh Sethi speaks about what a passive income from micro niche sites in it. It is the niche of the nerds that are aligned. However, Steve Kamb spent well documented construction, the quality of the writing, and marketing Techniken.Wir see a shift in the micro niche authority sites. Pat and Eric started with specific microsites, but not with the intention of, quickly profitable and discover here. Small started to test the water and if they have a decidedly more time and money found market their websites increase for months, to invest the success of the authority sites.The great advantage of not depending on is authority sites by a single source of traffic. You can access the social media, and create a series of fan and create you can email lists and are you kidding? There are 6 monthly banks people, characters with specialized microsites. Tell them that MNS will work no longer, I'll see what they have to say about this lol. Is inevitable, that the explosion in the number of websites because of the ease of construction, Google search for ways to even more effective, will focus on the content. There is nothing worse than a place of niches covered or advertisement when searching for information. Create a garden site. N don't see how this will affect the rest of the article. Micro niches that are still not lines multiple keywords (or your banned AdSense account) money is exactly the kind of page of the micro Nicho vs the who warns post. Person says Don niche sites t money. We are talking about in particular micro - sites (1 to 5 pages content) is much more difficult to earn money as they once were. Build your resources protects against sudden changes in Google can to diversify their income websites with authority. AdSense and affiliate marketing are just the beginning. E-books and courses, subscriptions, tools, advice and other services, like many Web sites, to develop products.Of course, this is no quick victory as the culmination of the micro-niche Web sites. Is it a couple of months until you begin to see is even modest. It is a long-term plan, but if you do well you can the huge returns in the future. More than a year, an agency can more money with less risk of failure more than 100 pages of Spencer haws niche micro comme de earn. With regard to the quality of the content can content organized and well written article with certainty that one authority to create website niche? Updated in the year 2011, it was easy to build a website and to rank # 1 in Google in a very short time. You could see exactly what Paul and some fast gains.There are people creating hundreds of micro-niche Web sites and earn a bit of money from each site through AdSense every month. If Google have they taken, these gains disappeared literally overnight. 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