Daech suffered several setbacks in Iraq.

As thousands of other people besieged since summer by the jihadists on the Sinjar mountains, Said Hassan breath a little. "I’m still in the camp of refugees on the mountain, he said to Figarovendredi morning on the phone, but the situation is now calm. The jihadists are left, and the pechmergas settled in the northern part"welcomed Manager yazidi minority who had to seek shelter in the foothills of Northwest of the Iraq to escape the advance of Daech (Arabic acronym for the Islamic State, EI). Saad Hassan is now waiting to be evacuated to safer skies. But it remained for it to Kurdish forces to secure a road allowing the refugees to leave this arid area that spans 60 km near the Syrian border. For four months, Sinjar symbolised the martyrdom of this small community, which many members have been kidnapped or killed by jihadis, who regard them as heretics. In August, the dramatic exodus of the yazidis had pushed the Americans to begin a campaign of aerial bombing of the EIS. Supported by more than 40 strikes from the coalition international anti-Daech, 8000 pechmergas broke Thursday on the headquarters of the Sinjar mountains. Their offensive triggered the eve from Aggie, near the Syrian border, and Zoumar on the shores of the Lake of Mosul, also allowed to resume eight villages held until then by Daech, either several hundred kilometres square near Sinjar. Defeated, jihadists have fled in droves to Tall Afar and Mosul, their fiefdoms in the North of the Iraq. A hundred of them have been killed. Images broadcast by the Kurdish autonomous Government showed carcasses calcined vehicles Daech and the black flag of the jihadists floating on abandoned positions. The Assistant of the Caliph removed it is a victory, and not only symbolic. The unlocking of the Sinjar mountains, coupled with the resumption of the neighbouring territories, to cut some of the major roads of supplies of the EIS, including from his Syrian base. It should also allow to isolate the jihadists in Mosul, the second city of Iraq, conquered in June at the end of an offensive Flash through the rout of the Iraqi army. The jihadists are gone and the pechmergas settled in the northern part a yazidi to this setback head, added the announcement by the Pentagon of the recent liquidation of several leaders of Daech, including the number two of the terrorist organization: Abu Muslim al-Turkmani, one of the two deputies of the "Caliph" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. His disappearance is a significant loss for Daech. Fadel Ahmad Abdallah al-Hiyali was in charge of the Iraq within the EIS. Former member of the Baath, this native Turkmen of Tall Afar was an officer of the military intelligence under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. Al-Turkmani oversaw the Daech provincial Council, which brings together nine provinces in Iraq, an essential link in the jihadist field network. The other eliminated head is Abd al-Basset (Inad Allah al Gaidh) on which little information exist. Three weeks ago, the Governor of Mosul had already died in a targeted strike. The Pentagon has made the liquidation of the tenors of Daech one of its priorities to weaken an organization built around the Caliph and a hard core of former executives of Saddam Hussein’s army. Despite these setbacks, Daech will not be beaten by at least three years qualified a U.S. military official. Western intelligence services alarm recruitment capacity, that the air raids would only strengthen. VIDEO – In 2015, "Daech will not wiped out." . Inspirational data could be read reading this http://sheetextrusionline.com.

Miss bikini world: the Chair of the competition announced the parade as soon as 2015.

MISS world – The 2014 edition will have been the last. The Miss World beauty contest, which has crowned the South African STI Strauss, will incorporate more bikini parade, Julia Morley told the American edition of it. I did not need to see women in bikinis. It brings nothing to the woman, or to any other person, justified Friday 19 December that presides over this competition created in 1951. I me plug the buttocks of a candidate to be larger than the buttocks of another. We really are not looking buttocks. We listen to what she has to say, insisted Julia Morley, who announced the news Friday, December 19. As noted, the orientation of Miss world is to the opposite of that of Miss Universe, since candidates are parading in a bikini but without taking the floor. Critical beauty Feministessi is of course the Miss world reference criterion, candidates should also submit a charity project. Miss South Africa so dreams of opening a business centered on the health of women, while Miss Serbia resulted in a handi-volleyball team and Miss India launched an association to teach slum children the importance of hand washing. Despite these good intentions, the contest has attracted fierce criticism from feminists who have denounced his misogynistic character and had called for demonstrations to Excel, rallying their followers on Twitter with the keyword #missworldoldworldmisogyny. The sexist idea that women should be judged on the basis of their appearance affects what we feel as a women and the way in which the men see and treat women, found the London Feminist Network organization. "" "Also read" Miss South Africa crowned Miss World 2014» Miss Honduras and sister found dead» Allison Evrard elected Miss Nationale, the organizers accused of bid-rigging» who is Camille Cerf, Miss France 2015» find live news on the HuffPostRetrouvez articles of the HuffPost on our Facebook page. To follow the latest live news, click here. . For more regarding this subject visit http://sheetextrusionline.com.

