Communication, Eco Festival enchants Camogli.

Sure-footed, light blue jacket, Umberto Eco, the most anticipated guest of the Festival della Comunicazione, arrived yesterday in Ida Square with advance Battistone He sat in the front row, greeted some friends, many presenters who were sitting in the front rows, including Furio Colombo, Gabriele Galateri, Carlo Rognoni, Stefano Bartezzaghi, Guido Barbujani, then friends among these Rosellina Archinto; in public collectors Natalina and Pierluigi Remotti, journalist and politogo Giorgio Galli;  Mark Doria, Genoa’s Mayor, was among the last to arrive.   The 30 square 17 was completely full, the over three hundred seats were all occupied, as many people have followed up the meeting. Lectio lasted about an hour and was followed by giant screen in Piazza Colombo. A smitten public followed the words of semiologist who told without setbacks communication soft and hard, a plot where it is difficult to keep divided the two types; He cited the Canadian sociologist McLuhan, famous for his thesis the medium is the message, using paradoxes, but had focused his interest on psychics, had already figured out how the user is dependent on the medium; then he spoke of Zygmunt Bauman, of Twitter, Beppe Grillo’s communication, social network, then the communication of communication, excess information that leads to the loss of memory of the past, only a few of the themes always explained with great clarity. The first day of the festival ended with the show of Gianni Coscia Trio in piazza Colombo between the comments of satisfied audiences and attentive. Today in more than 20 programme of meetings starting at 9. always 30 between Piazza Ida Battistone, terrace of ideas and Cenobio dei Dogi. There will also be an extraordinary opening of the shipyard of restoration of Teatro Sociale di Camogli, (Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 12 and from 15 to 17), which should open its doors in 2016 with its 500 seats, another gem of the village and a fine example of Italianate Theatre; the latest appointments is in piazza Colombo to 30 21, indulged in Guido Barbujani and Patrizio Roversi with Davai Class.   .

Ivory Coast: Ebola in every commercial break.

In Yopougon, one of the poorest and most densely population areas in the East of Abidjan, the seven-year Doromanie in the courtyard in front of a water bucket kneels. Generous she padded her cousin the small hands with a bar of SOAP. One says there is Ebola, you need to wash your hands well, explains to the biennial Mimi, who looks at her astonished with her large dark eyes. In school the teacher talked to the children about Ebola. You’re bleeding, you need to throw up, you’ve got diarrhea and fever, Doromanie enumerates all the symptoms of the disease. If the girls not in school, she spends the most important medium in the West African country, where according to the latest report on the human development of the United Nations about 43 percent of the population cannot read the day with the women of the family at home in front of the TV -. Every day, more people in the worst-affected countries in West Africa to die. Even if the virus officially Not yet in the Ivory Coast has arrived, there is again suspected cases. At the weekend, a person suspected of having Ebola in the intensive care unit of Guinea was hospitalized in Yopougon. In the past week received reports about a potential case in the capital Yamoussoukro by all media. It runs through Abidjan, it is almost impossible not to hear from Ebola. All major roads are posters calling the population to be careful. Restaurants cut wild game meat, Guinea pigs, and snails from the menu for fear of the virus. In churches, mosques and other banks, it is now forbidden to To give the hand. In the television and radio campaigns in continuous loop are sent. Citizens in the social media is committed to raising awareness against Ebola. Stop Ebola, a song of enlightenment in the reggae-style spread for several weeks viral via YouTube. The Ministry of health and the fight against AIDS will send text messages to all citizens: the risk of Ebola is real. Avoid contact with animals and carcasses. .

By 2050 humans will evolve larger brain and we will live up to 120 years.

