Domestic violence: 500 phones to alert deployed.

A phone to avoid and, sometimes, the worst: this is one of the key measures of the plan to combat violence against women. More than 500 of these warning devices will be deployed as early as September on the whole of the territory for women in great danger, victims of violence within the couple and rape, announced Friday the Minister of Justice, the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of women’s rights. In France, 121 women were killed by their husbands in 2013. The phone, granted by the Prosecutor of the Republic after evaluation of the hazard involved, is associated with a protection order. This judicial measure prohibits the author of violence from approaching his victim. The slightest alert, the woman who feels threatened can press a button of the tool to be put in touch with a platform to evaluate the danger and immediately mobilize the forces of the order if necessary. "It helps ensure a quick intervention of the security forces, in the event of serious danger to the victim and therefore before the commission of new facts of violence", emphasize the three Ministers. But the device is not just a technical tool, it also includes an accompanying social, legal and psychological victims by associations and local authorities. "It is a tool that saves lives and prevents that the shots are repeated. It is innovative because it occurs more after the facts but before, notes Ernestine Ronai, national coordinator of the fight against violence against women and originally from the experimentation of this ‘great danger’ phone in Seine-Saint-Denis, five years ago. Of the victims, Ernestine Ronai has seen a lot of this woman who dared not take out the garbage for fear cross her former spouse than that, harassed on the phone and threatened with death, suffered from attacks of tachycardia. "This phone is given to women really in danger, which the spouse said they were going to kill them and who know that it is possible. When it hands over the phone, they are sad and frightened. When they make it, at the end of six months or a year, they have managed to secure and stabilize their situation. Their lives have changed. "Already experienced in 13 departments, the tool has"proven efficacy", estimated at the Ministry of the women before raising rights that ‘even if it is not a shield against everything, none of the 304 women who benefited was killed". In 2012, a report encrypted parlementaireavait the cost of the device at 1600 EUR per year and per telephone, a figure including the cost of the device, the provision of the business hotline and the accompaniment of upstream and downstream recipients. A calculation that parliamentarians suggested to next with ‘the sums that cost each year domestic violence’, of sommesestimees 2.5 billion euros per year in France. . Related data can be inspected visiting article.

Rome: threatening the mother why not giving the machine keys, arrested.

Rome, 22 Aug. -(Adnkronos)-the carabinieri of the Norm of the society of the host arrested for strength and injury to public officer p. s., fiumicinese, 18 years old student and already known to law enforcement for his past with justice. It happened yesterday morning in Fiumicino, within the walls of his home in via Amico Bignami. It was about 3 when the young, completely drunk, he railed against the mother claiming to use his car despite lacking in driver’s license. The frightened woman called the 112 and asked for help to police. After a few moments there intervened a Gazelle of the Norm of Ostia. When the soldiers approached to induce the young for calm, these first threatened them with a knife after he lashed out with kicks and fists against three of them slightly causing injury. The man was immediately locked and handcuffed. Now a recluse in Civitavecchia prison, where he will be questioned by the judge. . You should check this to read extra about this great topic.

Chikungunya: three Ministers defend the temporary use of malathion.

S̩gol̬ne Royal (ecology), Marisol Touraine (health) and George Pau-Langevin (Overseas) defend the use temporary and controlled of the insecticide malathion in the fight against the mosquito vector of chikungunya, while Guyana residents oppose. The Department is not yet in generalized epidemic, with 1. 665 cases, and health authorities are trying to delay the spread of the virus. To do this, malathion Рwhich kills adult mosquitoes Рallowed for 6 months and should begin to be sprayed in September. Indeed, mosquitoes have become resistant to the commonly used insecticide, deltamethrin and eradication of breeding sites is particularly difficult. The announcement of this permission, a petition was launched to oppose malathion, neurotoxic biocide. She had collected 1. 080 signatures Friday. The three Ministers took jointly position to respond to the questions and concerns of the population, recalling that the health consequences of the epidemic can be heavy. The decision to allow him was taken after a thorough review of the impact of this product on the health of local people and the environment. This review has shown that malathion can be used in a secure manner and that its impact on the environment was comparable to that of deltamethrin, according to the press release of the Ministers. Conditions d? use will be strictly supervised by the application of specific management measures, ensure Mrs Royal, Touraine and Pau-Langevin, citing an obligation to spreading overland and in suitable weather conditions; exclusion zones around watercourses, food crops, wells of water surface and hives; advance information of populations. . For more insights about this matter click source.

