Hidalgo on Royal and the eco-tax: it can’t work like that!

The Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo (PS) very severely judged Monday the Minister of ecology Ségolène Royal’s decision to abandon the ecotax, since it was not serious and not respectful of local work. It can’t work like that, this is not serious. I call it a job not serious and not respectful of local communities, stormed the aedile at a luncheon with the press on the sidelines of the Council of Paris. It is impossible to say at the time that it will host the COP 21 (the world climate conference, Editor’s note) in one year and on a measure like that is to indent. What is it that much, this is not possible, it is a lack of voluntarism that is more than open to criticism, and damaging, firstly for public health and for our finances, she continued. The Mayor recalled that the announcement of the abandonment took place a few days after approval by the Council of Paris from the application of the device on the device. The measure would bring five million euros to the Parisian community. It is really a bad way. It is committed, was voted last month experimentation on Paris in the perspective by 2015. to be able to collect the tax on polluting trucks and without even receiving a phone call, one learns the trick is balanced by losses and profits. Frankly, this is not possible, is is still carried. Commenting on the latest proposal by Ms Royal to replace the ecotax – a vignette on foreign trucks-, Ms. Hidalgo questioned its feasibility. I’m not sure we can do it, that is. . For more data regarding this subject read resource.

North: a disturbing clown has been sentenced to six months in prison with reprieve.

A bad joke that ends badly. The 19-year-old man who dressed as a clown to scare children and teenagers Friday in Douvrin (near Lens), was sentenced Monday to six months in prison with reprieve and 105 hours of work of general interest. He was tried by the tribunal of Bethune, in immediate appearance, for violence with weapons with premeditation. The facts were held to 22 hours this Friday. The young man out of his home and likes to terrorize a child of six years. He then goes to a park of the town, where a group of teenagers is discussing. Frightened, youth aged 15 to 17 join current the baraque à frites in the village still open at this hour there. The Manager and a few customers, wanting to put an end to this bad joke then throw themselves on the heels of the clown who takes refuge in him, where it is cleansed and armed with an automatic pistol gas. Faced with the threat, the chip shop manager draws a pistol ball. The latter will have to pay a fine for wearing of weapon prohibited and it will be destroyed. I wanted to shake it, make him understand that he should not do that to kids!, he said in the voice of the North. He declined and pointed a weapon at us. There were kids. I said to myself: ‘he must calm him down’. I was not there to do the Act. Young people came here because they knew that I was going to act. . Additional data can be inspected reading http://9f86361f513f9dd02364fbbabc.com-information-archive.eu.

Handball: Richardson promoted coach of Chambéry.

The news was surprising. Despite a beautiful victory against the last PSGmercredi (33-32), Mario Cavalli is no longer the coach of Chambéry. "After 17 years of common and fair adventure", Cavalli makes the weapons, as announced in a press release of the savoyard club. He will be replaced by his Deputy, the famous Jackson Richardson. The best french player of the century according to the Fédération Française de handball, double world champion and bronze medal at the 1992 Olympics, will be the acting on the bench of the CSH. Former player of the OM-Vitrolles in the 1990s, figure of the hexagonal handball, will make its first steps into the arena as a head coach. It was at the beginning of the season that the reunion made his comeback on the floor. Since his retirement in 2009, he had decided to stay away from the grounds of handball until last summer where Chambéry gave him his chance. Even if the club hopes to find a replacement to Cavalli by November 5 and a shift towards Nantes, Richardson has the opportunity to show all his talents as coach and then as soon as Wednesday for a trip to Créteil. . Main source can be studied clicking this http://9f86361f513f9dd02364fbbabc.com-information-archive.eu.

Cospedal hires a company to check unemployment lists.

The first possible answer is the following: right now my situation prevents me from looking for work, but I need to be registered for,. The second option proposed by the facilitator to the respondent is: not looking for work for hire or reward. I have a business idea in mind and I will apply for the benefit in the form of single payment. The following is similar: don’t seek work. I have a business project in mind and need training. Another alternative of response: I need to improve my employability training for, later, apply for a job. Antonio A. M. S. was shopping, until a health problem changed his life. It has recognized a 66% disability. In early October it received the call of the evaluation company hired by the Board. On the other side of the phone someone identified as a worker of the Castilla – La Mancha employment service. Antonio, who is afraid to give their surnames, explains that he refused to answer. I asked to be identified personally, something that did not, at the end his interlocutor ended up acknowledging that it was a company external to the Board. With the voice of anger, he told me that if I refused to respond to the questionnaire call me so I personally submit in the employment office. How did my mobile?, he wondered. The Government of Dolores de Cospedal denies that assessments are intended eliminate the unemployed lists. It argues that what he wants is to know the characteristics of the unemployed to improve their chances of getting a job, and flatly denies that you want to delete to the plaintiffs. We do nothing that is not done in other autonomous communities and it is not regulated by law, says a spokesman for the Department of employment. Leandro Esteban, spokesman for the Government of Cospedal, came to ensure that it would require the courts to his accusations Union CC OO. Before, this company Union charging double towards the service that makes now, told the media. They are more committed to the defence of one’s own that in the interests of Castilla – La Mancha. . Root data can be read checking the following http://9f86361f513f9dd02364fbbabc.com-information-archive.eu.

