Housing: You have no apartment, just a tent.

The university town of Göttingen can look back on a long tradition. Bismarck studied here, Nobel Prize winners have researched here, the Brothers Grimm have taught here. Enough apartments, who can afford their students are what does Göttingen. You fight with the housing shortage, like so many in all Germany. The students in the car in Kiel in the retirement home in Jena in abandoned children live in Bonn. And in Göttingen, just in a tent camp, students in the garden of a dormitory built. Three years ago, it was slowly close in the city. Only the high schools with the reform of the G8 swept two high school year in the schools, now, tuition fees have been abolished in Lower Saxony, Germany. Nearly 120 000 inhabitants come 30 000 students in Göttingen, 20 000 live in the city. More I can’t at the moment. For some, student life begins therefore somewhere between open air town and camping holidays in Greenland. . For additional data regarding this topic visit source.

Halloween ABC: What you should know!

Commerce or culture? Halloween kids pulling in Germany every year from door to door, on the hunt for sweets. Trade and the pumpkin farmers happy partygoers and fairing fanatics also. But the churches hold little of the haunted, and pranks go too far, the police comes on again and again. A for all saints: immediately follows the Halloween night. The eerie spectacle is always on October 31 celebrated the evening before all Saints Day – hence the name of Halloween, of the British all Hallows’ Eve. B blood: fake blood for the face, real blood for a good cause: the Universitätsklinikum Münster calls on Halloween to give blood at eerie atmosphere. At a blood donation party in Burgenland guests celebrated in recent years free, if let siphon blood from the Red Cross. C Curtis: US Director John Carpenter birthed in Halloween – horror (1978) the psychopathic killer Michael Myers to life – which is why the young Jamie Lee Curtis screams like. The movie Halloween was the inspiration of numerous horror shocker. G opponent: the Churches keep rather little of the haunted. Catholics fear that the commemoration of all saints and all souls day of fun culture to the victims could fall. And Protestants see their reformation day on October 31 committed in danger. M like Mage: the great American escape artist Harry Houdini died on Halloween in 1926. The Jewish cemetery in the New York City borough Queens was a place of pilgrimage for his followers on the day of his death over the decades. Some wanted the master apparently with proposal hammers the resurrection help: Houdini had promised lifetime dozens people, he wanted to leave his grave and come to them. O like OBAMA: the most powerful man in the world wants to see glue no rotten eggs at the White House. US President Barack Obama, last year distributed candy to little goblins, fairies and ghosts along with wife Michelle prior to his official residence. P like police: because bonded door locks or devastated gardens police on Halloween sometimes draws from door to door. Quite often children pranks escalate and result in property damage, personal injury or arson. Alone in Frankfurt am Main, the guardians of public order because of Halloween jokes around 40 times moved out last year. Z as Zapfenstreich: just after the witching hour Bavarian horror figures must keep still feet on Halloween. Banning dance from 2 o’clock in the morning put an end to the most haunted and is intended to ensure the so-called quiet holiday all Saints the rest. Until 2012 was the Dance ban even at midnight. . For additional information about this topic check http://4888b3e21892f57deba2c3eb.lucaeisenberg.eu.

Dobrindts toll plans: Minister in the folly of the toll.

Now it is finally here: the toll concept of Bundesverkehrsministers Dobrindt. He wants to have put together harmonically lush toll revenue, Ausländerbashing and the EU requirements. That would be a bureaucratic feat. But the longer Minister Dobrindt on the toll messing around, all the more absurd seems the project. Actually, there is only one question: how is the desired money the State with minimal effort? Relating to the toll it must not long puzzle, you can just take the beautiful Austria or the patents Switzerland as a model. Everyone who wants on the motorway, must buy a plaque and glue it on the disc. At the end. In Austria, the sticker will cost 82,70 euro in the year. The State retains at least 80 euros of it. Who wants to relieve the local motorists, can recalculate the VRT. Also it requires no expert Commission – old tax minus X enough as a rule of thumb. St. Bürokratius is the culprit of all toll plans: local car drivers the toll – say infrastructure levy – by direct debit from the account to be debited, in return to reduce their tax by the same amount. Once out, once – for over 40 million domestic cars, it would be a zero-sum game. And because a fixed amount would be too simple, there is an amount to be determined individually for each type of car. Real net contributors would be only the foreigners on German streets. The Minister of transport must pay the administrative burden for the over 40 million air bookings however. The ADAC has ever done the math: 260 million plus to render the toll income of foreigners, the Club estimates that the administrative costs at 300 million. This makes a nice minus EUR 40 million a year. Dobrindts account is positive. But at first glance are the estimates of the Association benevolent, you include motorcycles, trailers and other vehicles, the assessed costs are barely 5 euros per operation. In the start-up phase, the authority should devour more and more money. But the EU prohibits discrimination not only by foreigners but also by residents. The note of the Ministry that German rider not to complain because they are not worse because in the sum as before, should Court have hardly any stock. The fact remains: A Dutchman can travel on toll free Germany, if he avoids the highway, a pizza service can’t do that. As long as the toll a to one on the tax will be applied, is the project anyway, not with European law to agree. In this issue, the CSU Minister resists advice. The toll-Minister gave much trouble, is come but not closer to his target. The next toll debacle is in the House. . Original facts may be studied visiting this web site.