The wave to the soul of Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

Among the battles lost by former candidate presidential election election, there is one against the PS, that it would esp compete. For the Socialists, Jean-Luc M lenchon no longer exists: it is not an issue for us, slide Jean-Jacques Urvoas, President of the commission of the acts of the National Assembly. The voice of his party do r sounds more to the Palais Bourbon, and it does not lack. Policy, it is a reasoning, this isn’t a cry. This interview has information hexagons site e agreement. FR, a few days after having refused an interview current values, is not read, she is listening. The seventy-five minutes of this sound document say more (and longer) than five sheets. On the terrace of a such h of the Alsatian capital, berc by the urban lapping, the summer breeze and the caressing questions, Jean-Luc M lenchon feels enough confidence for d roll his mood and r to answer questions, including those that are not asked him. Alexis Corbi re, one of the leaders of the left party (PG), a facilities changes it num ros laptop between his boss and this reporter, with which it is friend on Facebook. Former candidate presidential election, selection class has its id es, pr by his message. Then, for the first time, Jean-Luc M lenchon publicly expresses with clear words his desire to break free of the daily life of the PG, it has background in 2008 and that it copr side since. As a man, I’m not a machine, I aspire that the pressure for me level drops, he said. It is not that I am fragile, but it’s not good: we end up thinking as they should not be [,.]. I can’t play violin, double bass, and Orchestra. And add in attentive landscape – more than modest – sound agroecosystem political me: it must also be that the big tree does emp che not the rest of the for t push. In this jungle in s tr gale, there are only four shrubs for a quoia s. That conna t Fran ois de Castro, one of the closest of M lenchon? Ultimate n need to embody paradox in politics and a certain enjoyment of the reputation t, M lenchon swear sempiternellement have c l brit in horror. He said hexagons when there r smart several times this insult that is to him the concept of pop star. What does do Jean-Luc M lenchon? As a first step, nothing. Readers of the Southwest constituency have s particularly t excited to see their d put europ in all just read r expose hexagons in this simple movement, the immobilit: at a time, must be is stopping to run. Because, if you run all the time, we will eventually get into the vacuum. And l, I need to sleep, to do nothing, Bayer crows. [. . . ] Find my brushes and my ink, [,.] finish this damn book. This year, the leader of the PG will tent a ultimate perc e strat strategic, seeking to ally with the Greens. The expression is of Jean – Vincent Plac, s Senator environmental and companion of d ner, in the spring of Jean-Luc M lenchon. The latter had made things by inviting gourmet Plac to the singer, a traditional restaurant in the North of Paris. The leader of Europe Ecologie – the Greens has not only appr above his rabbit mustard, there also go t the height of discussion e words by M lenchon in verve. After having voqu China and Palestine, the two men come to the approximation by the d put europ in. Niet. Like the other Greens, Plac did not believe: people of the left party will finish 70 in bathroom e enfum, of which half will be e lineups of leaders. It’s over, everything has. A the of individualism, there is more a guy r really Communist in France. And d purpose of this quinquennium for technos signs the end of the re policies, flamboyant types. M lenchon, it is Bayrou II, the return: he made 11% in 2012, it will make 2 in 2017. Jean-Vincent Plac is right: it is certain that Jean-Luc M lenchon will be pr feel to the next shot. Withdrawal does not retreat. When the revolution r cabbage, you must pass the invention r. Former journalist, in a life that dates back to his youth, M lenchon a song resume the weekly Politis. But the press goes too wrong for a man too bruised j d. It and its ind fectibles close look in the direction of new political forms, and particularly particularly of these Spanish mouvementistes which they my master the language. These Podemos, as they call themselves, who rely on the people. We can, slow mart – they. M lenchon, him, who wants more, that can still? Original facts can be studied reading the following

Data read: police in Braunschweig and Bremen is greatest.