Migrants: Why you ashamed?

in 1974, a school camp near the town of Hamelin. We pupils and students in the fourth grade of an elementary school from Hannover to spend a week there. We should go shower after a day. The girl in a shared shower, the boys in another. Already pulling out before my classmates in the locker room gives me discomfort. Then all together under the water jet. In the Middle, and Ms. Bergmann. Our teacher. Nude. With dark pubic hair. I never knew where I should look. I’ve then doubly ashamed: for the poor German of my parents and my superiority in such situations. The experts in this case speaks of Parentifizierung and competence shame. The use of a foreign language involves mistakes made and that seem to be a source of shame for competence, the Aachen-based psychoanalyst Micha Hilgers explains with shame. Faces of affect has written a standard work on the subject. Not properly conveyed to be able to be able to give the right form of expression the own emotional experience, let the foreign migrants feel loneliness and isolation if he not Jock off himself with his peers in ghettos. . Similar facts can be inspected checking http://9f86361f513f9dd02364fbbabc.com-information-archive.eu.

The German family life is transformed.

Almost every third family in Germany is no longer living according to the classical model. 20 percent of fathers and mothers were single parent last year, ten per cent live in unmarried or same-sex partnerships. Although, still the marriage dominated the family life of the Germans, as demonstrated by data of the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) on Monday. Because 70 percent of the parents in the nearly 8.1 million families with at least one minor child are married. But in 1996, with 81 percent, it was still significantly more. Children are also the reason why marriage is still the most important form of family in Germany according to the sociologist Jürgen Dobritz from the Federal Institute for population research (BiB) in Wiesbaden. "They are often the occasion to conclude a marriage." But: "There is a loss of meaning of the marriage at the same time", explains Daniel. In Germany as well as on European and international level, children living more frequently in other family models than in the past. The number of single parent families has grown since 1996 to six percent, which the communities has doubled. Reason for this is not only that women more are integrated into the labour market, but a change of setting the BiB sociologists according to. According to a survey of the BiB to the family model of the Germans by 2012, 35 per cent between 20 and 39 years of age entirely reject the marriage as an outdated institution. Every tenth young man wants to remain childless, Dobritz said. Also figures of the statistical Federal Office by 2011 reflect this: just half of the people in Germany lives in a family with children. Particularly in East Germany, the distance to the marriage remains notable according to current micro-census. "What is striking is, in the East, especially in the States of the area live childless fewer people than in the West, but also less are married", as Daniel. In Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony the proportion of married couples is the lowest – in addition to the capital Berlin – with 51%, there are also communities most (23 per cent) each. In Rhineland-Palatinate, however, this form of the family is relatively low (6 percent). The proportion of married couples to all families with young children with 78 percent was the highest in Baden-Württemberg. The most single parent families were living in Berlin: lone parents were there nearly a third (32%) of families, while this was true in Baden-Württemberg only on every sixth family. . Original data can be found clicking the following http://9f86361f513f9dd02364fbbabc.com-information-archive.eu.

Russia and Ukraine buried the hatchet on the gas.

The Asem Summit should be dedicated to dialogue between Asia and Europe; It turned into a succession of meetings to find a solution to the Ukrainian crisis. Present among the more than 50 heads of State and Government, Vladimir Poutine and Petro Poroshenko multiplied the meetings under the aegis of European leaders, including Angela Merkel and François Holland. The head of the Russian State and his Ukrainian counterpart, who had not met for several weeks, are thus reached the beginnings of an agreement on their gas dispute, although many points remain to be set. However, a final text could intervene this week in Brussels between Russian and Ukrainian energy ministers and European Commissioner in charge of these files. "It is very important for Ukrainians and very reassuring for the Russians, who want to actually be paid," said president François Hollande. "Ukrainians have heating this winter", welcomed Petro Poroshenko’s return to Kiev. . You can check the following http://9f86361f513f9dd02364fbbabc.com-information-archive.eu to discover more about this interesting topic.