The FARC protagonists of bloody attacks a day before the truce.

A da before entering into force the truce decreed by the Farc, have killed five military, have left malheridos to seven others, and they have dynamited the Pan-American Highway. The multiple crime occurred in the rural area of Santander de Quilichao, Cauca, West of Colombia, a municipality that is located less than an hour from Cali good road. Jacobo Arenas of the Farc have been guerrilla front sixth and column which have ambushed the soldiers guarding the Panamericana, one is important in this part of Colombia. While in Toledo, Norte de Santander Department, to the East of the pas, have killed three policas although in that place also has strong presence the ELN, so an authorities have not determined the two terrorist gangs cul is responsible for. And almost in a way simultnea, a group of terrorists by the two bands, Farc and Eln, raided the headquarters of the police in Convention, in the same Department. Time only knows that several officers were injured. Given the fact that the Farc committed themselves to a ceasefire since the Saturday 20 with undefined character. They put the condition that may break it if army attacked them and that requeran the veedura of an international entity. President Juan Manuel Santos responded that the forces military so its work until it has not signed a peace process, and that not the supervision of a body forneo you think suitable. The Commander of the Farc, Juan Antonio Lozada, Member of the delegation in Cuba, has ensured this morning in a brief interview with Caracol TV, they seguirn forward with truce and ms later analizarn events, but responded in a way expresses the rejection of Saints of his proposal. Therefore, Colombia in doubt is that going to happen if some fronts guerrillas still attacking the population and the soldiers, or if the army does cause a significant number of casualties among the rebels in any mission. The estate of bombings just before the truce caused a profound indignation among the population already preparing bags to go out this weekend holiday. From now until mid-January, judicial and the legislative chambers holiday, and they are the weeks in which Colombian ms rest. Therefore, the hope of the majority is that let them spend calm holidays navideas and they can circulate on the roads smoothly. . For additional data on this subject read http://sheetextrusionline.com.

La Rochelle: a police officer is given the death to the police station.

A policeman committed suicide with his service weapon in his office at the police station of La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime). Aged 44 years, this guardian of peace and judicial police officer was stationed at La Rochelle since 2003. And according to a judicial source, he was father of two daughters. He had withdrawn to his office around noon and used against him his service weapon. No letter explaining the reasons for his gesture was found near the body. According to his colleagues, nothing only foreshadowed his gesture. Technicians in forensic identification of Bordeaux and Poitiers judicial police have been designated to carry out the initial investigations. Even though, according to Isabelle Pagenelle, Solicitor for La Rochelle, suicide "without doubt." Shortly after the discovery of the drama, a psychological cell was immediately put in place for the personnel of the office. At the ceremony of the wishes of the National Association of social action (Anas) of the personnel of the place Beauvau in Paris, the Minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve said Friday noon, as the problem of suicides in the police "(the) concerns" and that it would be "one of the central topics of the year 2015" for his Ministry. ‘We will spend the time it will take, we will put means’, he said. The Minister of the Interior "stop early 2015 of new measures to prevent" suicides in police whose number is cause for concern, announced November 5 the Directorate-General of the national police (DGPN), which had held a "working meeting" with the unions on this sensitive and sometimes taboo subject. The Minister confirmed to the wishes of the Anas where this subject has been mentioned by the president of the association, Joaquin Masanet, who expressed to M. Cazeneuve calling to a’ real awareness"on this problem. Trade unions of police alarmed the number of police suicides, more than 50 since the beginning of the year, according to a recent count. Which, according to them, leaves fear a ‘mast’ most important in 2014 than in other years. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. For additional data about this topic read weblink.

Legalization of marijuana: and if it was any benef?