300 000 euro per game: the DFL should these costs for the use of police are involved in the future, so the Bremen Senate decided in July. Of the German wants to but apparently did not impress Football Association. If necessary pull up before the Federal Constitutional Court, League President Reinhard Rauball said. You also immediately countered the advance of Bremen: the EM qualifier of the national team against Gibraltar was transferred from Bremen to Nuremberg. Game locations are there the largest police expenses? Considering the 20 games with the most hours of usage, so Bremen appears actually five times; Dortmund, Munich and Schalke only ever three, although they have much larger stadiums. Bremen is also one of the leaders in the police effort per viewer: once again it appears five times 20 among the top, trumped only by the special case of Braunschweig, in whose Stadium relatively few viewers watch. Now the clubs invest in the security of their home games: on average make more than twice as many folder as the police police officers. However, a strange mismatch shows counting problem playing. Considering the 20 games with the most hours of the police are less folder as policemen on the spot. . You should read the following to learn more on this great matter.

“They do not give them food or clothes; they leave them there to die”.

"In isolation of the Government centres, the situation is catastrophic. Patients are lying on the floor or on a filthy mattress, there is no hygiene, feces of sick people accumulate in the bathrooms until two days until you clean them, ” says Dr. Mutako Longin from Monrovia, Liberia. Mattresses of the deceased are reused, and the Government is not covering basic, such as food and clothing needs. "I’ve seen patients dressed only in underpants and there are no serum, transfusions, or anything to eat." Just leave them there and wait for it to die." All hospitals have closed, except for those who are responsible for ebola. "People are dying of other diseases and has no where to go. The other day I saw die a young of typhus in the street", says Abraham Kuyateh, employee of a mining company. It is the portrait of Monrovia, a city surpassed by ebola. Longin and his wife, Justine, Rwandans of birth laboratory technician but nationalized Liberian, worked until only a few weeks ago in the Redemption Hospital in Monrovia. Now they have no job. Ebola took the lives of several doctors and the hospital closed. Since then, this marriage runs centers for patients of ebola in the city trying to bring aid, they buy with their own money, dozens of patients. "Above all food, they are not well fed. We have since launched a system of purchase to attend entered people, mainly those who have no family in the capital, which are abandoned to their fate", said Longin. Organizations of civil society and private citizens have been put to work to fill the huge gap of the Government. "The situation is catastrophic. The bathrooms are dirty, feces of sick people, who are very contagious, as it is known, accumulate up to two days, staff is overset. The health system in Liberia was not prepared to deal with this epidemic", he adds. One of the keys to stop the spread of the virus is to control chains of transmission and enter quickly to all the people who have been in contact with the sick and the symptoms. "Here it tries to, but is not effectively. The Government has no means to do so". In the last days Kuyateh has seen things that would never have imagined. "There is no medical centers open, all have closed except for the hospitals of ebola. People are dying on the street in other diseases, we have here a lot of malaria and we are in rainy season. The other day I saw a young man dying of typhus in the street. No one wanted to approach because the symptoms are the same as the ebola". Married and with three children, admits to being afraid. "We don’t know what will happen, I worry the virus, but they mostly concerned about other diseases. The situation is now very dangerous for everyone. Many women are giving birth at home, without medical attention, because they are afraid to go to the hospital where is ebola". William Ekerum, Cameroonian nurse, knows them well. He also took care of the religious of the hospital Sant Joseph de Monrovia, but not contracted it. It is the few who outwitted the disease. "I took care to nine sick people, among them the Pajares brother and sister Chantal, deceased. Now I check every day if I have fever or not". The phone will note very concerned. "There is much confusion in the city, there are people who remains in denial about the disease and others that take advantage of to generate disturbances. At West Point, the tension is enormous, we don’t know what will happen there." . Additional information can be inspected reading

Iceland: vigilance maintained around the volcano Bárðarbunga.

The risk of eruption persist. As indicated on Thursday the Meteorological Institute of Iceland, the volcano of the Bárðarbunga continued his intensive activity. Vigilance is still required on the part of the Icelandic authorities. Since midnight, these are more than 900 tremors that have been identified while any slowdown in seismic activity can be reported. A rash is therefore not excluded, said the Institute. Despite the fact that no element allows to assert the imminence of an eruption, the Icelandic authorities monitoring efforts are thus maintained. According the last measurements, a 25 km long ditch is dug under the Earth’s crust of the Dyngjujokull glacier, five to ten kilometers deep.  In the single day of Thursday, three tremors of a magnitude greater than three were detected at a depth ranging from two to five kilometres. Since 16 August, Icelandic aviation maintains its level of alert to orange, meaning a "wiggle high or rising with increased eruption potential". Beyond that, it remains engaged when ‘red’ level starts a rash.   As a precaution, nearly 300 people were forced to leave the area since Saturday: the region concerned has no permanent inhabitants, but it welcomes tourists and hunters and the roads that lead there have been closed. In 2010, the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano had caused the largest closure of airspace decreed in Europe in peacetime, with more than 100. 000 flights cancelled on a month and more than eight million blocked passengers. . You should check this to learn extra on this interesting matter.