Our brainpower will be extended in various ways, by electrical stimulation of the brain (hippocampus) to prosthesis (or microchip) to be inserted into the cranium. We will make fewer children and much later in life. Many of us will provide their own body prostheses: in order to maintain an autonomy movement even in very advanced age, to increase their physical capacity and work, or even to compete better with next-generation robots. See you if you choose the adjective chilling or fascinating to comment on predictions of anthropologist Cadell Last, researcher of Global Brain Institute. «Human evolution and the end of biological reproduction, the studio who has just published on «Current Aging Science», a University of Indianapolis academic journal devoted to the problems of aging, is already doing a lot to discuss. And few think that changes so radical they may materialize in just 35 years. Someone, then, short cuts, arguing that less sex and more mental processing of data is already the rule for many ‘ brains ‘ of the digital age. Nor the Last thesis are totally new. Partly resemble the scenario of a world radically transformed by 2045, with human bodies and minds enhanced by genetic alterations, from nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, described in 2005 by Futurist Raymond Kurzweil in his famous essay "the singularity is near." The authority of academic anthropologist, then, is to be verified. But the essay is brilliant, captures many trends that are already in place and some transformations that–in a world in which no one is able to ensure a minimum of ethical values in the development of more advanced technologies-are likely to lead to a pretty scary use of some technologies developed with the best of intentions. That technology is going to change in any way the position of human beings in the evolutionary chain is something that scientists argue for years: remember the interesting debate at the Davos Forum, a few years ago (which referred extensively to the «Corriere»), on the evolution of homo sapiens» in «homo Homo zappiens ‘, unable to focus on one issue and much influenced by visual impressions. The reinterpretation of certain almost apocalyptic visions, a few years later makes an impression because it forces us to reflect on what happened from earlier prophecies for today. The clock never stops: the average life expectancy has grown from 45 to 80 years in a century, us women give birth to their first child over 35 years have passed from 1 to 15 percent in 40 years. And then the great opportunities and risks of genetic manipulations by which money can have better protection from diseases and who is unscrupulous will try to deliver the most beautiful and intelligent children. Not to mention the bionic man: a good SideShow phenomenon for some cassette film that suddenly going to become a reality, and with the best of intentions: artificial limbs for soldiers mutilated in war, attempts to restore sight to the blind, microchips to install close to the brain and electrical stimulation to return memory to the US soldiers who have lost in battle in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now therapies tested on older people with signs of dementia and Alzheimer patients. But if these techniques work, who can prevent the normal people to use these "mental prosthesis» to increase its capabilities? Probably no one and, indeed, this seems to be the natural evolution of things for Cadell Last that in 2050 the better remunerated jobs will be enthralled by those that use more unscrupulous these technologies. More than a forecast, a warning. .

When Laurent Wauquiez made the vigilante and out nails,. of the Act.

Laurent Wauquiez or vigilante,. outlaws. The Member of Parliament and Mayor of Puy-en-Velay told in progress, then Betty, his heroic act after arrested two young people of its common culprits, according to him, have grilled a fire and failing to reverse an old man. They were two kids on the scooter. They are passed minimum to 70 km/h and not far from a person that they have failed faucher, reflects the former Minister. After them hunting, aedile UMP was able to detain them. Except that in deciding this condemnation, the chosen one, himself, seems well outlaw, as pointed it to a judge on Francetvinfo. Because if a mayor is entitled to practise law in his hometown according to article 2212-1du Code Général des collectivités territoriales, it can under no circumstances judge and condemn a person. And can not condemn the second passenger of the scooter, while he was not driving the vehicle. The Mayor, after finding the offence of disobeying controls road and questioned the mis en cause, should prepare a report establishing the infringement, accountable to the Crown of the findings and where appropriate, on directive thereof, summon the minor and guardians before the judge of proximity so that it judged, adds lawyer. which is called MP, Mayor Dreed. .

EU wants to push free trade with Ukraine for 15 months.

The European Union wants to move the planned implementation of a planned free trade agreement with the Ukraine for 15 months. The Treaty should enter into force until the end of 2015, EU Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht said on Friday after talks with Ukrainian and Russian ministers. The EU reacting to Russia’s criticism of the free trade agreement. According to the Ukrainian economy should benefit from de Gucht to the implementation of the free trade agreement by an expansion of preferential customs duties on Ukrainian goods. These are based on the association agreement between the EU and Kiev, which is to be ratified on Tuesday according to the Ukrainian leader, Petro Poroshenko. Just the association agreement is rejected by Moscow because Russia is pushed out of the major Ukrainian export market. With the suspension of the free trade agreement, the EU on Russia will go to and use the time for more negotiations. The three-party talks on trade were part of a "comprehensive peace process in the Ukraine", de Gucht said. The energy crisis has been exacerbated by the conflict in the East of the country, which was halted by a cease-fire a week ago. According to the Chief of the Ukrainian energy company DTEK, Maxim Timtschenko, working in the mines ceased in the competitive coal-mining area. The mines, which otherwise cover a large portion of Ukrainian coal needs, would be a month until roughly again commissioned Timchenko said. .