Legalise cannabis, a good deal on financial and health? The think tank Terra Nova, known for its liberal positions on social issues, has focused on the issue, within the framework of a study entitled: Cannabis: regulate the market to break the deadlock. The conclusion is: a less repressive framework would have many advantages, reveals the world Friday, December 19. The policy of repression has failed in France, believe the three economists study authors, Christian Ben Lakhdar (Université Lille 2), Pierre Kopp (Panthéon-Sorbonne) and Romain Perez. Indeed, 568 million euros are devoted to the fight against this illicit substance each year (police, judiciary and prison cost). For a poor result: half a million French continues to smoke daily joints, says Le Monde. We propose therefore three scenarios. Each has advantages and disadvantages in terms of consumption and financial revenue, which could still nearly EUR 2 billion annually for the State. They also express their preference for the second scenario, which offers the best guarantees in terms of control of the prevalence and protection of the most vulnerable populations.  1depenaliser the usageSelon the authors, this scenario would reduce by 55% the cost of repression — a savings of 311 million per year. However, it would not tax revenue.  Traffic would be a leap of 16%, while the number of daily users would increase by 12%. 2 legalize with a monopoly of EtatDans this scenario, cannabis would become a commercial product such as tobacco, wrote Le Monde, which reminds that this option has been selected by the Uruguay. With a price Majoreen advancing price of substance to 8.40 euros per gram, with a taxation at the same level as tobacco (80%), this scenario would reap a significant tax revenues, according to the authors of the study, valued at 1.3 billion per year.  About public spending, they would decrease as shagreen (-92%) thanks to the disappearance of the costs of justice and police. Total budgetary impact: € 1.8 billion. At price Inchangea unchanged prices, daily ridership would increase by more than 47%, at 812. 000, while revenues would amount to 1.6 billion, as the black market would disappear, wrote Le Monde, which States that in this case, the overall impact would be $ 2.1 billion. 3 legalise in a competitive framework in this scenario, the price is defined by the play of the market, and therefore should fall. This option is chosen, Colorado is by far the most advantageous financially, but it has one major drawback: a strong increase in consumption, because of the decline in the price. According to the authors of the study, the number of commuters would increase by 71% (+ 393 000), approaching 1 million. Given the boom in the number of consumers, 1.7 billion euros in public revenue would be engrangées. On the other hand, the reduction of public expenditure would be lower (-86%), because those health would increase, notes Le Monde. Total payout: 2.2 billion euros. E. H. CANNABIS: regulating the market for SORTIR DE L’IMPASSE published by Fil_actu. You can check the following website to discover more about this great subject.

Brad Pitt ‘too distracting’ to be in a popular jury.

Brad Pitt will not put the foot in a courtroom. The actor was to be sworn in Los Angeles last week. Apparently enthusiastic to become a citizen Board time of a day, he was sent home by the tribunal. After waiting an hour in a room, the husband of Angelina Jolie had to abandon the other eleven jurors. According to a source from the Daily Mail, "Brad hoped to fall on a quick deal. The problem is that it was too distracting in the eyes of the judge. An incongruous decision, but that counsel for Los Angeles William Lively puts on the account of an increased celebrity: "you can not put Brad Pitt with eleven other people in a room and expect that they are unaware of it. It is normal that the other jurors are curious about the reaction and the opinion of Brad Pitt on the question. In addition, they are likely to be influenced by the decisions of the actor. "While he had so to return of the tribunal, he learned also that according to Variety, the inhabitants of Correns in Provence complained about his behaviour and that of his wife. . . In 2013, Tom Hanks should also serve as a juror. He had also had to leave the Court, after a lawyer approached him to tell him how much they were impressed that an actor of this standing is involved in the judicial process. The judge had then considered the gesture moved and had therefore convened an another juror. . Related text can be inspected visiting website.

Health, the conjunction that threatens to blow up the system.