These French that are revolutionizing the high-tech.

Martha Stewart, one of the most influential women in the world, according to Time magazine, made the apology t l vision. The U.S. am papesse life-style and decoration d love use its drone to take pictures of his farm. Behind this small craft pilot distance by a smartphone hides Henri Seydoux. The son of J r me (Path) and nephew of Nicolas (Gaumont) yet never had the t of the studies go. A time journalist, this geek’s 54 years developed several companies before co-founding Parrot, voil just twenty years. Originally, its e id was to design an agenda r guarantor voice as a parrot (parrot in French). His research will give birth of hands-free wireless (Bluetooth) for automobiles, then GPS and tactile detents to equip the vehicles of marks Volvo or McLaren v. But this G o Bernard r ed in secret to give Mr-all-the-world airplane pilot sensations. Mission accomplished with its drone, in 2010. Four years later, Parrot has coul 700,000 copies worldwide. Its leader is m me pay the luxury to open a shop in central Paris, to sign Philippe Starck design, to exhibit its products. This amateur ballets believes that Europe can still play a r the in new technologies. It is sufficient that the large French groups support start-ups for change, yet he confided r recently. There asked the French Touch New York Conference, in June, the ing NIOR d voil e connect the allure watch a bit r tro and without touchscreen. A fa on of is d mark of Samsung and Sony, d j pr present on this market. Jackpot! MILF young, Daniel Marhely, co-founder of Deezer online music service, is found the t te of a company with 26 million users in more than 200 countries. Not bad for a ve l which has l ch the cole 16 years. Supporting more to walk with CDs or to synchronize his num America to listen Walkman its pr f r tubes has found the answer his problem r me and r solu million m fans. Toulouse adoption, form the upper computer and math school mathematics appliqu of Grenoble, the Mena had cr its first bo te in 2000, Anyware Technologies, sold in 2008 Wavecom. Today, in addition to its network of communication in France r, Sigfox features relays to the Netherlands, Russia, Spain and Great Britain, and puts the cap on California. Inventive, the man also has the meaning of marketing: it breaks the price by charging a subscription within inf 1 euro per object, per year. Next step: the Fellowship, in 2016. Dipl m of Sup lec and former consultant at Arthur D. Little, this player of failures of 45 years was several times before r contractor do a shot of my tre: confront Google directly on his land, one of the advertising online. Criteo provides the e-commerce sites target users who d j consult s to the Act of purchase. PR represents to the United States and the Japan, partner preferred e IM of Yahoo! Japan, the company is valoris e pr s $ 2 billion. Making Rudelle, shareholder of 8.3%, a powerful multi-millionaire. This 56 years Lyon, Ecole Polytechnique science fiction passion, a con u robot Nao humano, no h papers not tackle the caster ind Honda. A ve r that he caressed since her teens. I always pens next r revolution would come from these machines and that everyone would have one at home, says ing NIOR, pass by the consulting and banking, Br sil and Poland, before embarking on this march stammering, with its own soci t, Aldebaran Robotics in 2005. Nine years later, his andro of going the assault of the world, s aid 400 d voluntary developers, d interested to imagine new applications. � . You can click the following http://4888b3e21892f57deba2c3eb.lucaeisenberg.eu to discover more on this interesting subject.