Computer games in school: world of Classcraft.

Computer game in the classroom? A gymnasium in Baden-Württemberg attempting to pick students in the world in which they are at home: the virtual. A visit. Daniel Jurgeleit likes to play with new technology. Therefore, the music goes on when the English teacher with the projector cart around the corner bends. So loud, that gather is all around him as he in the class comes and starts the game. The first five to ten minutes of teaching include world of Classcraft, since the students of the sixth grade at the Hohenstaufen-Gymnasium in the Baden-Württemberg Pfullendorf started playing the fantasy. At the beginning of the hour, the students welcome their teachers on Sylphlike, so with the language of Lord of the Rings: Abbas, mellon! They see their current scores on the projector screen in addition to the Board. Then the horror of the first equal: Tom is dead. He has eaten some poisoned. On a statue of Tom’s online game character that pops up front, he is still a proud Warrior. Now, the day event, in which all players lose ten life points, gave him the rest. World of Classcraft is something like the 2. 0 version of the bee stamp. There is a new answer to the old question: How do I motivate students? The role-playing game to pick them up in the world, they are in the home: in the virtual, in the universe of online games that captivated many young people, often hours per day. This fascination come now to good teaching. Get so offering just the weak students who care little for the lessons back into the classroom, says Stefan Aufenanger, Professor of education at the University of Mainz. Generally, this is already a trend that’s coming to the schools. A look at the classroom in Pfullendorf: Specifically students as collecting points about their participation and cooperation in the classroom, they acquire new skills and to ascend to higher levels. They can also lose points if they come as late to the teaching or disturb. Since this school year there is a German-language app world of Classcraft, Jurgeleit is the first who tried them with students. I have started with 15 to play with black eye ‘, this very old paper and pencil role-playing, the teacher says. The peers in T-Shirt and athletic shoes has a shining in the eyes when he explains the gameplay by Classcraft: at the beginning of the school year, students form groups of six to eight people. Then everyone can choose a character: you can be Warrior, Mage or priest. This character, everyone has their own skills. One can better heal the others fight better. . Similar info can be read visiting http://9f86361f513f9dd02364fbbabc.com-information-archive.eu.

TV criticism Günther Jauch: right to die – how does it work?.

Udo Reiter, who was former Director of the MDR, one who passionately debated in many panel discussions on the topic of euthanasia, also with Günther Jauch. It is therefore only logical that Jauch editorial has decided, once again on the agenda to set the theme, after the longtime Chairman of ARD had put an end to his life itself. Udo Reiter last will – must we die itself determined? so, the question was this evening. Rider, paraplegic since a car accident in 1966, had planned already at the time his death – but to survive, in a wheelchair, for almost 50 years, and to make career. Now, he writes in a farewell letter, Jauch rehearsed is, be the moment where his forces had subsided so rapidly, that it had become difficult for him to reach the toilet on its own about. He also had fear of dementia, fear a third specific life, afraid to end up as a care case, to be dependent on others. In February, he said at Jauch: I let me not forbid me to say: thank you, so I don’t want more! The suicide of rider has again pushed the debate about euthanasia and self-certain death. But progressed, this evening, shows that right it isn’t yet. Although the Church representatives Nikolaus Schneider, who retires as Chairman of the Council of the Evangelical Church of in Germany soon in favor of his fallen wife, wants to no more than Sin qualify self-determined death. But in addition, the discussion in the usual track moves. . For extra data about this subject check http://9f86361f513f9dd02364fbbabc.com-information-archive.eu.

Crime – police resigned before the burglar gangs.

Several burglars had cleared the House in a suburb of Nuremberg k. When Bernd appeared at the scene of the crime later k hours, he had to cope with not only the loss of multiple computers, the television, the stereo and of his wife’s jewelry. He had not also recognize how the colleagues of the forensics worked – namely at all. "Has no purpose. We don’t get that", so the officials. Condolence visits Police call this form of victim support. Interior Minister de Maizière speaks of a new "phenomenon". Burglary "increasingly" become "internationally organised gang crime". The heads were sitting in the Balkans, in Georgia, in Russia. "International gang crime is harder to fight than the thief around the corner." Offender numbers can be only appreciated due to the low rate of education. Insider Badenhorst assumes that one-third of all burglars in Germany of a foreign gang including a majority of Roma and Romanians belongs to. In North Rhine-Westphalia, the proportion was significantly more than 50 percent. Cause: the abolition of border controls in the EU. The gangs across the border could "Easily" come and disappear. . For extended insights regarding this matter visit http://9f86361f513f9dd02364fbbabc.com-information-archive.eu.