Fire truck on the A2: 1000 driver trapped.

Got this morning a very bad start in the day at least 1 000 car and truck drivers. You stood for hours in a kilometre-long traffic jam on the highway. Around 5. 30 pm, a truck on the Highway 2 at bad Eilsen had caught fire. The loaded parts of the metal melted and damaged the road surface so that the route direction Hannover between bad Eilsen and Rehren expected all day stays locked. The problem: The only exit to the vehicles could derive from traffic from the A2 motorway, is in bad Eilsen – and right there is currently a construction site. Traffic is diverted is therefore already bad Nenndorf Minden-OST and the B 65 from Porta Westfalica on the B 482. The motorway maintenance depot dismantled the Central crash barrier in the affected area in the morning, the vehicles on the opposite lane diverted since around 10: 00. At the same time, the traffic on a track is restricted in the opposite direction, so the stuck in a traffic jam to come gradually released. It is unclear how long this takes. The action will have also disabled in the other direction, but probably is the better solution to stuck all day on this section as those affected, a police spokesman said. In the rear area of the congestion, traffic jam Assistant provide remains the enclosed with drinks and snacks. . Related info can be found checking article.

Department store in the crisis: Berggruen admits errors at Karstadt rehabilitation.

The investor Nicolas Berggruen has admitted that he has made fatal flaws during the renovation of the Karstadt department store group in the past four years. It had been wrong, that we not sooner and more decisively in the restructuring had been and basically have avoided necessary cuts, he told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung. We had pledged that we close no sites and keep all employees in the first two years. We have strictly adhered that to. But that has brought us in a very difficult situation from 2013. Any structural change that we have demanded, encountered resistance, Berggruen said. At the same time, he defended himself against the criticism of the trade unions. These had shown days relieved in the past about the withdrawal of the controversial investor. We have a well behaved, Berggruen said. He wanted the best for Karstadt and kept all promises. If the new owner should now carry out restructuring, Verdi will be maybe not happy, he said. At the end of the trade unions must consider what is good for Karstadt. Sometimes it is just so in a restructuring: it hurts at the beginning, but in the long run it helps. Berggruen assumes that the new Karstadt owner René Benko and his Signa holding more easily will have it as he: Signa is now no trade-offs made with the employees and Verdi. Signa therefore has more freedoms. Berggruen also hinted that Karstadt will close also department stores in the next few years. Can there be as in previous years, a department store in the future, in almost all German cities? Because now I have my doubts, he said. For the first time, Berggruen conceded that the sale to Benko and Signa before Llängerem a done deal – was all public denials in recent months despite. He had decided some time ago, to completely pass Karstadt to Signa. We wanted a fresh start for Karstadt and until then a responsible, orderly transition. . For more information about this matter read page.

A British Minister resigned because he considers “too low revenues.”

In 2013, the local newspaper for the riding of British MP Mark Simmonds, had elected it the most expensive member of the year. A few months later, he resigned his post of Secretary of State because he found that its too low income do not allow clientele accommodate his wife and three children in London, relateThe Guardian. Between his salary of Minister (sic) of 89 435 pounds per year (more than 112,000 euros), that of his wife – has become his assistant – and the various indemnities received by the couple, the Simmonds family income amounted to more than 171 000 euros per year. Not enough, according to him, to live a couple and three children in London. However, Mark Simmonds is also member of Parliament for a constituency more than 250 kilometres from there, part of this sum (28,000 pounds of public funds per year) was intended to accommodate the Secretary of State and his family in the capital. Mark Simmonds MP demonstrates how our politicians are out of touch with the people they claim to represent co/VbClLwxF2p. You can check this home page to learn extra on this great subject.