Ebersberg: Funeral takes place in private.

Summer: Many come, if they are unsure whether their behavior is normal. An example: A man tells that he was the image of after 50 years marriage late wife has raised, speaks with her and wonders whether he is now funny. Some can not deal with their feelings and say: sometimes I have such a rage on my husband, that he died so early, then I am at the cemetery and scold me with him. It’s hard to hold out for them. But it’s a feeling that you can not simply discuss away. Summer: the work of mourning can have different facets. For include, to remember, to revive old contacts for the others. Others find individual rituals of farewell. Involves on the one hand the confrontation with what connects me to the people, and on the other side of it, what this life I’m in my new. Summer: It goes also to other things that you should clarify for themselves: what will I hold? What do I pass? It comes the now to live life, not that of the last 20 years or 15 years. Wammetsberger: Not directly. My father died of heart failure in 2002 all of a sudden, there I have nibbled a bit on it. As I myself had stabilized, I started working in the Hospice Association. It is easy for me an exciting topic: what do I do with the sadness in my life? When to deal more intensively with the topic, you realise how much death and sadness can enrich life. . Related data can be inspected visiting link.

Regione Lombardia, scams to 260mila euros. 3 suspects former aldermen Formigoni.

Warranty notices delivered to seven former regional advisers. For the 10 suspects on charges of spending public money to consultations and collaborations ever made are over euro money 260mila Regione Lombardia has spent on consultations and collaborations ever occurred, according to the findings of the financiers of the General command of Milan. ‘ Ghost ‘ operations, that took place between 2008 and 2011, whereby the Milan prosecutors are investigating three former aldermen of the past reached Formigoni and seven former regional advisers. The accusation is false and fraud against the State.  According to the findings of the 10 suspects, some of whom are already involved in the investigation on repayments, regional would have presented false claims of collaborations ever made or not complying with the performance required by contracts. Notification of conclusion shall be signed by the Attorney surveys added Alfredo Robledo and pm Paul Filipinos and Antonio D Alessio. A scene that had already seen in March, when as part of the same investigation the Milan prosecutors notified end of warnings to nine nine former Councillors and former Councillors 55 Regione Lombardia (always of the past reached Formigoni) suspects in various capacities for embezzlement and aggravated fraud as part of the investigation into "crazy" then expenses reimbursed by Pirelli. The public money that has been spent unlawfully amounted, according to the investigation, to 3.4 million. Among people who had come under investigation for reimbursements of Pirelli there are Renzo Bossi, the son of being blackmailed, and Nicole Minetti, a former dental hygienist by Silvio Berlusconi. And then Davide Boni, former President of the Regional Council, Massimo Ponzoni, Franco Nicoli Cristiani, Monica Rizzi, Romano Colozzi, Massimo Buscemi, Stefano Galli and Giulio Boscagli for the majority. For the opposition, instead there are Chiara Cremonesi, Luca Gaffuri, Fatuzzo Carlo Spreafico and Elizabeth. . You should visit this website to discover extra about this amazing matter.

Bonjour Kitty! -Comic plane from Taiwan lands in Paris.

Already at check-in at the pink special desk at Taipei Airport passengers in the comic book world dive: you get pink boarding cards and pink luggage tag, embed them up on colorful pillows on board and eating Hello Kitty meals. Even the toilet paper is printed in pink! You are a Hello Kitty fan? There are still many other colorful aircraft – and you must not travel to Taipei. Only a few months ago the Lufthansa styled their Boeing 747-8 "Potsdam" unceremoniously to the "winner"plane to, returned with the German football champion from Brazil. Up to the World Cup in 2016, the Jumbo will fly now with this special paint around the globe. Air Berlin presents a Christmas flyer every year since 2011. The design of last winter in the evening hours best looks: the illuminated cabin Windows become the flame of painted candles. Around the world, it is always mixed in the air: A Boeing painted to the killer whale to the Southwest Airlines to attract visitors in an amusement park in California. And NOK air, a low-cost airline from Thailand, passengers in a parrot with colorful plumage and beak. . Similar text can be found checking blog.

Sivens: shooting of dam by environmentalists against Cazeneuve.