Everyone knows the meaning of the expression "conjunction". In simple and practical terms in healthcare mean that if we put together the financial needs cuts + blocks to work + health + misrule regions unable + privatization + stability + law job acts ,. = Counter-Reformation. The conjunction is a heterogeneous things tangled in a context that functions as if randomly without a coordinate order explicit. The context (milieu) in this case is not limited to putting together of things but combines them so the synthesize almost worked as a reactor just as the elements that compose the nitroglycerin. In the conjunction sees health together more and more dangerously several technical elements institutional moral political but more important in my opinion are two: the explicit linkage to rights of persons are justified by the insufficiency of funding through various stratagems of exclusion of patients from public services adopted by the health regions and companies that now selects the need of care and persistent attack assistenzal to professional work and as the only substantial assistance to ensure the services for citizens, in particular systematic repeated staff reductions. In my opinion the conjunction of these two elements is sufficient once up to speed in the right doses, to blow up the public system. Regions continue to ask the Government a cut of public safeguards to keep in the accounts and the Government, which with the stability law scheduled for health until 2020 a growing reduction of staff. Precisely because they are convinced of this hazard "conjunction" I made two proposals: for the purpose of safeguarding the rights of people to fix the article 32 of the Constitution, i.e. change the phrase "la Repubblica and ,. provides free care to the indigent" with the phrase "the Republic and ,. provides free care to everyone" and stop all attempts at Counter-Reformation submersible which are underway. for the purposes of ensuring the staff in services but also to safeguard the work in ethics and scientific integrity, to challenge the Government with a proposal for a labour reform that is an idea of being a purifier that will eliminate or reduce waste, diseconomies. theft, so I’ve added so much financial ethics. Do not enter into technical details of these proposals But something needs to be said. Article 32 of the Constitution reads that free care should be guaranteed only to indigent, but legislative practice over the past 40 years it has been interpreted in extensive sense, i.e. in universalistic way to ensure treatment at all. Health reform ‘ 78 is a rewriting of article 32. Today it seems to me that those who govern health, want to cancel this 40 years rewriting against reforming of universalist practice to return to the art that is pre 1948 ‘s 32 health reform and downsize the public system. I think the rewrite article. 32 has a strong symbolic meaning, can act as a flag under which bring together all truthful and Universalists who believe the rights which in my opinion are not few, indeed are the majority and, above all, we could unmask the fake Universalists, especially from left in these years of economics-related policies have rights before economic limits aiming to privatize the very public system. As regards the professional work it as a lintel has held until now, concretely and not in words, the human rights system as a whole, in spite of everything. At his own expense he compensated as he could and not without collateral damage, all kinds of limitations that have been hitherto carried out on services and therefore the citizens: limitations on organic, to its autonomy, its salary values, its ethical values, demansionamenti, burocratizzazioni, insecurity, unemployment, exchange of competences etc. To prevent the lintel gives, in my opinion the work must agree to confront the problems of expense: IE cannot simply claim as well is just the renewal of contracts, because at least a quarter of health total expenditure chargeable to the State is depurabile by waste, abuse, speculation, diseconomies. That is to ensure that the work is not restricted in its practice, its practice must free resources where they are that can be freed. This condition today work can legitimately claim that the surplus product is paid as it should. The real problem of these proposals is not their degree of feasibility and plausibility, I assure you that are entirely feasible, but it is the lack of a reformer able to transpose them. The lack of reformist thinking is thus the third ingredient without which the conjunction we mentioned before it could explode. The formula of tangled should therefore be updated: attack on labour rights + dispossession by her resignation + values + lack of a social mobilization + unions out game + no + lack of perspective against a proposed change. Les jeux sont faits.  . Original facts may be read visiting the following link.

How a Lyon start-up has attracted giant Lilly diabetes.

Read also: diabetes: research plays the Regenerationc’ is the biggest cheque signed by a laboratory in a French start-up. The Lyon company Adocia, specialized in diabetes, concluded an agreement with the American firm Lilly, to develop ultra-fast insulin. She walks up to 570 million dollars, with an initial payment of $ 50 million, and will receive royalties on sales. Traded from 2012, the action Adocia flew to the announcement of this marriage, leaping by more than 50% at midday. "It is a true recognition of the value of our drugs and our know-how," welcomes Gérard Soula founder of Adocia, which has more back and forth with Indianapolis where Lilly is based. "Because of the Indianapolis Americans crossed the Atlantic to sign with a French start-up also demonstrates that it is no to Boston that we have ideas", kidding Mr. Soula, who runs his company with his two sons, Remi and Olivier. A reference to the french giant Sanofi, which has installed part of its teams in the Massachusetts. Adocia had already concluded a first alliance with Lilly in 2011, but the two laboratories had put an end to their collaboration in 2013. This «comeback» of the American entered the race to novelty in which launched the industry leaders, Novo Nordisk, Sanofi and Lilly. If insulin is used to treat diabetes since the 1920s, it has since ceased to develop to best mimic the insulin produced naturally by the pancreas to regulate blood sugar levels. Research of GraalLes laboratories have thus gradually abandoned human insulin (resulting from genetic engineering, it replicates that manufactured by the body), to develop insulin to more sophisticated properties and so-called "analogous" in the jargon. Their duration of action is variable and for the best result the patient must often involve a slow as Lantus by Sanofi (a best-seller at $ 7.5 billion) in a rapid-acting insulin such as NovoLog the Danish Laboratory Novo Nordisk (whose turnover reaches $ 3 billion). Insulin developed by Adocia and called BioChaperone, belongs to this second class, that patients must inject themselves at mealtimes, with timing very precise. "Too soon, they risk hypoglycemia, too late, insulin does not have the time to act and blood sugar increases sharply," says Mr. Soula. The Grail of the Labs? Insulin "just on time" that patients can inject exactly at the time they need, without having to program the gram and the minute their meal. "Our technology allows to accelerate the speed of action of existing insulins, with never seen results earlier," he says. Insulin is the only option for patients with type 1 diabetes (hereditary disease variant) and the last resort for patients with type 2 diabetes (patients whose pancreatic function has been altered). Sales of this medicine are already around $ 25 billion and prospects look sunny for laboratories. The number of diabetics should spend 382 million patients in 2013 to 592 million by 2035, according to the figures from Adocia. A quarter of the treated diabetics use insulin. . You can visit the following home page to read more on this amazing topic.