The Hadopi starts in the fight against the illegal streaming.

The high authority anti-piracy, Hadopi, launched Friday a new strategy to combat websites practicing illegal streaming, the most commonly used form of piracy on the canvas. The independent authority has decided to set up a census reliable both public communication services online offering massively to the public of? protected works without permission of rights holders as their practices, indicates this in a statement. Hadopi also decided to define, with advertising and online payment, professionals of means for dry massively infringing websites revenue or make more difficult their activity, said the release. Hadopi is responsible to fight against a single illegal practice, download from peer-to-peer (peer-to-peer or P2P). But, since its installation in 2010, other means of Exchange is developed including streaming which allows for viewing a file without download it, or direct download that allows to download a file from a server often located abroad. These new uses are of a different kind of P2P, which has been setting up the graduated response indicates the authority. In 2013, nearly a third of Internet users (28.7%) consulted at least once a month a site of piracy of series or films in 2013 and their number has reached a record level since 2009, according to a study published Wednesday by the Association against audiovisual piracy (ALPA). Last year, 13.2 million people have accessed every month at least a site dedicated to audiovisual counterfeiting, or 15.8 per cent more than in 2009, according to the same study which excludes YouTube and DailyMotion. Their numbers, which had decreased slightly in 2011-2012 to about 12.4 million Internet users, increased significantly in 2013. .

Unlock Italy Napolitano signing.

The President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano signed a decree today Releasing Italy. Just today the Minister for infrastructure, Maurizio Lupi, had announced one of the novelties contained in the dl: loosening of the internal stability pact for Municipalities amounting to 550 million euros over two years in order to make investments in public works. For the 2014 will use 250 million notwithstanding the stability pact while the other 300 million for all municipalities that have resources and want to create works on their territory. HIGH speed: High speed for Bari-Napoli are earmarked 2.2 billion. It is a concrete fact: jobs will begin on November 1 2015-said wolves-and without the measures of Decree we would have to wait until 1 January 2018. You reckon 4000 jobs running for 8 years. For the Palermo-Messina-Catania motorway is expected 2 thousand workers hired and the goal is to travel the distance between Palermo and Catania in an hour and a half. The first batch that will on November 1 2015 will be the one from Catania to Enna, for an investment of $ 850 million. COMMON WORKS by WAY of DEROGATION FROM the COVENANT: municipalities can make public works investment notwithstanding the internal stability pact for 550 million euros in two years. AIRPORTS: with the measure are unlocked all resources that are still blocked. The new state that all strategic interest for the country under the plan do not need other permissions from local authorities for each single work. Time: within 30 days after the publication of the decree in the Official Gazette there will be a decree that will make the allocation of resources from the Ministry of economy and transport. We cannot miss a month for the revival of the works-concluded wolves-if you do not cantierizza the funds will be withdrawn. .

The second life of the terminally ill animals.