But they had made sure to soothe and to freeze construction, time of judicial proceedings, to avoid that the war of the bocage degenerate. This time, the drama occurred. Since 1977, had not there death in the eco-friendly demonstrations and since 1986 and Malik Oussekine, steps from death in a protest, recalled the National Secretary of EELV Emmanuelle lug. Two good reasons for the Planet Green ignite. For remarks that were bumped Manuel Valls. I do not agree and I accept not the mis en cause, accusations that have been worn outside the Chamber against the Minister of the Interior, has said Prime Minister Tuesday in the Assembly,. One of his relatives, Luc Carvounas in charge of external relations for the PS, welcome the moderate reaction of Emmanuelle Cosse and sees the hand of Cécile Duflot in the Green offensive: there is a willingness to go up a notch and be against systematic on the part of some environmentalists. It is part of a strategy, particularly on the part of Cécile Duflot. It seeks to destabilize the Government of Manuel Valls. We resume our common contract from November 2011, it is thanks to him that there were two groups in the Assembly. On the part of the PS, there is a will to move forward. We are in dialogue. The absence of the Greens of the Government is a parenthesis that is intended to close. We are in the same boat. When it will be all dark, there where it will be, it will continue except that it is the right which will govern.  For the moment, the boat PS / EELV takes water. . You must read the following http://4888b3e21892f57deba2c3eb.lucaeisenberg.eu to learn extra regarding this amazing topic.

+++ IS-terror in the news-ticker +++-IS jihadists executed more than 70 people.

16 02 o’clock: the Dschihadistenmiliz Islamic State (IS) has executed at least 46 people in the Western Iraqi province of Anbar. The members of the albu Nimr tribe had been killed near the town of hit, a local officials and a doctor said on Wednesday. Last week, the area northwest of the provincial capital Ramadi had been conquered by the jihadists. Fighters of the Sunni tribe of albu Nimr had used to fight back against extremists. Only in the morning the Syrian Observatory for human rights based in the United Kingdom had communicated that came at least 30 security guards at an oil field by the Dschihadistenmiliz to life. Thus the number of victims rises at a day on at least 76 people. 14 13: 00: experts of the Federal Government will travel on Thursday in the North of Iraq to examine possibilities of training the Kurdish Pesh. Three representatives from the Ministry of Defense and another for Foreign Affairs will include Office the fact-finding mission, which travels in the Kurdish city of Erbil, as Bundesverteidigungsministerin Ursula von der Leyen in Berlin said. The fact-finding mission to probe the situation. We are examining at the moment, whether we go more in education in Erbil are together with other partners and allies, said von der Leyen. She pointed out that the Bundeswehr has trained already nestled in the Northern Bavarian Hammelburg. Liaison officers of the Bundeswehr had traveled to Erbil previously, military equipment from Germany to distribute and to instruct the Kurdish fighters in its use. Germany supports the Pesh in the fight against the extremist organization Islamic State (IS) among other things with the delivery of the Milan anti-tank weapon. The IS has brought under its control large parts of Iraq and Syria has and commits atrocities against civilians there. . Extended information can be read visiting http://4888b3e21892f57deba2c3eb.lucaeisenberg.eu.

There are also reading partners – books help grief management.

For the new study, the researchers wanted to know but also what reading aloud for the communication and bonding between parents and children. Come out is one above all: more than intended. As in many families, it is not just about the stories. They are often the starting point for this, to talk about cooperation, rules, values, anger, joy or the trip at the weekend about everyday. Reading can we speak often topics, is no place for that in our everyday lives, more than half of the parents in the survey responded. Sometimes they attack deliberately to the book, to tackle a topic. Death and mourning, for example. Very popular: The brothers Lionheart by Astrid Lindgren. And who reads? Mostly adults that even much and likes to read and a pleasure do convey this kids, says Petra Wieler, Professor of basic education at the Freie Universität Berlin. It must be not only the parents or grandparents, there are for example reading partners in schools in Berlin. Wieler also stressed how important is the conversation reading. It begins with the question-answer game to first picture books, she – says with the simple question: what is it? If a toddler answer then about ball, this is already a great achievement. Because the recognition and naming a figure greatly challenge the brain at this age. Anyway, I’m not sure whether we should prescribe reading aloud, says the professor. Turkish families for example often used the tradition of storytelling. It is important that this time for each other was firmly embedded in the everyday life of a family, the scientist added. . You should check this website to read extra about this interesting topic.