Division of technical contributions and super-So the bottom Juncker is likely to fail.

Meeting at Brussels on the last Italian-led Council, the heads of State and Government of Europe agreed that the unborn European strategic investments could give the right impetus to the European economy. But there are still too many obscure points around the Efsi. The Council mandated the Commission to prepare a legislative proposal which will then be discussed by the Council and Parliament. The goal is to have the green light for June, with the first projects funded in the fall. But the negotiations will not be certain stretches. A taste the gave Matteo Renzi and Angela Merkel that yesterday they dueled on the possibility to deduct voluntary contributions of States to the Fund. A theory advocated by Renzi, but opposed by Merkel. The collision resulted in a vague formulation that must be later than June clarified. And it is not just a detail, given that for many countries, including Italy, the separation is essential. Without this rule, in fact, Italian investment would come in the calculation of the deficit, with the now famous 3% limit. The possibility that the States do not a farthing in the Efsi not remote at all (the Finland has already announced). Also because it is not yet clear whether the resources allocated by the Government will be used to support the projects of that State. The risk, in principle, is that any Italian funds to finance projects in Germany or in Cyprus. Not a detail recently. According to the original plan by Juncker projects submitted by States should be evaluated by an independent team. Now, place that still nobody did know what will be the criteria for choosing these hi-tech fabrics, the twenty-eight wants to have the last word on the board of the Efsi. Since we put the money we should be the ones to decide what to fund ‘, is the position of the Member States, who want to constrain national resources to projects on its territory. The ECB to Mario Draghi Meanwhile "welcomes the plan Juncker", which can be effective at jump-starting the economy, but on three conditions: "quick implementation, high-return investments and opportunities to push structural reforms". One of the key points are in fact reforms. The risk, detect many, is that the individuals who must put the 315 billion do not trust European regulatory dell’attuale assetto. It would be like putting money in an inefficient machine. Despite all these knots, the fact remains that the strategic investment fund remains the most important tool, with the exception of the ECB’s policies to return Europe to grow. The point, you see what compromises will be taken at the political level and if individuals you trust to bet their savings on selected projects. . Related information can be found visiting http://sheetextrusionline.com.

Andreu postponed its decision on whether accuses Goirigolzarri until you hear the experts.

Madrid, 19 Dec (EFE). -Judge Fernando Andreu will decide if he imputes to Bankia, José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, President and the other members of the Board of Directors once the two experts who said that the accounts of the entity did not correspond with his faithful image ratify its report in January. Thus answered the presiding judge of the Audiencia Nacional in a Providence one of the accusations of Bankia case asked him to call to testify as defendants to the current Directors of Bankia by falsifying of annual accounts and commercial documents. The Sabin law firm made this request while reformulated accounts were not endorsed by the current team of the entity, with the exception of Goirigolzarri, but by former advisers, who are already charged in the case. However, Andreu agreed not it will take a decision on the matter until you do not hear two technicians appointed by the Bank of Spain who prepared the expert, who has cited to ratify its conclusions between 12 and 16 January. According to its report, bankia and counts your BFA matrix of 2011 made by Rodrigo Rato in March and the reformulated by his successor not expressed the true picture of these entities because, in both cases, the existence of unaccounted material importance settings. In the specific case of the reformulated, they saw incorrect adjustment of tax assets of BFA, 2. 744 million, as well as recorded impairments, in particular those related to write-downs by 20. 807 million deducted 3. 100 million attributable to the transfer of assets to the bad Bank, Ap’sareb. According to the experts, it is evident that part of these impairments were prior to 2012, year in which the new team of Bankia reformulated the accounts of the previous financial year. Bankia reformulated accounts nor met with the rules of the Bank of Spain due to accounting errors by not considering how bad certain portfolios and risk of property developers. In the matrix of the group numbers happened the same thing and the experts detected errors because some credit portfolios should be already classified as delinquent, as well as the alleged reasons to adjust the value of certain real estate assets. That is why they put in question that these accounts were adopted without reservations by Deloitte and the auditor Francisco Celma, who said that they complied with the regulations of the Bank of Spain, when consolidated financial position and consolidated results are not suited to the above-mentioned standards. (Agencia EFE) Audience National Bank of Spain Bankia community of Madrid crime themes corporate economy, business and finance Spain Europe judiciary Rodrigo Rato. Similar facts can be inspected checking http://sheetextrusionline.com.