Animal Aid existed, the life of Myers had to give a roll-over. That young man who had been captivated from India returned to his country, United States; He married, had children and life as a Professor of English literature at a University in Seattle won for 10 years. Until one day, changed his routine existence: his ex-wife asked for divorce and moved with the children to another town where there were no places to teach at any University. I chose to be a father before that master, so I moved there knowing he would not be able to work, recalls Myers. However, he decided to recycle it and began to collaborate as a consultant in several NGOs. Precisely with one of them traveled to Australia, where he met Erika Abrams, his current wife. With her he had a daughter, Claire, and when this was 10 years, family decided that he would move to live in this captivating India. It was 1999. "I thought, although we didn’t have much money or savings, that would give us to live in a country like India, where we would not have to worry about many things that are important in the West", account. The first months traveled aimlessly, but Myers had to move often to United States and Australia because he was still working as a consultant of several NGOs. He had two mixed lives: the India travel and the travel for work. How did this small nomadic family to pay attention to abandoned animals? Not I had noticed never in them, acknowledges Myers. I were concerned about the rights of women and children, but I had never stopped to think about the rights of animals. You can eat them, you can hunt down them, you can buy them,. But they have no voice. I looked at them because, in India, no one else did. The country, in fact, boasts 30 million stray dogs and is one of the countries where rabies is charged more victims: in the year 2012, 20. the 55 000. 000 deaths caused by this disease around the world occurred in this country, especially in rural areas, according to the World Health Organization. Cows, in spite of being sacred, insufficient walk among mountains of waste trying to find food. Donkeys tend to be exploited by the owners to the point that break them the legs by the overweight that they charge. Jim is a retired man for eight years, but has never worked as much as this stage of his life. His main work in the Center is raising and managing funds, get scholarships, grants,. Grow that money, ultimately. And oversee that everything works correctly. It is the soul of an organization that not only helps injured animals; its main functions are the continuous campaigns of rabies vaccination and sterilization of stray dogs. In 12 years have been vaccinated and neutered to about 25. 000, a task that the local Government should carry out. We try to educate the Administration because it is a job that should be and to finance them, it is a matter of public health, explained. If animals are clean, there will be fewer diseases, we tell them. We do not receive money but politicians are beginning to be aware and help in their own way. For example, discounts for medicines granted us and not charge us some taxes. .

Toll for cars: Dobrindt intends to present Bill in October.

Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt defended the planned toll for cars against wide criticism and intends to present the exact Bill in October. Dobrindt said the infrastructure levy is first fair and secondly make sense, in the Bundestag. By future all paid to go on German roads, a justice gap should be closed. Each also received will euros earmarked in the road construction. EUR 2.5 billion in a legislature that is indeed no mean feat. The opposition again sharply attacked the strongly disputed the Coalition plans. The green budget expert, Sven-Christian Kindler spoke of a nonsensical idiocy toll for cars of the CSU. She become a huge bureaucratic monster, does not lead to more revenue and besmirched on European thought. 25 years after the fall of the iron curtain To want insert again the Turnpike mentality in Europe as CSU. Left budget politician Roland Claus criticized the anticipated revenues are likely to meet only a fraction of the transport budget. .

For the anniversary of Sept. 11, Obama calls Americans “do not give in to fear.

Obama and his wife Michelle have marked a minute of silence on the lawn of the White House at 08:46 (12 H 45 GMT), the time at which the first airliner hijacked struck one of the two towers of the World Trade Center (WTC). The American president went to the Pentagon, where one of the four jets hijacked by terrorists on the morning of September 11, 2001 crashed. "They tried to destroy what we are and prove to the world that their destructive power was greater than our ability to persevere and build," said Obama, referring to the 3,000 victims of the attacks. "But we are going forward because we will never yield to fear. Never,"he continued, 12 hours after announcing that the United States were ready to launch air strikes in Syria to ‘destroy’ the ultra-radical jihadist group that claimed responsibility for the beheading of two American journalists. In New York, the families of the victims gathered at Ground Zero, around the national memorial created at the site where the two towers were erected. Thirteen years after the attacks claimed by Al-Qaeda, the threat has changed and Obama provides "that no specific plot on American soil" from the EIS has been identified to date. But his solemn speech on Wednesday shows that the page of U.S. military involvement in the Middle East is far from being turned. And if the country is preparing to conduct another type of combat, without troops fighting on the ground and with the support of a broad international coalition, it is now likely that leaving the White House in January 2017, Barack Obama leaves his successor a chapter not completed, as George W. Bush did with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. "This war or battle is extremely complex, uncertain, subject to reversals, and request patience during the duration of this administration and beyond", summarizes Anthony Cordesman, of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), which warns that "partisan interests and the frustration of opinion" could threaten this strategy. Elected in 2008 in part on his opposition to the war in Iraq, Mr. Obama tried Wednesday night to draw a line between the wars launched by his Republican predecessor and the campaign that he intends to carry out, closer in his operations American against the Islamists in the Yemen or Somalia. For Republican Senator Marco Rubio, potential candidate for the White House in 2016, this comparison is a mistake both the nature of the threat is different. "The EIS is not only a terrorist group. They are conducting military operations, they are well-funded, they control a territory the size of the State of Maryland,"he said. And if the task looks complicated in Iraq, it could turn into a real headache in Syria, where Washington now shares a common enemy with president Bachar al-Assad. .